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No More Baths (1998) HD online

No More Baths (1998) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Comedy / Drama / Family
Original Title: No More Baths
Director: Timothy J. Nelson
Writers: Timothy J. Nelson
Released: 1998
Duration: 1h 33min
Video type: Movie
Jake lets the children play at his home and tells stories of his role in the civil rights movement. A developer wants to have the elderly Jake evicted from his home to increase real estate value, so the kids decide to go on a bath strike.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Victoria Jackson Victoria Jackson - Charlotte Bildmore
Garrett M. Brown Garrett M. Brown - William McPhie
Sydney Walsh Sydney Walsh - Alice McPhie
Andreas Michael Lamelas Andreas Michael Lamelas - Keagan McPhie
S.A. Griffin S.A. Griffin - Bud Bildmore
Haley McCormick Haley McCormick - Millie McPhie
Jim Mapp Jim Mapp - Jake
Carlton Bluford Carlton Bluford - Alex
Clayton Taylor Clayton Taylor - Buzz Bildmore
Sparky Mortimer Sparky Mortimer - Danny
Anne Cullimore Decker Anne Cullimore Decker - Judge Bowman (as Anne Decker)
Marcia Dangerfield Marcia Dangerfield - Brooke
Frank Layden Frank Layden - Talk Show Host
Gretchen Carr Gretchen Carr - Anchor
Debbie Fan Debbie Fan - Reporter

Reviews: [4]

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    This was a great story that the entire family can sit down and enjoy together without the fear of offensive language, gratuitous sex or violence. The story is a little far fetched, but like most movies, if you will suspend your disbelief you'll find yourself rallying around the kids who refuse to take baths. It's fun to see a guest appearance by former Utah Jazz basketball coach Frank Layden in a "Larry King" type of role. The best part is the movie makes you think about how you treat others and that there are just some things, no matter what, that are wrong and others that are just right. Overall a great family flick that doesn't require a lot in the way of analyzation.
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    Wooden Purple Romeo

    This is a wonderfully cast and acted, beautifully shot film. The characters are real, their life is real, their hearts and souls are true to their character. This is the first film I've ever seen that uses an historic example of The Montgomery Bus Boycott and Martin Luther King's protest as a contemporary theme and still remains "color blind." How great it is that children use non-violent protest to get their point across without the issue every boiling down to race even when the person they are defending is black.
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    In some ways this movie reminds me of some of the creations a child could make were he (she) given a camcorder. The acting was completely second-rate, but tolerable. The scenery was very simplistic, yet still believable. Even though the storyline was far-fetched, the movie was really cute and worth a peak.

    I don't think adults would enjoy this movie very much. It's really just a nice little story for kids. It teaches a lesson and has fun with it. This is the kind of movie that you might see in a grade school religion class.

    One word to describe this movie would be mediocre. But of course, mediocre (movies) do exceptional things all the time.
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    It is a great movie. It teaches children that you can fight for what you believe in and help a friend in need. It had a problem that affected an elderly man and his property that a builder wanted to invest in to generate a lot of money. The children knew what was happening to him was wrong and so they all came up with a solution to solve that problem. It is a great movie to use to teach young children that they can do anything to help a friend in need. It teaches value, integrity, and friendship, and more.

    What I liked about this movie is that the older gentleman, Jake, had such a love for the children and looked forward to seeing them cross his lot to go to school in the morning. When one of the children got hurt on his land,the city gated up the path so they could not walk through to go to school. Jake was so disappointed when this happened it made you feel very sad about this situation. A little later he got arrested because of some exaggerated tax increase on his property which he could not pay. I will let you watch the movie to see what happens when the children took a stand.