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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 (2018) HD online

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 (2018) HD online
Language: English
Category: Video Game / Action / War
Original Title: Call of Duty: Black Ops 4
Director: Jason Blundell
Writers: Dave Anthony,Dave Anthony
Released: 2018
Video type: Video Game
Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is the first entry in the first-person shooter series to contain only a multiplayer mode, and a new battle royale mode called Blackout.


Cast overview, first billed only:
Chris Jai Alex Chris Jai Alex - Multiplayer Annoucer (voice)
Antonio Alvarez Antonio Alvarez - (voice) (as Tony Alvarez)
Ike Amadi Ike Amadi - (voice)
John Eric Bentley John Eric Bentley - (voice)
JB Blanc JB Blanc - Mercenary Announcer (voice)
Steve Blum Steve Blum - Tank Dempsey (voice)
Nick Boraine Nick Boraine - Stenton Shaw (voice)
Edward Bosco Edward Bosco - Various Voices (voice)
Kayli Tran Kayli Tran - (voice)
James C. Burns James C. Burns - Sgt. Frank Woods (voice) (as James C Burns)
Lynn Chen Lynn Chen - (voice)
Greg Chun Greg Chun - (voice)
Mark Coles Smith Mark Coles Smith - Specialist Crash (voice)
David Cooley David Cooley - Specialist Nomad (voice)
Chris Cox Chris Cox - (voice)

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 will feature the biggest map ever made in Call of Duty history.

This will be the first Call of Duty game to not feature a single-player campaign

The Blackout mode follows the rules of well known battle royale games Fortnite and PUBG.

After the update Operation : Grand Heist (released February 2019), loot boxes were added into the game. Furthermore, skins which granted exp boots per kill meant Activision had lied regarding all micro-transactions being cosmetic only and about the fact that loot boxes would not be in the game whatsoever.

If you didn't notice,BO4 is a hybrid of several games,such as OverWatch:(Extra Health/Team Focus of 5v5/Specialists) Halo/Destiny:(Specialists/Vehicle Mechanics in Blackout) COD:(Assests,Weapons,Quotes,Etc) Rainbow 6 Siege:(Operators/5v5 focus) PUBG:(BR Focus,Quad not 5 man team) Fortnite:(Tier System,Item Shop - Daily,Weekly,Featured Tabs)

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    I played this game non-stop for about a month, and then basically quit. It's very repetitive, but still decent. 6/10
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    Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is a refreshing look at what a Call of Duty looks like when done right. Despite the lack of a story mode, Treyarch really put together a well rounded title that has the potential to live up there with the great ones. A more team-oriented and strategic multi-player, a chaotic-as-ever zombies mode that continues the story of our well-beloved characters, and a new exciting "Blackout" Battle Royale mode makes this title memorable and exciting. Say what you will about Call of Duty, but Black Ops 4 is definitely one of the best entries we've seen in a long while.
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    The graphics are amazing and the game play is realistic. The blackout (battle royals) mode was a great addition and has really helped the game develop. Suitable for 13-14+
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    I have played every single call of duty to date but recently I had got slightly bored of the series with World war 2 and I infinite warfare. However this call of duty has brought back my excitement and fun for the game which I haven't really had since modern warfare 2.

    The multiplayer gameplay is fantastic the movement is the best it's ever been imo, I think that the health regen is actually a great addition despite thinking it would ruin the game. The maps also are fantasyic with good graphics.

    Blackout is also a fantastic addition as it makes the game more competitive and provides an alternative to multiplayer if you start getting bored and I feel more interactive with my mates.

    I cannot speak for the zombies as I've never been a huge fan after Nazi zombies in world at war and have not tried it.

    Overall I think this game is a must buy I and is worth every penny. It has been very well designed, and it has brought my love back for call of duty.
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    So many multiplayer shootem ups on the market. The first person story line is often what separates them. Now they just jumped on the Fortnight band wagon. You think they would have learned their lesson with Titan Fall 1.
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    I've always been more of a Halo guy than a COD guy, but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy COD games. This COD game from the first hour I played has the best graphics of any COD game, best gameplay mechanics of any COD game and the Zombies and Blackout are amazing. This game for now gets a 10/10 worth the 60 bucks
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    This has made me happy to play CoD. Black Ops 2 was my first one, and the only one I enjoyed. Granted, I didn't play Infinite and WW2. It's pretty fun - albeit feeling like it takes more shots to kill someone than it does for me to die. Sure, it does feel kind of copy and paste - but take into account this.... How much can they REALLY innovate? How much can they REALLY change? They did take away double jumping and wall running, and really had they not.... This game would have been garbage.

