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Plain Mary (1914) HD online

Plain Mary (1914) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Comedy / Drama
Original Title: Plain Mary
Director: Lois Weber
Writers: Lois Weber
Released: 1914
Video type: Movie
Plain Mary has been for years the confessor for the college boys in trouble. She had scolded them and praised them and helped them back to their own self-respect. But the lads took their hearts to prettier girls. Mary's hair was always brushed pack in a firm, close knot. Mary's clothes were clean and neat and gingham. Among her visitors is a professor, but he always goes home at nine and never a word of love is spoken. A traveling smart shop arrives in town. Passing the hotel, Mary sees several girls come out in gala attire. The modiste offers to fix her up and Mary goes slowly inside. An hour later, the modiste curled and puffed Mary's hair and dressed her beautifully. Mary goes out. In the lobby the clerk stares at her and offers to take her home. The modiste is angry, for she likes the clerk. Clothes do what the years of kindness and sympathy have failed to accomplish; the boys turn to Mary. The professor comes, but Mary, drunk with her power over the younger men. turns away from ...
Cast overview:
Lois Weber Lois Weber - Plain Mary
Phillips Smalley Phillips Smalley - The Professor

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    In this number Lois Weber plays the part of a college widow who decides to try the latest styles to relieve her excessive plainness. The story which develops is not entirely new, but it is put on attractively and is the kind that will please the average audience very much. - The Moving Picture World, July 18, 1914