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Tulnukad Inquisition (1967–1968) HD online

Tulnukad Inquisition (1967–1968) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Drama / Sci-Fi / Thriller
Original Title: Inquisition
Director: Robert Glatzer
Writers: Barry Oringer,Larry Cohen
Released: 1967–1968
Duration: 1h
Video type: TV Episode
In Washington, a senator is killed by a bomb blast just after David and Edgar try unsuccessfully to convince him that a security advisor is an alien. A zealous and politically ambitious prosecuting attorney then plans to make a name for himself by indicting the members of the Believers for the murder, just as they are discovering that the aliens' grand plan to take over the earth and wipe out humanity is imminent.
Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Roy Thinnes Roy Thinnes - David Vincent
Peter Mark Richman Peter Mark Richman - Andrew Hatcher (as Mark Richman)
Susan Oliver Susan Oliver - Joan Seeley
John Milford John Milford - James Boland
Kent Smith Kent Smith - Edgar Scoville
Robert H. Harris Robert H. Harris - Dr. Stanley Frederickson
Stewart Moss Stewart Moss - Hadley Jenkins
Alex Gerry Alex Gerry - Senator Robert Breeding
Mary Gregory Mary Gregory - Secretary
Bill Egan Bill Egan
Burt Douglas Burt Douglas - Alien #1
Richard Merrifield Richard Merrifield
Lincoln Demyan Lincoln Demyan - Security
Ernest Harada Ernest Harada - George - Waiter
Allen Joseph Allen Joseph

Last show of the series.

Reviews: [3]

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    "The Invaders" plan a grand take over of earth.

    The other reviewers seem so surprised that this series had no ending, but I have news for them, this was normal back then: Lost In Space, Gilligan's Island, The Time Tunnel and Land Of The Giants had no ending as well. QM's The Fugitive (1963-67) got an ending but that was such an emotional drama that an ending was demanded. The problem with endings is that they destroy the re-run value if the viewers know how it all ends in the final episode.

    Inquisition is a good episode but it is not a great episode.

    Such talented guest stars on hand (including Mark Richman) but the script they are given could have been better.

    Two things linger in the mind about this hour: The Time Tunnel computer banks and the nice romantic music played when ever the guest stars talk to each other in the office.

    And so ends The Invaders, all 43 episodes were good, some shows were better than others, but no stinkers in the whole run...most sci-fi shows have the odd stinker, but The Invaders was stinker-free.

    The series should be remembered as a wonderfully produced science fiction series where the music scores, vintage Ford cars and great location filming were just as vital as the actors on the screen.
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    Being the last episode I thought the show would have an conclusion. The show must have been canceled. The show was like any other episode. Vincent was charged by a D A for murder then the D A finds out the truth about the invaders. Vincent and others go on to fight the invaders. Not much of and ending! That is it! What a major disappointment. In the end, the show looks like and end of the season show. I bet the producers where thinking about making season three. I guess the invaders won. There never was a season three. I give this episode a seven out of ten. For a final episode I this show an three out of ten.
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    With the final episode being named "The Inquisition" one might think David Vincent has finally succeeded in getting the attention of the DC big wigs to battle the invaders and drive them from our planet. But as the other reviewer states its just another episode. I also think they must have been planning a 3rd season when the plug got pulled. Too bad.

    Frankly I think they missed an AMAZING opportunity to pull off one of the greatest mind f***s in the history of broadcast TV. I would have LOVED to have seen the whole thing turn out to be a psychotic breakdown on the part of David Vincent. With NONE of it EVER having happened the way he thought it did. Just a trail of 50 or more dead humans left in his wake. End it with him being locked in a rubber room screaming, "Don't you understand? The invaders" are HERE! NOW!! They're going to KILL US ALL!!!"

    "Such a shame about David Vincent. He used to be a brilliant architect until he took that LSD!"