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Зачарованные Bug a Boo (2018– ) HD online

Зачарованные Bug a Boo (2018– ) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Drama / Fantasy
Original Title: Bug a Boo
Director: Vanessa Parise
Writers: Jennie Snyder Urman,Jessica O'Toole
Released: 2018–
Duration: 41min
Video type: TV Episode
While on the hunt for Jada, Harry and Charity learn there is a Changeling Demon putting one of the sisters in danger.
Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Melonie Diaz Melonie Diaz - Mel Vera
Madeleine Mantock Madeleine Mantock - Macy Vaughn
Sarah Jeffery Sarah Jeffery - Maggie Vera
Ser'Darius Blain Ser'Darius Blain - Galvin Burdette
Nick Hargrove Nick Hargrove - Parker
Rupert Evans Rupert Evans - Harry Greenwood
Virginia Williams Virginia Williams - Charity
Craig Parker Craig Parker - Alastair Caine
Rya Kihlstedt Rya Kihlstedt - Julia Wagner
Aleyse Shannon Aleyse Shannon - Jada Shields
Constantine Rousouli Constantine Rousouli - Hunter
Anna Maria Perez de Tagle Anna Maria Perez de Tagle - Lainey
Abraham Lim Abraham Lim - Chip
Ryan Jinn Ryan Jinn - Wes
Nathan Ozee Nathan Ozee - Shy Guy

The Aptitudematch building's basement is labelled as "P3", which is the name of the club owned by Piper in the original series.

Like Phoebe in the original series, Maggie (also the youngest sister) has a relationship with a half- demon.

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    Light out of Fildon

    The excessive amount of recycling this show does is crazy. The Harry Potter teleporting the whitelighter does is just proof of the fact this show can't think of new ways to be original. Every week they recycle something else .
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    Charmed ever week sink in too a new low !

    It's so so so so bad show .....
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    Charmed is steadily been getting better much to my surprise considering how bad the first several episodes were. They are using aspects of the original show such as the reboots Phoebe dating a demon but this human/demon hybrid is much younger and has a very different motivation then cole from the original did. At first I didn't like this shows take on the Elders but after seeing this episode I'm actually intrigued. Another difference in this series is there is a extremist group of witches or at least that's what the elders wish the charmed ones to think they are but this far all we know is that the only member that weve met so far is half witch and half whitelighter and she has some connection to the charmed ones mom and she stating that it's the elders who are the bad guys which honestly I've gotten that vibe and I hope the show will pursue it despite the fact it's not a part of the original. They've also toned down the "I hate men" garbage. Their white lighter Harry is growing on me despite the fact I still think he's the poor man's Rupert Giles & the orbing effect is just a poorly made tip off of Harry Potter. I'm even enjoy each sisters performance little bit more each episode
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    Things are getting pleasingly complex now. Caine's "evil" plan seems to be to simply keep Parker alive, making him not entirely unsympathetic although this is counterpointed by the ruthlessness he and Hunter have shown. We've no real reason to trust Jada's version of events, but the Elders aren't exactly reassuring either and it's possible there are things even Harry doesn't know. In the midst of this, it seems the villains of the week are unconnected to what Jada and the Saranacy are doing with Macy getting to show her darker side in disposing of one.

    And while Mel is feeling increasingly and thankfully removed from her original rather arrogant portrayal, Macy seems to get another chance with Galvin, although his protection mark may be the least of their obstacles.
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    I hate spiders! ugh disgusting don't do that just like copying Legacies they had an episode with that. Overall the show is improving alot. I didn't think they were going to.