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Don't Give Up on Us (2006) HD online

Don't Give Up on Us (2006) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Drama / Romance
Original Title: Donu0027t Give Up on Us
Director: Joyce Bernal
Writers: Enrico C. Santos,Dindo Perez
Released: 2006
Duration: 1h 53min
Video type: Movie
Cast overview, first billed only:
Judy Ann Santos Judy Ann Santos - Abby
Piolo Pascual Piolo Pascual - Vince
Hilda Koronel Hilda Koronel - Pilar
Rio Locsin Rio Locsin - Teresa
Tommy Abuel Tommy Abuel - Robert
Marjorie Barretto Marjorie Barretto - Patty
Chesca Garcia Chesca Garcia - Sabina
Marco Alcaraz Marco Alcaraz - Samuel
J.C. Cuadrado J.C. Cuadrado - Marco
Paolo Paraiso Paolo Paraiso - Rabbit
John Wayne Sace John Wayne Sace - Julius
Igi Boy Flores Igi Boy Flores - Igi
Basty Alcances Basty Alcances - Basti (as Basti Alcances)
Beth Enriquez Beth Enriquez - Dory (as Lilybeth Enriquez)
Lalaine Enriquez Lalaine Enriquez - Maya

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    my favorite part was when Abby and Vince were in jail and there were to sing to get out. Vince starts to play the guitar with Abby still refusing to sing. Later on she starts to sing the national anthem, she was so serious when she was singing it it was so funny. she started hitting Vince. The other funny part was when Abby was in the toilet talking to her friend, then Vince comes and bangs on the door and makes her drop her phone down the toilet...laugh out loud...she makes him pick it up and he does and the she asks him why he picked it up and he says if she doesn't talk he'll out it back down the toilet...later on she calls him "bastos".