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It Happened in Soho (1948) HD online

It Happened in Soho (1948) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Crime / Drama
Original Title: It Happened in Soho
Director: Frank Chisnell
Writers: Terry Stanford
Released: 1948
Duration: 52min
Video type: Movie
Murder drama set in Soho involving a police inspector, a newspaper reporter and a country girl.
Complete credited cast:
Richard Murdoch Richard Murdoch - Scott The News Reporter
Henry Oscar Henry Oscar - Inspector Carp
Paul Demel Paul Demel - Angelo the Cafe Proprietor
John Bailey John Bailey - Sayers
Patricia Raine Patricia Raine - Susan
Eunice Gayson Eunice Gayson - Julie
Rose Howlett Rose Howlett - Lulu
Dennis Harkin Dennis Harkin - Johnnie (as Denis Harkin)
Alexander Kardan Alexander Kardan - the Communist (as Alexander Kardin)
Morris Sweden Morris Sweden - the Cockney

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    The action mainly takes place in Angelo's coffee bar in Soho, a place of bentwood chairs and red checked tablecloths, spivs, teenage delinquents, a wise fatherly policeman, prostitutes (some retired), a medical student turned artist and a newspaperman - Bill Scott, played by Richard Murdoch (future partner of Kenneth Horne and voicer of the Moomins).

    One night at about three in the morning, while Scott is on the trail of a local strangler, a nice young girl, Susan, wanders in. She's been at a party, and then got taken on to a dubious club by a boyfriend. She didn't think much of it and left, but now finds herself stuck in Soho. Back then there was no transport at night, and it would be too late for a hotel, but there were such things as all-night cafes.

    Susan is welcomed by Bill Scott and Simon, the artist. After an initial quarrel, she also chums up with the prostitute, Julie, who offers her a bed for the night. Bill says he'll take her with him on the following night's search for clues.

    They go on a tour of a multi-ethnic Soho where everybody mucks in, and dances despite the venue's lack of a licence. Stolen goods change hands, and a Marxist explains that "what's mine is mine and what's yours in mine." "What a twerp!" observes his victim.

    Of course there's another murder, and it all starts to get rather close to home...

    A lovely film. But as Julie says, "You have to know when to get out of Soho." Still true!
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    Love Me

    IT HAPPENED IN SOHO is a very cheap and grimy British crime film set in the murky surroundings of Soho. The story is so low budget that the running time clocks in under an hour and most of the action is set in a local cafe in which the characters congregate. The cast is a mish-mash of obnoxious and ruthless reporters, artists, seedy supporting characters, and prostitutes young and old. A strangler is on the loose and their identity is gradually revealed as time goes on, but it's all very slow and meandering and lacking the suspense that British crime cinema is known for. I was most interested in seeing a youthful Eunice Gayson as a prostitute, years before she became a Hammer starlet.
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    This is a very low budget bottom of the bill film.Any exterior shots are virtually unwatchable because they are too dark.Either the director of photography had the wrong camera aperture or they couldn't afford lighting.The acting is truly appalling,not least Richard MurdochThe fight scene resembles nervo and Knox's slow motion wrestling sketch.Ironically the real Soho could be a very nasty and violent place at the time.It is a really poor crime film with no merit.