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Лучший день в моей жизни (2014) HD online

Лучший день в моей жизни (2014) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Drama / Romance
Original Title: Best Day Ever
Director: Jeff London
Writers: James Handshoe,Jeff London
Released: 2014
Duration: 1h 22min
Video type: Movie
David's turning 50 and having a Mid-life Crisis! He isn't sure his "perfect husband" loves him, and if he's chosen the right career. Aging is something he never thought about, but now he is faced with making the rest of his life count and hopes his close friends can help. Realizing that he may only have about 35 years left, he must figure out his life to ensure happiness and fulfillment. Fate changes everything when he meets a 15-year younger man who shows him that age does not matter, and that maybe his future happiness is right in front of him. Based on the true story of filmmaker Jeff London and how after being single for 48 years, his life changed when he met the love of his life and found his true purpose.
Cast overview:
Mel England Mel England - David
Tom Saporito Tom Saporito - Shane
Peter Stickles Peter Stickles - James
Ace Lundon Ace Lundon - Ace
Nate Moore Nate Moore - Greg

The character of Ace is played by Ace Lundon, a longtime LGBTQ activist since the 60s who wrote a book about coming out in Hollywood called "The Dining Room's Full and The Closets are Empty". Ace Lundon was one of the first gay couples married by Reverend Troy Perry in the 1970s, and also lost his husband in the AIDS crisis. Ace got his start as a performer and producer working on Bob Hope's USO tours, and also was a publicist to the stars, like Jayne Mansfield and Mahahlia Jackson. The character is based on Ace's real life persona, and his friendship with the filmmaker, Jeff London.

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    BEST DAY EVER" is a sweet, hopeful, and romantic film about finding love at 50. Congratulations to writer Jeff London, and the wonderful actor Mel England, who plays David, a man going through a mid-life crisis. Will he ever find true love and fulfill his romantic and career dreams when he feels time is running out?

    The film, based on writer and director Jeff London's own life, is a story about falling in love with a younger man, and the doubts created by the age difference.

    The lead actor Mel England gives a lovely, nuanced and brilliant performance, and the entire cast is wonderful as well. This is a great independent film.
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    Best Day Ever doesn't start in the best of moods. David (Mel England) is arriving at 50 years old, and doesn't seem to have too many reasons to be content. He lives in the house of his boyfriend, someone that simply can't say that he's in love with him. His life is a mess. Being an independent film maker, he hasn't 'break through'. Although doing something he loves to do, everybody seems to advise him to leave the activity, starting something new. At fifty, he doesn't seem too much encouraged to doing so, and making films, despite the difficulties, is what he likes to do, alas! Then things start to grow better, as soon as he decides to make some changes in his life. He has some supportive friends, one of them much older than himself, who encourages him. And so thins go on, until he realizes that's he may be living his best days ever. Watch the film, I fell you won't get disappointed; at least if you're getting to some middle age crisis, as I do (I'm 57). The film leaves you with the impression that it's never too late to pursue your dreams, once you find the right persons to be with. It is somewhat different of the torrent of films we see about people in their twenties of thirties, who seem to have so much ahead of them, but it's a relieve.
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    I was skeptical about watching this movie at first.... Considering I'm going through what I believe is a mid - life crisis .. Did I want to watch a movie about someone's similar fate .? And being a straight man could I relate to a Gay mans experience .? Well Am I sure glad I put those worries to rest and watched Best Day Ever..!!!! Powerful and poignant are the first 2 words to come to mind after watching it ... Getting older is universal , all races,creeds , sexual orientations ,everyone grows old , there are no exceptions..... And Best Day Ever handles this truthfully and beautifully .,!! Mel England is the actor who anchors the film , he is stellar .! There is not a false note in his performance and the supporting players all do fine work ..!! This film gave me hope , and the world we live in , that is rare.....
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    i have no idea what movie these reviewers saw. what i saw was a complete and utter let down. a totally boring mess. there was no chemistry between any of the actors. the exposition and back stories went on and on. i honestly didn't care about the 32 year-old farm boy's obsession with video games or Ace's 15 or so year old relationship. the first conversation at the dinner table with the lead and his muscle head boyfriend dragged on for what felt like 30 minutes (when in actuality, it was about 7!). that scene could have been handled better without all that dreadful talk. all he could have asked was 'do you still love me?' and the rest would have been quicker. but no. we had to get some silly crap about movie making ,health food talk, and turning hoo!!. that scene alone was just one example of how bad the script was. it felt like reading a manic depressant's diary. and that does not a good movie make. this would have been much better as a short film.. say about 10 minutes or so. if you want to watch a perfect example of a short film turned into a long form film, watch 'the way he looks'.. it is a million times better than this mess.
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    This movie is filled with so many different kinds of, confusion, desires, dreams, bitterness, and hope. Thanks to the wonderful cast, great writing and directing this movie is so well produced that it could appeal to all people regardless of sexual orientation, class, etc. It opened my eyes that we all deserve the love we want. Mel England's performance rings so felt his pain in finding his way through life with his career at a standstill and his love life questionable. It was an adventure that went so many different directions as he struggled to find happiness. Ace Lundon's epilogue was so touching. Thank you for making such a wonderful and memorable movie.
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    I really enjoyed watching this film. You know it really would tell how people these days care about the age differences in falling in love. I mean so what? You fall in love with the person whom you have chosen to be with. It's not like everyone should care because it doesn't honestly matter at the end of the day.