    Blackout is a fun addition. You can only level up by getting kills, which sucks for someone not that good at the game.

    Zombies is also fun, however in my experience, it's been unstable. Especially Voyager.
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    Black Ops 4 is a game that takes many, many risks, but it sure does prove that sometimes, the risk was worth taking. When campaign was first announced as being completely scrapped, I was severely disappointed and felt cheated out of what could've been the filler point between Black Ops 2 and 3, however, with the addition of Specialist HQ (a sort of campaign/specialist tutorial) that essence of filler was wrapped up in a pretty bow and packaging, without having to be convoluted and over the top which we have previously seen in the Call of Duty series.

    Along with Specialist HQ, we have seen the addition of Blackout. Treyarch made a ballsy move to grab at the Battle Royale genre whilst scrapping a staple of Call of Duty (campaign) but as previously stated, risks are sometimes worth doing. Blackout is what a Battle Royale game should be; tense, fast paced, exilherating and most of all... FUN! Searching iconic Black Ops series land marks such as Firing Range of the Verruckt asylum lead to a game with so many possibilities, that games such as PUBG or H1Z1 have been scared to even consider!

    Multiplayer for me is one of the highlights for this game. Despite Treyarch becoming the forefront of Call of Duty Zombies, they sure as hell know how to hook a multiplayer fan base. Within the first week I have managed to rank up to level 40 and I couldn't be having anymore fun. Maps feel balanced, specialists are recognisable and sort of nostalgic whilst also having the sense of refreshments, and with the addition of new game modes such as Heist or Capture, this multiplayer is one that is certain to last for the next 3 years until Treyarchs newest instalment. 1 problem I have encountered within the game on the other hand is the balancing of certain guns such as the ICR-7 and the Rampart, however they far from take away from the experience of a stellar multiplayer!

    And finally... ZOMBIES! Oh my god. Treyarch have certainly gone balls to the wall and focused their hearts and souls into these new stories. The introduction of the Chaos crew in maps such as IX and Voyage of Despair introduces a brand new structure in a completely new universe. On the other hand, maps such as Blood of the Dead and Classified keep older fans whilst also introducing new fans to the series to that of the Aether story/Primis/Ultimus crew. The new perk mechanics work to perfection meaning the loss of fan favourite perks e.g, Juggernog, Speed Cola and Double Tap 2.0, don't feel as heart wrenching as many would expect. Along with this, Elixers feel highly balanced replacing the overpowered gobblegum system from Black Ops 3. Despite the occurance of crashes on every platform and the occasional game breaking glitch, Treyarch persist to release updates that make the game still enjoyable, giving fans a sense of relief that many haven't felt they have been given from other Call of Duty developers.

    Black Ops 4 is a well rounded game that is here to stay. The sub-storyline of Speciaist HQ combined with multiplayer and Blackout works to bring the past, present and future fans into such an established game series, whilst Zombies' new fresh yet classic style of play results in one of the funnest and truly breath taking Call of Duty experiences that I've had in a very long time. Not only does it make you forget about CoD WW2 and Infinite Warfare before that, it makes you believe that they were just a way to build hype for a game this good!

    Call of Duty Black Ops 4 gets a 9.3/10!
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    I've been playing this game since BETA and I haven't noticed any bugs even in beta.

    Many new modes like zombie , blackout and multiplayer stuff which makes it really fun.

    The weapons are the same - good ! Graphics are epic! When you buy the game , most of the things are unlocked !

    It's a smooth game and I give it a 10/10.

