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Language: English
Category: TV Series / Drama
Original Title: Misaeng
Duration: 1h
Video type: TV Series
Since he was a child, the board game baduk has been everything to Jang Geu-rae. But when he fails at achieving his dream of becoming a professional baduk player, Geu-rae must leave his isolated existence and enter the real world armed with nothing but a high school equivalency exam on his resume. Through an acquaintance's recommendation, he gets hired as an intern at One International, a large trading company. There, Geu-rae meets his boss, manager Oh Sang-shik, who's a workaholic and has a warm personality; fellow intern Ahn Young-yi, who attracts her colleagues' ire because of her impressive educational credentials and by being extremely competent at any task; and Jang Baek-gi, a geeky co-worker whose anxious nature masks his inner ambition. Geu-rae learns to navigate and adapt to corporate culture, with baduk as his guide.
Series cast summary:
Si-wan Im Si-wan Im - Jang Geu-rae 17 episodes, 2014
Sung-min Lee Sung-min Lee - Oh Sang-shik 17 episodes, 2014
So-ra Kang So-ra Kang - Ahn Young-yi 17 episodes, 2014
Ha-Neul Kang Ha-Neul Kang - Jang Baek-gi 17 episodes, 2014
Dae-Myung Kim Dae-Myung Kim - Kim Dong-shik 17 episodes, 2014
Eun-Jeong Sin Eun-Jeong Sin - Sun Ji-young 17 episodes, 2014
Byoung-Sook Sung Byoung-Sook Sung - Geu-rae's Mother 17 episodes, 2014
Myung-Ryul Nam Myung-Ryul Nam - Geu-rae's baduk teacher 17 episodes, 2014
Hae-Joon Park Hae-Joon Park - Chun Kwan-woong 17 episodes, 2014
Yo-han Byun Yo-han Byun - Han Seok-ryul 17 episodes, 2014

Actors Siwan & Lee Sung-Min and about 50 staff members traveled to Amman, Jordan on September 18, 2014 to shoot prologue scenes for drama series "Misaeng." They will film scenes also in ancient Petra City, Wadi Rum and other areas of Jordan. They will return to South Korea on September 24, 2014. "Misaeng" is the first South Korean drama series to film on location in Jordan.

Based on the webcomic "Misaeng" by Yoon Tae-Ho

Reviews: [8]

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    I'm not usually one for Korean TV, and before seeing Misaeng, I never thought I'd enjoy an 'office drama' so much.

    Featuring structures of the traditional 'bildungsroman', snapshots into the grueling lives of salary-men and office politics, the show intertwines these concepts with humour, emotion, reflectiveness, wisdom, finely executed through a fitting soundtrack, impeccable cinematography and directing and outstanding acting.

    A solid show thematically, it handles with great sensitivity and deftness the many delicately captured aspects of human nature and society. The characters and their development throughout the story are extremely well written and by far one of the most impressive aspects of the show, fleshed out by the complexity and subtle nuance of the relationships depicted. Entirely believable in both their strengths and vulnerabilities, the show allows an audience to connect with the characters on a very fundamental level.

    You will find something of yourself, or someone that you know reflected in the characters of the show, the persistent underdog in Gurae who struggles against all odds, the talented but down to earth Young Yi whose exceptional ability as a woman incurs the resentment of her colleagues, the at first seemingly stoic Oh Sang Sik who over the course of the show reveals his deep capacity for empathy and self-sacrifice. Even the 'villains' are never cliché, one-dimensional cardboard cutouts to fill a gap in the story, but all serve towards Misaeng's intimate and moving exploration of the human condition.

    Misaeng shows many aspects of mundane life, but never itself, becomes mundane, taking the viewer on a at times beautifully poignant, vividly evocative and greatly inspiring journey from start to finish.

    As I believe this is a show that leaves a viewer of any demographic something to take away, I'd urge anyone reading this to give it a try.

    For me, Misaeng certainly gave another small unexpected fragment to the missing pieces of my 'incomplete life.'
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    So far, I have seen three Korean dramas that have blown me away. "Descendants of the Sun," "Stranger," and now "Misaeng." "Misaeng" is about four interns, hoping to secure jobs in the Korean trading company, One International. Those unfamiliar with how Koreans do business may easily find themselves intrigued and sometimes disgusted with the Korean working environment.