    Heck, I'm so glad that James paired up David and Shane together, they were totally meant for each other. It was well that David broke up with Greg. He was totally someone else that he didn't need to be with in the first place. Why? Because the pair of them had different opinions and of course, Greg seemed pretty bossy! David definitely did the right choice in moving on!

    You know, the most outstanding man in this film was Ace. That fella just was so inspiring the way he was talking about stuff that were common sense. Life is not always a box of cherries, there can be pits involved too so enjoy your lives together in this present! I'm like wow, those guys are so lucky to have great friends around them for support!

    This movie is so underrated, it should win an Oscar!
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    Charming, sweet and realistic...a delightful film about love and fate...and never giving up! Great performances and chemistry between the leads...Mel England is a gem! Whether your gay or straight, you will be able to relate to the frustration, insecurities, and doubts the characters are dealing with. This is life...all human beings face the ups and downs of is unavoidable. Another wonderful touch is the way "age differences don't matter" dealt with...including the very real depiction of a much older friend revealing his relationship experiences in a positive, "go for it" manner. This film deserves to be seen and it's a great date night movie. Available on DVD and prepared for a touching experience! I was sorry to see it end...i wanted more!
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    Wow! I did not expect a lot out of this movie since most films in this genre are full of gratuitous sex and juvenile jokes. This is totally different and thus most refreshing. The story is simple but with superb acting and a very well written script, it delivers a sincerity and wit absent from most of Hollywood more expensive fare. The characters and their predicaments are extremely relate-able whether you're gay or straight. Mel England in the lead delivers with an exceptionally strong yet nuanced performance making it easy to watch and relate to his character. The supporting cast is also way above par. This could be Jeff London's best movie yet. Be ready to be moved and may be even cry a little. I usually find only Indie films can move me to tears these days. This one certainly delivers. Watch it with friends or someone you're romantic with. It will surely provoke thoughtful discussions afterward. Love it!
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    I truly enjoyed watching 'Best day Ever'! A Movie, that touches on so many real emotions that human beings face in relationships either with oneself or others on a daily basis. This movie & the actors manage to deliver so much in a dramatic, romantic and comedic way, a story that keeps you in suspense and at the edge of your seat till the end wondering what do they mean about the best day ever? Furthermore, presents a story that triggers in us the desire to wonder what is our Best day Ever?

    Relationships are relationships whether heterosexual, bisexual, Homosexual or even the relationship we have with family and friends and that includes the relationship we have with ourselves! Worthwhile exploring since #Learning Never Ends! ~Dr. Estella Sneider
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    I think we're supposed to feel sympathy for the main character, David, who is turning 50, is questioning his long-term partnership and who is having issues with his career. His partner, Greg, it is implied, is cold and manipulative and not all that loving.

    In fact, the way it came across was that David was a self-absorbed, whiny drama queen whose partner was a very level-headed, sympathetic & loving person who withstood David's self-centered tantrums with amazing grace … and who, it might be added, had to be better off in every way to be free of David. That they apparently had had a long relationship and that it was only just beginning to unravel was really hard to believe. Greg and David then break up. Greg leaves. Lucky Greg.

    Then, after further interminable kvetching and more egocentric, whiny soul- searching, David is paired up with his friend's cousin. Shane is a shy thirty-something young man from Indiana who is strangely (and I do mean "strangely") attracted to David. One has to believe that Shane must have led a pretty lonely, sheltered life up to this point and/or he's a masochist with daddy issues. They decide to head off into the sunset, or back to Shane's home in Indiana in this case, having finally found true love … by which time the viewer's credulity has been stretched to the breaking point.

    The subject of unique issues that gay men face while coping with a mid-life crisis could certainly be fertile ground for comedy or drama, but this production failed to deliver. It was really impossible to feel any sympathy for David or to see any believable connection between him and Shane.
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    If you reach your mid life crisis at 50 then you must be pretty immature to begin with. I thought a mid life crisis was supposed to happen at 40. Not in this film, which is basically one big vehicle for attention seeking on the part of the leading actor (an autobiographic character, representing Jeff London, the director of the film).

    We see this protagonist wallowing in his agony, for way too long, more than 3/4 of the film. I was waiting for the new young love interest to arrive, to stay, and stem the flood of misery that we're subjected to. But the protagonist continues lamenting the past, and the present, and what not. He fishes for compliments from the young guy by passive aggressively mentioning his older age incessantly. I can't stand it when he makes stupid voices or mincing faces and it's supposed to be cutesy, as if the young dude will really be turned on by that. I don't see why the young guy should feel attracted to the protagonist, since it's just all drama and moaning from the get go, and the protagonist ain't that attractive to begin with; he's just a whiny self centered bastard.