    Try the game for yourself and see if you like it , ignore the negative opinions.
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    I have been disappointed with COD for sometime now... the last one I really enjoyed was the original black ops. This game plays on my nostalgia for the original while still incorporating some new mechanics. I have really enjoyed every aspect of this game. It is still early in the life cycle of the game so there are a few minor bugs, but they will definitely patch them in coming weeks. Graphics are the best they have ever been in a COD game. (which should be expected... ) The blackout mode is incredibly fun, and has less of a learning curve than some other battle royale games. There are only 80 people on the map at this point, and it runs pretty smooth. I have only experienced some intermittent drops in frame rate. I would like to see a full 100 players on map but not at the cost of smooth gameplay. For that reason I am glad Treyarch went the more conservative route with 80 players, though they have said they will try to increase the number of players in the near future. As far as zombies.... I have not enjoyed that game mode since black ops 1, but have it a shot playing it 3 or 4 times, and I am hooked again... more interesting characters, more intuitive gameplay and some new mechanics that I really enjoy. The maps are interesting, fun, and simple to navigate. The maps in both multi player and zombies are beautifully rendered. The blackout map is huge, nicely designed, looks as good as battlefield 4 or 1 maps. But is not as polished as the multiplayer and zombie maps. Overall a great game well worth the $60 USD. So long as Treyarch continues to keep up maintainance and makes regular updates, I will be buying the $50 season pass.
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    Call of Duty is best known for its smooth Multiplayer experience. Black Ops 4 is no exception. The game feels smooth and plays better than most of the current gen Call of Duty's. With that being said I do think the game lacks content, and doesn't justify a $60 price tag. With only ten original maps and four remakes you would think the Black Ops pass would be free for all players. That's not the case. I could sit here and ramble on about how much I despise the marketing campaign, but all in all the game is good and feels like it should. Sure nothing is revolutionary about this Cod but there is still some fun to be had. 8.5/10
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    I'm not even gonna bother typing a review on this. All I'll say is it's the same thing as every call of duty game. Idk why I bother with this series.
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    I'm so embarrassed I bought this. I haven't bought a COD game since Black ops 2 because they were all lazy , uncreative games and I tried it agin and it's still a trash franchise . And they took away single player mode ...? Really ? Pathetic.
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    I've been playing this game for over 200 hours, and I can definitely say this is a satisfactory experience throughout all the modes, screw the campaign!

    Multiplayer- I've not been much of a big fan of multiplayer, but I've been playing more (especially heist) in this game. Expect solid gameplay.

    Blackout - by far the best of the three modes. It's flawed in every way, and requires plenty of skill and tactics to win.

    Zombies - Addictive, fun and a major improvement with the new larger maps.
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    Without a doubt, Black Ops 4 is the worst Call of Duty game in the Black Ops series.

    Starting with campaign, how about I talk of how there isn't one. Every Call of Duty has had a campaign/story-mode with the exception of this one due to Treyarch (the company who designed the game) replacing it with a Battle Royale mode. This was most-likely a cash-grab attempt but it did not work out. The map is simply too large for the player-"cap" (100 players at maximum) and the map is mostly open space with there being no building aspect in this game mode. Really, it comes down to which player shoots first because there is no possibility of gaining the upper ground from that point on.

    With Treyarch games, I have always found the multiplayer aspect to be phenomenal. Black Ops 4, however, is basically "re-skin" of Black Ops III (for multiplayer) as there are almost no differences. Black Ops 4 only had fourteen multiplayer maps at launch with four of them being remastered versions of maps from previous games. The specialists barely differ from the ones in Black Ops III as well as the weapons and the score-streaks. So the question becomes, why was Black Ops III so good while Black Ops 4 is terrible? This game is completely lackluster, the maps are very boring and not very large. The standard multiplayer match is now 5v5 instead of 6v6 and there is no longer health regeneration. Instead of health regeneration, there is now an item ("stim shot") that gives the player a health boost, which not only uses a spot in your class, but it occupies a spot that could have been used for something else.

    With Treyarch games, I have also always loved the zombies aspect. World at War and the first three Black Ops had outstanding zombies gameplay with each map being so interesting and outgoing. The Aether storyline was very intriguing and with zombies having been such a part of my childhood, it will always remind me of the days of my youth. I feel no nostalgia when playing Black Ops 4 because it once again proves to be lackluster with it somehow being even more complex than Black Ops III's zombies.

    Overall, I was very excited for this game because I played Call of Duty as a kid for hours and hours each day. I was hoping that this would overtake the gaming community, but Fortnite has reigned superior as it did over PUBG. Though, it comes with no shock since this game has nothing new to offer and I would not recommend that anyone buys it.
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    Underrated and not as bad as people make it out to be, it's not perfect, but it's boots on the ground, the first call of duty minus a campaign I presume? It needs work, a lot of guns need tweaking for instance
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    Call of Duty has been dead since modern warfare 3. I'm only giving this a 5 because of the time developers put work into the game but make no mistake it's still as stale as ever.
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    Bought this game on launch day and it lasted 2 days before it was traded in I really don't understand the "amazing " reviews for this game. The game itself is boring there literally nothing to do on it games that have recently been released ie assassins creed, tomb raider has enough fun and loads to do to justify the price you pay for them what what does cod have multiplayer ? This game should not even be charging £50 to buy this is a £20 game at best Whoever made this is lazy they couldn't even be assed to include campaign pubg ( who they copied on battle royal) is like £20 fortnite is free yet call of duty is charging £50!!!!! For this ???? Mark my words this game will die very very shortly rdr2 and battlefield will blow this joke of a game out the water

