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Switchin' the Script (2012) HD online

Switchin' the Script (2012) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Comedy
Original Title: Switchinu0027 the Script
Director: Jason Hewitt
Writers: Camara Davis
Released: 2012
Duration: 1h 23min
Video type: Movie
During a weekend corporate retreat, her best friends convince unlucky-in-love Lonnie to "switch the script" and take control of men. Lonnie impresses every man in the place with her beauty and charm-most importantly, her boss' good-looking son David. Lots of laughs, funny hijinks, and heartfelt moments take place, and we watch as Lonnie tries to embrace her new personality without turning away what quite possibly may be "Mr. Right."
Credited cast:
Denyce Lawton Denyce Lawton - Lonnie Shepard
Ray J Ray J - David Bostick
Jackée Harry Jackée Harry - Mrs. Shepard (as Jackée)
Thomas Mikal Ford Thomas Mikal Ford - Mr. Bostick (as Tommy Ford)
Veronica Rodriguez Veronica Rodriguez - Camilla
Kanisha Buss Kanisha Buss - China
Stephen Sutton Stephen Sutton
Bobby V Bobby V - Mark
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Orlando Eric Street Orlando Eric Street - Harvey Blanks
Clarence Thomas III Clarence Thomas III - Man 1

Reviews: [3]

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    The production quality was comparable to that of a high school project. The sound quality was equally bad, if you like listening to sprinklers, fountains and wind then this movie is for you. Aside from that, the acting was horrible, the script was terrible and the plot was totally cliché and predictable. They also clearly did not have any consultants and did no research because one of the characters had an "allergic reaction" that was not correct at all. I'm not allergic to shellfish but I know that having a reaction does not include pooping your pants. Watching this trash wasted an hour of my life that I can never get back. Save yourself time and money and do something else. This low budget film ( and I use the word "film" loosely) is completely stupid.
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    I think this movie has the right idea. I laughed throughout. I smiled. I even replayed certain scenes that were cute. It does need a bit of finessing and it needs to be lengthier too. With the right touch, I think more people could've enjoyed this movie!
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    This movie was quite a pleasant surprise. I had no idea of what to expect, other than knowing Ray J. and Bobby V. were in it. I laughed my ass off! This movie could've easily been released in theaters. Tommy Ford's character was a trip, but he played the part well. Bobby V. was credible in his role, and Ray J. flashed some real acting chops that hopefully will lead to more prominent roles.

    Denyce Lawton is a lovely woman and great as Lonnie. Veronica Rodriguez is very beautiful and does well in her limited role. The real gem of the movie is Kanisha Buss as China. She steals almost every scene she is in with her comedy. I look forward to seeing her in a lot more films.

    Very funny movie.