    Don't let the cover mislead you. This is pretty much a one man show of a miserable charmless man who has got a face like a slapped arse in every scene. The charming young redhead doesn't appear very often, despite him, being the best this film has to offer.
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    If you actually bother to watch this movie and you see the flat screen TV fireplace (which for some unknown reason is set right in front on a large window) then you have seen the best part of this production. Here's what happens - Frankenface (David) is obsessing over his upcoming 50th birthday because he feels he hasn't obtained his ideal level of living. Which happens to be something like a cute little house with a white picket fence, a dog, and a husband to greet him at home everyday after work. What gay man wants that nonsense?? So you can see which direction this flick is going.

    His boyfriend (Greg) is an albino gym rat with a bad case of alopecia! What brought Frankenface and albino gym rat together in the first place is never explained. But Frankenface is so whiney and needy and self absorbed that gym rat just wants to get away from Frankenface. Gym rat tells Frankenface to grow-up and get a life.

    Enter Mr Lonely Hearts (Shane) from Indiana, of all places. Well Mr Lonely Hearts and Frankenface just hit it off right from the start! Gym rat sees this as his out from whiney boring Frankenface and splits. Then Mr Lonely Hearts suggest to Frankenface they go back to Indiana to live a lovers life. The end....

    That's it people! Frankenface moans and groans and whines about turning 50 and his oh so empty life throughout this entire movie. Gym rat repeatedly says to Frankenface 'get a life', and Mr Lonely Hearts just smiles and looks happy that he finally scored a dick he has convinced to go back with him to Indiana.

    Who in hell wants to move to Indiana?
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    There are no spoilers in this review mainly because I just couldn't take watching past the first half hour.

    First off I should say I love films. I love gay films. I am gay and love to watch movies that I can also relate to as a gay man. I watch many films and love all types of films though.

    Now let me get back to this flop...

    The opening scene with the main character in bed was good. He is in bed and the audience hears his voice discussing about growing to be fifty years old and the questions one who is turning fifty might ask themselves. Great.

    Then the next scene is where is just goes bad. The main aging character is talking with his boyfriend about what they will do for his birthday. Its at that point that I just couldn't take it... the fifty year old whines and makes an argument about anything and everything. Great performance? No! Bad writing. A script that just plays into the stereotypes of relationships going sour. I felt like I was watching a bad 60's slasher film with the lines that were coming out of the actors mouths. Horrible. But I pulled through and waited.

    Next scene... The aging whiner is perhaps visiting his friend who's cousin is visiting but it seems like these two are actually on a date. That was just weird but then the conversation of awkwardness begins. At first it's amusing, even cute but the fifty year old becomes just a annoying egocentric prick and you're dying for the cousin to just tell him to leave.

    I stopped the film there. Worst writing ever. Worst night ever spent watching a film.
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    Ok, so it may not be Academy Award winning cinematography but the movie has a simple message. Age ain't nothing but a number. You'll have to watch to see it all played out. If you have hit mid-life or near it, then take a moment to watch for the messages.
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    "Best Day Ever" (2014) Starting the new year out on a sappy note, because.....well sometimes life NEEDS to be sappier! :D Based on the true story of filmmaker Jeff London and how after being single for 48 years, his life changed when he met the love of his life and found his true purpose. This film explores the issues of aging in the gay community, especially in the light of being single/not having found love -- as well as the challenges of entering into a relationship with a "significant" age gap. David is turning 50 (without much sincere support from his friends) and questioning his life's path...wondering why things didn't turn out the way he had planned. Into his life walks Shane, the 35-year old cousin of his best friend...visiting from Indiana. The two awkwardly hit it off and end up falling in love. Mel England does a great job of portraying all of the mixed emotions David is feeling. And Tom Saporito adorably brings Shane's shy/introverted/video gaming geekness to life! The biggest flaw of this work is that is has a bit of an identity crisis. It is too long to be a true Short Film.....yet it doesn't delve into the back stories of the characters deep enough to be a full fledged feature film (Running time is 1 hour and 17 minutes). I would have preferred the film to have veered in one direction or the other, but still have to say it was an enjoyable watch.
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    One of those movies where people talk, they don't DO.

    At one point a character says it's the happiest day of his life. We only know this because he says it. We certainly don't see him being happy.

    There are five characters, sitting in various rooms, talking to each other about LIFE problems. At one point a couple is sitting on a porch. That's as far outside this movie ever goes. Consequently this is a movie about people talking about living, not a movie about the characters actual lives.

    This kind of construction only works if the plot is terrific and the dialog is ultra sharp and witty, rife with multiple meanings. The dialog in this movie is exactly the opposite. Flat, boring, uninteresting. You would think a writer who creates a an indy filmmaker character might be able to show us something interesting about filmmaking. Nope. Nada. Nichts. Nothing.

    I don't know what kind of life experience a reviewer would need to think this is a 10-star movie. Maybe a small child, or someone living in an iron lung?

    Absolute complete waste of time.