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Eternity (1990) HD online

Eternity (1990) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Drama
Original Title: Eternity
Director: Steven Paul
Writers: Dorothy Koster Paul,Steven Paul
Released: 1990
Duration: 1h 50min
Video type: Movie
Television producer James has an extremely vivid dream, in which he is a Prince struggling to keep the kingdom at peace against the wishes of his warfaring brother, while at the same time competing with his brother for a woman's love. The figures in his dream match those in his real-life, with his brother being an aggressive business man trying to buy James out, the King being James' advisor, and the woman being an actress recently cast for a commercial at his studio. Seeing his dreams as a message about his life, James decides to act on their guidance, even though they lead him into the fight of his life.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Jon Voight Jon Voight - Edward / James
Armand Assante Armand Assante - Romi / Sean
Wilford Brimley Wilford Brimley - King / Eric
Eileen Davidson Eileen Davidson - Dahlia / Valerie
Joey Villa Joey Villa - Court Jester / Dan Spinelli
Frankie Valli Frankie Valli - Taxpayer / Guido
Kaye Ballard Kaye Ballard - Sabrina / Selma
John P. Ryan John P. Ryan - Thomas Vandervere / Prosecutor
Eugene Roche Eugene Roche - Ridley / Governor
Perri Lister Perri Lister - Wench / Sean's Secretary
Robert Carricart Robert Carricart - Grandfather / Domingo
Charles Knapp Charles Knapp - Tax Collector / Judge
Steven Keats Steven Keats - Tax Collector / Harold
Patrick Wright Patrick Wright - Guard / Rob
Charles Dierkop Charles Dierkop - Video Editor (as Charlie Dierkup)

Reviews: [5]

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    I can't figure out what Jon Voight could POSSIBLY have been thinking when he got involved in this tenth-rate, incoherent, pretentious, mind-numbing slop. He helped to write the alleged "script" himself, and he should be damn well ashamed of it. The film (I can't call it a "movie" because it barely moves at all) is rambling, embarrassingly pretentious drivel--sort of like a really bad Oprah Winfrey show, but worse. It meanders senselessly back and forth from medieval times to modern-day Los Angeles, with Voight as a television producer who thinks he is the reincarnation of a medieval prince who must save the kingdom from the machinations of his evil brother, and somehow this gets transferred to modern times where Voight has to save the country from the evil machinations of an oil company executive. If the bizarre casting (Wilfrid Brimley, Frankie Valli (!), Kaye Ballard and Armand Assante, among others) isn't enough to kill it, the stupefyingly inept direction, the washed-out photography (it looks like it was shot with a really cheap 16mm camera), the almost complete lack of editing (scenes either go on and on endlessly or are chopped off in the middle of a sentence), and Voight's embarrassing, apparently stream-of-consciousness "acting" are enough to bury it, which is exactly what should have been done with it. A jaw-dropping experience. Avoid this dog at all costs.
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    I was told Jon was for awhile on spiritual experiences. I guessed the film will be interesting.In fact isn't at all. Not so much profound for a such subject. "eternity" never-ending life. Experiences after death and "dejavu". The film is not as a comedy but isn't funny at all, at least not express yet. It's so naive. Charming film but naive film. A must to avoid. The Middle ages sequences seems coming directly from fairy tales and it's not the matter at all. Eileen Davidson is so charming and Voight is doing his best. Normal is a co producer and screenwriter of this movie. The film was launched straight on video so i discovered it on a video store. It's a pity 'cause I well know Voight was seriously involved with spirituality and the film isn't so much profound about it.
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    This movie is so bad it's almost good. Bad story, bad acting, bad music, you name it. O.K., who are the jokers that gave this flick a '10'?
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    at first I thought I was watching a poor rip-off of Claude LeLoaches' LA BELLE HISTORIE(The Beautiful Story) but that was made in 1992, and the alternate place was Rome in the time of Christ. Seemed like a cut above the average TV movie, but still, the only thing that kept me watching was the DDG (Drop Dead Gorgeous) Eileen Davidson, who has since disappeared into soap opera, and who knows where since 1998...