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Rolls-Royce Baby (1975) HD online

Rolls-Royce Baby (1975) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Adult / Comedy
Original Title: Rolls-Royce Baby
Director: Erwin C. Dietrich
Writers: Erwin C. Dietrich
Released: 1975
Duration: 1h 24min
Video type: Movie
Roaming around gorgeous countryside in a chauffeur-driven vintage limousine, Lina drapes herself naked across the rear passenger upholstery, making herself available for any fortunate stray hiker the vehicle should happen to pass. A grim flashback scene involving a pair of unsavory truck drivers towards the end offers a psychological explanation for her nymphomania,
Cast overview:
Lina Romay Lina Romay - Lisa / 'The Rolls-Royce Baby'
Eric Falk Eric Falk - Eric - the Chauffeur (as Erik Falk)
Ursula Maria Schaefer Ursula Maria Schaefer - Pick-up Girl (as Ursula Schäfer)
Kurt Meinicke Kurt Meinicke - Photographer (as Kurt Meinecke)
Roman Huber Roman Huber - Truck Driver (as Roman Hüber)
Alexander Blazzoni Alexander Blazzoni
Marcel Imbach Marcel Imbach
Jonas Ohlin Jonas Ohlin

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    I freely admit that I watched this movie simply for the sight of Lina Romay, nude and in her prime. It was well worth it, if that's what you're looking for. The previous reviewer mentions hardcore more than once, but all I saw was a lot of spread-eagled female nudity; being male I have absolutely no problem with that.

    Lina Romay is in her prime here, young and fresh. She has a habit of driving around in her Rolls, naked and spread out in the back, picking up any hitchhikers she may see; male or female.

    There is nothing special about the plot, you could say the whole plot is nothing more than an excuse to show Lina nude, and you would probably be right. The photography is good and clear, the production values are good, and the acting....well, how much acting do you really want to see in a movie like this? What acting there was on display was acceptable, let's leave it at that.

    It's too bad that today's sexploitation films think they need some thinly veiled reason to show naked women: comedy, horror, whatever. Rolls Royce Baby presents no excuse and glories in it. If you like watching beautiful naked women then check it out, you won't be sorry.
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    Swiss director Erwin C. Dietrich is responsible for producing some of Franco's best movies, including JACK THE RIPPER, FRAUENGEFANGIS, and TROPICAL INFERNO, but as a director, manages to be more consistently enjoyable than Franco. His gore-sodden, laugh-riot biker thriller MAD FOXES, the near-hardcore WIP exploiter CAGED WOMEN, and NIGHT OF THE FEMALE COLONEL - the latter two starring Brigitte Lahaie - are well worth a look. So is this one, even if it is quite repetitive to watch, being not that much more than your usual hardcore filth. The plot, or what counts as one, involves a young woman (Romay, who looks stunning here) who gets humiliated by two crude long-distance truckers whilst hitch-hiking. After they've both had their way with her, they throw her out of the truck and keep her clothes.

    She becomes rich and famous, thanks to a fortuitous movie-role. The incident is still very much on her mind, and she apends her days reversing the role she played. Picking up numerous lucky sods in the back of her Rolls Royce, and satisfying herself on them, she drives off and moves onto the next.

    Dietrich regular Eric Falk plays her chauffeur, and almost steals the show with his scenes of intense, straight-into-the-camera kung-fu, clad in a pair of disappearing karate trousers. These are the standouts of the movie, as is the sequence where the truck-driver gets a fit of the giggles watching Romay get off with his mate.

    The rest of the film concentrates on hardcore couplings, but these are very nicely-shot in bright yellow and greens, mirroring the countryside where Romay's character lives. Most hardcore movies get more than a little tedious with their repetitiveness, and this one is no exception, but at least Dietrich has the good sense to throw in a lot of humour.

