» » Thuis Episode #1.2760 (1995– )

Thuis Episode #1.2760 (1995– ) HD online

Thuis Episode #1.2760 (1995– ) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Action / Drama / Comedy
Original Title: Episode #1.2760
Released: 1995–
Duration: 25min
Video type: TV Episode
The exhibition in the Noorderzon was a big success. Geert wants to postpone the wedding again, but Marianne feels well enough and definitely wants to marry today. Eventually the wedding goes according to plan. Cois tells Katrien what he told Filip. She doesn't thank him for this! Waldek finally gets the truth from Jelena. She has to marry a Belgian to get her papers, then divorce him and then marry some rich Russian or Bulgarian. Youri gets a lot of money for this. Waldek then decides to marry her. Yvette wants Nina out of the house. Nina overhears this and decides she can't stay any longer. When she's alone in the room for a moment she sees a wallet and takes some money from it.
Episode credited cast:
Janine Bischops Janine Bischops - Jenny Verbeeck
Chris Boni Chris Boni - Yvette Backx
Clara Cleymans Clara Cleymans - Nina Oostvoghels
Merel De Vilder Robier Merel De Vilder Robier - Bianca Bomans
Geert Hunaerts Geert Hunaerts - Peter Vlerick
Kalina Malehounova Kalina Malehounova - Jelena Leshi
Walter Moeremans Walter Moeremans - Leo Vertongen
Koen Monserez Koen Monserez - Filip Lamote
Ann Pira Ann Pira - Nancy De Grote
Peter Rouffaer Peter Rouffaer - Geert Smeekens
Annick Segal Annick Segal - Rosa Verbeeck
Lucas Tavernier Lucas Tavernier - Youri Lavrov
Leah Thys Leah Thys - Marianne Smeekens-Bastiaens
Bart Van Avermaet Bart Van Avermaet - Waldek Kozinsky
Sally-Jane Van Hoorenbeeck Sally-Jane Van Hoorenbeeck - Peggy Verbeeck