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Hamish Macbeth The Lochdubh Assassin (1995–1997) HD online

Hamish Macbeth The Lochdubh Assassin (1995–1997) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Comedy / Drama
Original Title: The Lochdubh Assassin
Director: Nicholas Renton
Writers: M.C. Beaton,Danny Boyle
Released: 1995–1997
Duration: 50min
Video type: TV Episode
Glasgow Gangsters descend on Lochdubh and Isobel tries to protect a mother and her son in their sights; but Hamish cannot take any action until they actually commit a crime.
Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Stephen Henderson Stephen Henderson - Frankie
Sandy McDade Sandy McDade - Jean Foley
Shirley Henderson Shirley Henderson - Isobel Sutherland
David McKay David McKay - Tony McCreary
Forbes Masson Forbes Masson - Tam Flood
Stewart Porter Stewart Porter - Andy Glass
James Ryland James Ryland - Joe Scrimegour
Robert Carlyle Robert Carlyle - Hamish Macbeth
Billy Riddoch Billy Riddoch - Lachlan McCrae
Stuart Davids Stuart Davids - Lachie McCrae Jnr
Stuart McGugan Stuart McGugan - Barney Meldon
David Ashton David Ashton - Maj. Roddy Maclean
Barbara Rafferty Barbara Rafferty - Agnes Meldon
Anne Lacey Anne Lacey - Esme Murray
Brian Pettifer Brian Pettifer - Rory Campbell

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    While The Lockdubh Assassin starts off uncomfortably with out of town bad guys who look like they have seen Pulp Fiction too may times, the return to Lochdubh (for the viewer and a previous resident) sets up the rest of the episode. There is a lot of mystery and misdirection throughout, which makes the episode a fun ride. The story end (which may or may not be the actual end...) provides another dose of Lochdubh justice (as we have seen in earlier episodes), and is both macabre and satisfying. Worth watching more than once to see if any of the surprises were telegraphed. Enjoy.