    Any movie that has Lina Romay brushing her pubes in close-up can't be all bad, can it?
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    Erwin C. Dietrich's Rolls-Royce Baby is the perfect example of pornography with elegance in terms of music, design, atmosphere, color, and ultimately sex and masturbation. The film stars Lina Romay as Lisa, a sex-addict who is launching into stardom but still needs her sexual fix, just more discreetly. She resorts to constantly masturbating in her private time, hitchhiking to have sex, and eventually getting a chauffeur (Eric Falk) to drive a Rolls-Royce while she has sex in the back seat of her car.

    The film works on levels often higher than American pornographic cinema at the time which was focused on the birth of conventions, chic, and making names out of its stars (many of them, the hard way as we came to learn in future decades). Rolls-Royce Baby, made in West Germany, seems to be more concerned with decadence in its sex scenes, as well as atmosphere and effect. For example, the opening scene, which depicts Romay completely nude, albeit crotch-less fishnets, in her spacious mansion. She is sitting on her rocking chair, masturbating and in her room is beautiful carpeting, a beautiful red leather chair, as well as gorgeous lights and a soothing, sensual environment. Dietrich employs lengthy long shots, allowing our eyes to move around the scene's specific location to absorb the aura of whatever room he focuses on.

    It also helps that Romay is the gorgeous soul she is, lean, pale, with curly and lively black hair, almost always entirely nude throughout the whole film and consistently engaging in a wide variety of sexual activity. Dietrich doesn't discriminate, allowing various positions of masturbation, oral sex, lesbian sex, and even group sex to engage before his camera. The film has an erotic power to its material, combining Romay's goddess-like traits with an accompanying xylophone tune that you will hear in your sleep and the incredible atmospheres from Lisa's mansion to the outskirts of West Germany while she travels in her Rolls-Royce.

    The film is almost incomparable to films of America's "Golden Age of Porn." Despite showing both full-frontal male and female nudity, compared to the standards set forth by films such as Debbie Does Dallas and Deep Throat, Rolls-Royce Baby is rather tame. However, it has the power of mesmerizing based on the attributes of its set design and its lead actress, both of which are stunning and capable of holding ones attention. Rolls-Royce Baby, thus far, may be the best pornographic film aesthetically that I've seen thus far.

    Starring: Lina Romay and Eric Falk. Directed by: Erwin C. Dietrich.
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    Zeks Horde

    This film is a real treat for fans of Lina Romay. Not only is it a rare non-Jess Franco outing, but also Miss Romay works to a more explicit degree of nudity than usual.

    As in most of her films, she doesn't do very much, but she does it beautifully, and her performance is understated but somehow powerful and compelling. As others have commented, there is very little storyline, but it doesn't really matter as Miss Romay is on screen most of the time, looking absolutely stunning and elegant, and virtually naked throughout. And despite all that she looks more comfortable in this production than I have ever seen her. A more than decent soundtrack makes up for the lack of dialogue.

    The DVD version I watched had been made from a much better quality print than you'd expect for a cult film of such antiquity and is well worth purchasing if you are a fan of Miss Romay's work.

    Personally, I think this is the best film Lina Romay ever made, and a must to watch if you are a fan of her, though maybe not quite so good as an introduction to her filmography.
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    The PAL ABCDVD release appears to be completely uncut. This movie is very porn-like in nature.

    This particular DVD has a blow job scene with Lina Romay & it contains a lot of nudity including parts of both male & female anatomy.

    Definitely not something you want the kids to see. It is a relatively slow film about a nymphomaniac (Romay) who has her driver driving her around while she has sex in her Rolls Royce.

    Not something I can recommend unless you're a Romay fan or a fan of classic erotica.