    Still mostly a male dominated work environment, you will see that it is still a difficult and challenging place for women to break into. Being verbally abused, and even occasionally sexually harassed, despite the company guidelines forbidding it, women take on the challenge of having to "put up with it" while trying to climb the corporate ladder.

    A group of interns are working at One International with the hope of securing a permanent position through a contract offer. Of course, the four interns that the series focuses on, all come from different backgrounds and have differing personality traits. What makes them interesting is that they are all complex characters, causing the viewer to find certain things endearing about each one as well as things you may be turned off by. Sounds like real life, right? And that is just one of the charms that makes this series work so well.

    First, we have Geu-Rae, a highly introverted young man, who doesn't have much of an educational background. His resume is full of small, part-time jobs that cause his fellow interns to contemptuously wonder how he got the internship in the first place. Especially contemptuous is fellow intern, Baek-Gi. Unknown to most of his co-workers and even his supervisors, Geu-Rae is a champion in the classic game of bad-uk (Go). Somehow, he is able to utilize bad-uk strategies to help him solve problems. He is also able to take criticisms without taking them personally. He knows he's there due to connections, and not because of any ability that he has. Geu-Rae, therefore, knows that he has to prove himself by working even harder than any of the other interns.

    Next is Young-yi, portrayed by the beautifully capable So-ra Kang as the only female intern. She is dedicated, and she already has much knowledge about the trading business. She is also able to speak several languages fluently. However, she has to take the abuse from her male colleagues, forcing her to do nothing more than retrieve coffee, get their shoes cleaned, and so forth. Somehow, she is able to do these things long enough to prove to them, that she's highly capable and only wants to serve and support her team. I cannot imagine how it must be for a Korean woman trying to succeed in such an environment where she is derided and taking constant abuse. To make matters worse, her own father tells her that he regrets that she wasn't born a boy.

    Baek-Gi is the ambitious intern who is a bit prim and proper. He's a bit arrogant, and feels that certain jobs are beneath him. It takes him a while to understand why there is a learning curve in place and also to learn how to be humble and supportive. When Geu-rae, at one point, appears to be getting more recognition than him, Baek-Gi doesn't take it well as his resentment builds toward Geu-rae...until he finally learns the truth about Geu-rae's past. Baek-Gi starts off as a very unlikable character, but he quickly grows on you.

    Seok Ryul is the wild, passionate, and somewhat lazy intern, who'd rather spend his time gawking at girls than working. However, his strength lies in his knowledge of the working factory man; the blue collar workers who "slave away," often in unfavorable conditions and with outdated equipment, in the company factories. He's also a bit resistant to authority, especially if he feels that he's being taken advantage of. However, he loves his fellow interns, and his friendship with all of them is important to him.

    The power of this series is in the relationships between, not only the interns, but also with their co-workers. These are people who spend more time with each other than with their own families. Comradery is important to them , and they often work late hours or go out for drinks together after work.

    The heart and soul of this series, rests with Mr. Sang-shik Oh (stellar performance by Sung-min Lee, who all but steals the series!), who is Geu-rae's boss of Sales Team Three. At first, Mr. Oh is reluctant and even a bit hesitant to help Geu-rae learn the job due to his lack of qualifications and experience. However, upon seeing Geu-rae's willingness to learn the job as well as his determination, Mr. Oh relents. More than that, he takes Geu-rae under his wing, and we quickly find that the two characters have a love and a respect for each other that is quite touching and heart-warming. Geu-rae, who has been alone much of his life, finds a "father-figure" in Mr. Oh.

    We see our cast of characters dealing with one obstacle after another, as they struggle in the workplace; a place that is sometimes friendly, sometimes hostile, and always competitive. The stories are first-rate as well as the actors who bring these fascinating characters to light. You'll laugh, you'll cheer, and you'll occasionally even find yourself choking back tears.

    You'll quickly adhere yourself to characters that you love, and despise those that you don't. In the end, I think most people would love to have a boss like Mr. Oh who demonstrates wonderful integrity, despite the back-dealings, and money-grubbing traits of many of the greedy managers around him. He looks after all of the interns, and he has no problem "tripping" those who abuse them in very funny situations.

