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Mission: Impossible Phantoms (1966–1973) HD online

Mission: Impossible Phantoms (1966–1973) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Action / Adventure / Crime / Drama / Thriller
Original Title: Phantoms
Director: Marvin J. Chomsky
Writers: Bruce Geller,Laurence Heath
Released: 1966–1973
Duration: 1h
Video type: TV Episode
Leo Vorka, the aging Stalin-like dictator of a Communist nation, is about to begin another purge, led by the infamous head of his secret police Georgi Kull. Phelps posing as a writer, Barney's technical know-how, and Paris' make-up skills convince Vorka's aides, that the dictator's murderous past has finally driven him mad; it's time for him to retire.
Episode cast overview:
Peter Graves Peter Graves - James Phelps
Leonard Nimoy Leonard Nimoy - Paris
Greg Morris Greg Morris - Barney Collier
Peter Lupus Peter Lupus - Willy Armitage
Antoinette Bower Antoinette Bower - Nora Bennett
Luther Adler Luther Adler - Leo Vorka
Jeff Pomerantz Jeff Pomerantz - Stefan Zara
Michael Baseleon Michael Baseleon - Georgi Kull
Ivor Barry Ivor Barry - Edmund Moore
Ben Astar Ben Astar - Deputy Premier Bartzin
Gregory Sierra Gregory Sierra - Gomal
Jack Bernardi Jack Bernardi - Guard
Eliezer Behar Eliezer Behar - Secret Policeman (as Eli Behar)
Walter Alzmann Walter Alzmann - Driver
Ralph Leabow Ralph Leabow - Jan Golni

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    That's of course a good episode, one more anti behind iron curtain regimes critics. Nothing really new in the overal scheme, let's be fair. But the Luther Adler's performance is outstanding. But the point which I want to insist on is the use of hologram, actually a kind of hologram. Maybe i am wrong, but that's the first episode, so far in the show, that holograms are used. I don't know if they also will be in the future in the first MI show, but in the second one, produced in 1988, starrng Pete Graves and Greg Morris's son, you will be submerged with holograms. That's just whai I wante to point out.
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    Jim Phelps and his IMF team of Paris,Barney and Willy are once again given an interesting mission in "Phantoms" wherein they deal with an aging dictator that is hoodwinked by the "ghost" of an old flame.

    Leo Vorka is an aging dictator similar to the characteristics of Joseph Stalin in a Communist nation.He is about to being another purge which was assigned to his secret police.The IMF were given a mission to deal with him.Phelps poses as a writer.Barney disguises himself as a technical guy and Paris deals with make up to convince the dictator's aides that Vorka's murderous past has gotten the best of him by driving him into insanity and this is a sign that the dictator needs to vacate his position and his authority in order to retire.Ghosts are being used into that.

    The episode has a great villain in Luther Adler as Leo Vorka as well as the use of the so-called "ghost cons" by the IMF team.Leonard Nimoy provides another great performance as IMF agent Paris wherein he has one of his better performances as well as one of his better disguises in accomplishing the mission.