    If you want to see a good Lina Romay film, then definitely check out Jess Franco's Eugenie.
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    Rolls-Royce Baby (1975)

    ** (out of 4)

    Dietrich, best known for producing several Jess Franco films, takes the director's chair and delivers an average sexploitation film, which stars Lina Romay. In the film, Romay plays a sex addict who has become a famous movie star. To get her sexual needs, she has her chauffeur (Eric Falk) drive her around in the Rolls-Royce to pick up various men and women for sex. This film is pretty much softcore except for a small oral scene and this mix really gives the film a what the hell feel because I'm not quite sure what Dietrich was going for. The film is never really erotic because the sex scenes are more graphic than anything else but at the same time they never go hardcore so all of the scenes are in a rather strange mix in terms of what's going on. When I first watched this film I was shocked to see Romay doing the oral sex scenes but since then I've seen over a hundred Franco movies and know that Romay has gone onto do countless hardcore movies. She's pretty good in the film and one could argue that she's never looked better. The film opens up with her shaving her private areas with a straight razor so she certainly isn't shy. In the end the film comes off rather flat but fans of Romay will certainly want to take the ride (no pun of course).
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    Lina Romay plays the "Rolls-Royce Baby", an irresistible Erotic Diva who rides around in -you guessed it- a Rolls-Royce in search for simulated sex with strangers. She is chauffeured by the great and multi-talented Eric Falk ("Barbed Wire Dolls"), a staple in Edwin C. Dietrich's line of bland-yet-intriguing "erotic" flicks. Here Falk sets aside his usual role as verbal abuser and whipper of female prison inmates to showcase his tender side, his furious nude karate technique, and his ability to drive a Rolls-Royce extremely slowly through the Swiss countryside.

    Like in "Gefangene Frauen" AKA "Island Women", Dietrich's sense of light and color adds visual appeal to a fairly dull storyline, which makes this film almost watchable. Another plus is that the film adheres strictly to Dietrich's 10 second rule, which dictates that no more than 10 seconds shall pass without on-screen nudity, preferably in the form of close-ups of female pubes. Yet despite the undeniable effectiveness of these techniques, "Rolls-Royce Baby" starts to fall apart after only twenty minutes, thanks to the complete absence of anything resembling a plot.

    It's fair to say that this film doesn't qualify as good by virtually any standards, including prurient ones. Falk almost saves the day with his atrocious performance and spectacular martial arts displays, but doesn't overcome the meandering, repetitive "plot" that eventually calls for the fast-forward button. It's probably best to stay away from this film.
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    There is really only one reason to watch this film and it goes by the name of Lina Romay. She is at the top of her form here as she plays a rich, lonely and seemingly troubled woman who satisfies her wanton lust by picking up hitchhikers, both male and female and discarding them after having her way with them. This all stems from an incident in her past when she was abused by a couple of lorry drivers. Eventually, through lucky contacts and contracts, she becomes very well-off which is when we pick up the story.

    As in a lot of these films there is nudity aplenty and Lina Romay is well worth the price of admission and the film also contains plenty of spread legs and female genitalia shots which would be banned if submitted to our beloved BBFC for certification. However, it lacks the penetration and climax shots so it is not truly hard core. Lina Romay is definitely the star here and absolutely captivating - so watch and be captivated.
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    "Rolls-Royce Baby" is a Swiss German-language movie from 1975, so this one is already over 40 years old. The writer and director is prolific Swiss filmmaker Erwin C. Dietrich (under several aliases) and he is known for having worked with Jess Franco on several occasions, so it is no surprise that his lead here is Franco muse Lina Romay. She is joined by Eric Falk here and several actors that you probably have never heard of before. Well what can you say about this one? Story-wise it is very much a failure as for the entire almost 90 minutes we see a woman being driven around in a Rolls Royce and she has sex with random strangers on many occasions. The good thing is really that this woman is Lina Romay who was around the age of 20 when this was made and is simply stunningly beautiful, in my opinion one of the most beautiful women from her time and the only reason she did not get this approval by media is probably because of how explicit the films were, the ones she starred in. And this one here is porn too, there can be no denying. Sex is the core of it all and when there is none, then there is still masturbation for example. But it is fairly good for a porn film, which is also why I am a bit generous with my rating here despite the lack of a plot and story. One lesbian scene is included as well for those who prefer lighter types than Romay (not me for sure), so they made some solid decisions with this film I will admit. Nonetheless, it is obviously far from a level where I would recommend seeing it. Even if you really love Romay as much as I do, then it is not a quality watch by any means unless you are really really horny. I give this one a thumbs-down. Not recommended.