    Misaeng shouldn't be missed or overlooked. This series has it all.
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    I can't keep writing and talking, and writing and talking, and writing and talking about Misaeng over and over again for days. I must say if u have'nt watch this drama, go watch it !! it's a drama that i rarely seen on k-drama world. i can't stop thinking about the motivations behind the characters, about how certain events complicated others, about how to put it all together. It's just well written, well directed and well prepared in details The ending it self it's so..... reasonable. As in life everything happened for a reason, and thats how nicely the story wrapped. After all, Misaeng is Incomplete Life and we are all incomplete lifes trying to become complete, Thats how Misaeng change my opinion about k-drama <3
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    I've had my doubts when checking out the cast - it sure looked like an office romance to me, but man, I was wrong.

    This is not romance nor is it a mere office soap. It's about people working in an office and the moments they share with each other. You got each office type you'd meet in real life portrayed as realistitc as possible for a drama series. You get to know each person's flaws even and yet you never end up fully hating on anyone. Every person has a believable storyline, motives, motivations.

    On a sidenote, I'm an offive employee as well. Most of Misaeng is what my life is about - the work, the colleagues, the problems and epically funny moments, the bullying, the psychos, the coffee breaks... Wish I was as ambitious as Jang Gu-Rae, but mostly I enjoyed his naivety when facing problems and his loyalty towards Oh Sang-Shik and his colleagues.

    My favourite characters would be Oh Sang-Shik, Kang Hae-Joon and Han Seok-Yool. I remember my first job as an intern and that first boss. The only boss so far I've ever actually looked up to (well, before that I'd worked at schools which was a completely different experience anyhow). Oh Sang-Shik reminded me of my boss, the only boss I've ever met that was absolutely loyal and who everyone was loyal to because of that. I've learnt alot from him and will always be grateful. Manager Kang, oh well, not gonna lie, I have a weakness for people like that and I loved his taste in women - I think this is the manager I'd definitely learn the most from. While on the other hand, Seok-Yool, that one co-worker you really need in an office, who has more empathy than anyone else, yet sometimes seems like a dork. He's that good soul that'll keep the group together no matter what.

    I don't really want to go to work tomorrow, it's a heck load of work and people are sick these days, so it's more work for those who aren't on sick leave - but I feel motivated after finishing Misaeng.

    10/10 would recommend because Misaeng has that spark - that charisma that so many k-dramas are missing.
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    Der Bat

    I am completely captured by the competence of the writers, director, actors and producers that created this series of highly thought provoking and insightful themes of everyday working culture. Thank you for making me think and review, the complex strategies revealed in the stories and in the acting portrayed. An intelligent and unconventional K-drama that's terrific as it is polorizing.
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    adventure time

    This is a beautifully done simple story about an office, teamwork and relationships. After an episode or two, you are fully invested in the character Im Siwan plays and will be cheering him on. While there are no action scenes or fighting or even romance, it will grip your heart and at the end, you are disappointed it is finished.
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    I am from Spain and I have been improving my, once very poor, English to something I can communicate with. I did it mixing the little knowledge I had while living in england for 8 months when I was young. I'm BAD at learning other languages but I tried my best making a big effort to never seeing any movie, TV show or anything related dubbed (in Spain, everything is dubbed.. and that's one of the reasons, if not the main one, our youngsters sucks at English)

    I started with subtitles in my language... changed for subtitles in English and finally with no subtitles at all (It took many years).

    And the point is... If people wouldn't cast their votes based on their own experience while watching it (reading subtitles) this TV show would never had such a low grade as 7.5 which many of you may thing is quite good.

    This TV show deserves much, much more... if You are up to make an effort. Trust me you will never forget this show (and Mr. Oh)
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    I'm a huge kdrama fan and I'm a lazy person when it comes to writing. I just couldn't help myself of giving my opinion about such a well-directed kdrama! Unforgettable performances! In love with the characters! How strong, sensible and sensitive they are. My view about the corporative world has just changed forever! I found out I really didn't know what working for big companies can be. Well written, well directed, wonderfully played! Get some free time on your schedule and be amazed by this awesome drama!