    Worst call of duty ever
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    I can't believe I waisted my money on this. It is sooo boring they have become that laser there just revamping past rubbish maps I'm gutted I can't get a refund as bought from ps store I think Activision should stop now it's all about battlefield 5 they tried to jump on battlefield 1 band wagon with ww2 I'd rather them bring out a remastered bo2 as that is so look much better than bo4 even though bo4 is half created from bo2 foundation you need phc to customise loadout honestly it's just an awful game and soon the reviews will have it as worst in franchise
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    The game feels very buggy upon release. I understand that's become more common with games lately, but I find it very lazy and frustrating as a consumer. Yes I give them props for try some new things but other then a few new features, it feels like a backwards step from black ops 3. Especially in the way games are set up. You can't select a character in zombies or multiplayer before the game starts and load outs feel lack lustre at best. They've definitely put all their eggs into their battle Royale basket and that's the only game mode I had some fun in.
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    Blackout is the main reason for this 3 star review. Not only is it a direct copy of Fortnite, but it has awful graphics. you guys had 3 freaking years to do this right and you messed up.
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    The biggest mistake they made was the huge changes and they weren't a good idea in my opinion, it didn't improve the experience at all
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    Multiplayer mode sounds good but hey it could be worse i guess...

    Sounds good maybe needs a change it's still a game though i guess
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    This is just one more example of the problems with the call of duty games nowadays. Each game that is released in the call of duty franchise is basically just a reskin of the last game, it's like they just got the previous game, gave a new campaign and zombies, update the graphics only slightly, and then slap a new title on it. They have used the exact running animation, certain reload animations, and gun sounds for multiple games, and the gun sounds are always digitally made! It's like they can't be bothered to go out and record some real gun sounds, that's why their guns sound like pea shooters half the time! It seems like they don't care about making a good, well made, different than the last, game that's not just a lazily slapped together, ever so slightly graphically enhanced, version of the last game with a different campaign. This could be partially due to the fact that they are releasing a new game every year, or the fact that they care more about getting a new call of duty game out as fast as possible, rather than actually taking time to make a good game. They care more about the money than making a good game for the fans. It's like the transformers films, Michael bay has been told that he should stop using the same simple formula for every transformers films (which is what call of duty is doing) but to instead do something different for once, his response was basically that it doesn't matter how good it is, as long as people keep going and watching them, he'll keep making lazy films. Take the halo games for example, the teams behind them spend a good 3 years to make the best game they can, and when they where getting some negative backlash from halo 5, they listened to the fans and critics, fixed the problems, and assured the fans they would be getting what they want in halo 6, and what else did they do? They decided to spend even more time and recourses on halo infinite to make as great of a game they possibly can for the fans, not a money grab, and 4 years later halo infinite was announced and the fans are more exited than ever, everything they wanted, including getting the older art style back, they got. Call of duty is not just a lazy game, but it is also a literal graphical downgrade from black ops 3, and replaced the campaign with battle royale. Speaking of their new implementation on battle royale in their game, what has been happening lately with call of duty as well is unoriginal game concepts and ideas. They'll take whatever is popular, and blatantly rip it of and shove it in the game, as if they can't be bothered to make an original game. For example, when Halo 5 was very popular they decided to make infinite warfare, which blatantly stole some armor designs straight from halo, including stealing the design of the iconic pelican (which can even be seen in the infinite warfare trailer) and the frigate from the halo franchise as well. They also implemented a game mode that was basically the infection game mode. Later on when battlefield 1 came out, it was extremely popular, so awhile later call of duty came out with world war 2. And now obviously fortnite and pubg are super popuar, and what does call of duty do? They release battle royale in black ops 4. It is very clear what they are doing, and it's sad that the fans are buying into activisions money grabs they call "games". And when they tried making call of duty "futuristic" like halo, the fans didn't like it, and it wasn't until 3 futuristic exo jump mechanical soldier games later that they got WW2. If you compare. What I have found myself experiencing with call of duty lately is I'll watch some gameplay for the first time, or play the latest game for the first time, and I'll think," haven't I played this before?" Basically if you've played one call of duty game you've played them all. Yeah some 'look' different, but they play and feel the exact same, you'll never feel like your playing a different game, or getting a new, fresh experience from the latest call of duty. I would recommend to anyone thinking of buying call of duty black ops 4, to buy a different game, don't give in to their Money grabbing games, it'll only make them do it more. And chances are you'll play the game for about 2 months and you'll be done and already be bored of it. Make them change their ways. I'm sure if they stopped trying to make a new game every year, and all worked on one game and took a longer period of time, they could make a game that would blow every, bring something new to the table, a new game that feels fresh and not like a rehashing, and they would probably make more money, and if it's a better game it'll last longer and people would play for more than just a couple of months.
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    I'm playing this game from the beginning so I can tell that this is a really good game