» » 1000 Wege, ins Gras zu beißen Fatal Distractions (2008–2012)

1000 Wege, ins Gras zu beißen Fatal Distractions (2008–2012) HD online

1000 Wege, ins Gras zu beißen Fatal Distractions (2008–2012) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Documentary / Comedy / Drama / Horror
Original Title: Fatal Distractions
Director: Alex Harvey
Writers: Tom McMahon
Released: 2008–2012
Duration: 22min
Video type: TV Episode
1000 Ways to Die looks at the following cases: "#507 Golden Die-Angle" a drug runner in South East Asian is beheaded by a wire as he drives an ATV, "#243 Clay Achin'" two pot heads blow themselves up after trying to light a blown out kiln, "#159 Death of Sum Young Guy" a big eater at a Chinese restaurant has a heart attack after eating too much MSG, "#239 Crib Your Enthusiasm" a man into Infantilism accidentally chokes himself in a drop-side crib, "#929 Turtle Waxed" a bald man dies when an eagle drops a turtle on his head, "#282 Potty Mouth" a woman with geophagy dies after eating compost made from human waste, and "#342 Die-Brator" a radical feminist when she confuses a taser with a vibrator.
Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Ron Perlman Ron Perlman - Himself - Narrator (voice)
Richard Lichten Richard Lichten - Himself - Retired Police Offcer
Boyd Flinders Boyd Flinders - Himself - Surgeon (as Dr. Boyd Flinders)
Ed Forchion Ed Forchion - Himself - Cannabis Connoisseur (as N.J. Weedman)
Rick Hernandez Rick Hernandez - Himself - Propane Expert
James Shin James Shin - Himself - Chinese Restaurant Owner
Reza Jamehdor Reza Jamehdor - Himself - E.R. Physician (as Dr. Reza Jamehdor)
Garran Jones Garran Jones - Himself - Adult Baby
Sean Roach Sean Roach - Himself - Wildlife Educator
Stacy Kaiser Stacy Kaiser - Herself - Licensed Psychotherapist
Orsolya Dunai Orsolya Dunai - Herself - Feminist
Pavel Bindra Pavel Bindra - Himself - Cardiac Electro Physiologist (as Dr. Pavel Bindra)
Surawit Sae Kang Surawit Sae Kang - Ting (as Surawit Kang)
Olivia Ku Olivia Ku - Girlfriend
Phong Le Phong Le - Drug Thief