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Better Call Saul Piñata (2015– ) HD online

Better Call Saul Piñata (2015– ) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Crime / Drama
Original Title: Piñata
Director: Andrew Stanton
Writers: Vince Gilligan,Peter Gould
Released: 2015–
Duration: 46min
Video type: TV Episode
While Jimmy daydreams about reconstituting Wexler-McGill, Kim sets out to secure her own future; Mike puts a plan into motion for Gus.
Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Bob Odenkirk Bob Odenkirk - Jimmy McGill
Jonathan Banks Jonathan Banks - Mike Ehrmantraut
Rhea Seehorn Rhea Seehorn - Kim Wexler
Patrick Fabian Patrick Fabian - Howard Hamlin
Michael Mando Michael Mando - Nacho Varga (credit only)
Giancarlo Esposito Giancarlo Esposito - Gustavo 'Gus' Fring
Michael McKean Michael McKean - Chuck McGill
Mark Margolis Mark Margolis - Hector Salamanca
Lavell Crawford Lavell Crawford - Huell Babineaux
Kerry Condon Kerry Condon - Stacey Ehrmantraut
Rainer Bock Rainer Bock - Werner Ziegler
Dennis Boutsikaris Dennis Boutsikaris - Rick Schweikart
Eileen Fogarty Eileen Fogarty - Mrs. Nguyen
Ray Campbell Ray Campbell - Tyrus Kitt
Tommy Nelson Tommy Nelson - Peewee

The first episode of Better Call Saul to be directed by an Oscar winning director.

The opening flashback takes place in March 1993, as evidenced by the discussion of the Oscar pool including Hovardo pabaiga (1992) and Moters kvapas (1992) - 1992 films in contention during the 29 March 1993 broadcast.

Patrick Fabian delivers the show's first uncensored f-bomb in show's broadcast history.

A lucuma tree produces a sunshine-colored delicately-flavored tropical fruit and is found along the coastal valleys of Western South America.

A coati as stated in the episode is the size of house cat, a member of the raccoon family, and is usually active during the daytime.

A hairshirt is a stiff cloth woven out of horsehair, worn by monks to atone for a sin committed.

In the flashback, Howard Hamlin tells Charles, "There's a Mr. Bushmill's waiting in my office." Of course, that's a thinly veiled code for a bottle of Bushmill's Irish Whiskey.

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    Oh the sweet taste of revenge!! Jimmy sets up those 3 punks that robbed him in the most Saul way possible. Huell and his partner are ready for some bashing time! That was so satisfactory and Saul is on his way to fully emerging. Cell phones at the ready. Howard's life ticks away with every second as his firm is plummeting. Kim made a deal that finally benefits her and leaves Jimmy behind. Loved the Chuck flashback. Mike is running things full go with ththe laundry as we meet the german team behind the brilliant BB lab. And, some of the best dialogue of the entire series given by Giancarlo foreshadowing his torture of Hector who we all wait to awake. GREAT episode.
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    Admit it: we've all been taking blind swings at the plot complexities of season four. "Piñata" finally showers us with some candy.

    First off, Pixar stalwart Andrew Stanton serves as guest director, even though nothing stylistically suggests WALL-E or any of his other brilliant storytelling achievements. By the way, episode six of last season was also directed by a gifted guest director, Keith Gordon. The use of such ringers demonstrates how many in the professional world respect what Better Call Saul has been accomplishing up to now.

    After all, the Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul franchise prides itself on innovative storytelling, all the way back to the first glimpse of Walter White's britches flying through the air in the middle of a desert. By the end of season five of Better Call Saul, we want to see Gene Takovic sitting on top of his lonely world, ready to render to us some great and insightful observation about crime. Hey Gene! Does it pay?

    In Breaking Bad, Saul was one of the most sociopathic weirdos ever depicted on television. Who else would use the movie Old Yeller as an analogy to kill off a young colleague? A glimpse of Jimmy at the beginning of "Piñata" not only shows him more normal, but he even appreciates cinema enough to form an office pool predicting the winners of the March 1993 Oscars.

    My biggest confusion so far has been Kim Wexler's professional dithering. Something about Mesa Verde has been troubling her enough to hang out at the courthouse and pick up extra public defender work. Perhaps her crisis stems from the indecision about what to do with Jimmy. Those troubled nudniks in criminal law somehow fill the void. As the ongoing symbol of Saul's new family, goldfish still appears in Kim's scenes at the apartment-as if the fish is giving her dirty looks to that eerie bubbling sound.

    Saul and Kim do lunch at their old favorite place, as if she was going to break up with him. Does anyone else find those Moscow Mule drinks creepy?

    Bravo to Giancarlo Esposito for Gus Fring's soliloquy (or did Don Hector hear him?) about the coati with the broken leg and his pride in conquering it. Chilling and revealing.

    Mike's work with the Germans makes for procedural poetry. Is anyone else thinking that despite all the secrecy precautions to build the meth lab, Gus will still not allow any of these guys to live?

    AMC's parental precautions for strong language were at their highest level when airing this episode, thanks to a strong expletive delivered by Howard. The scene explains more clearly why Saul tore up Kim's contact information for a shrink after seeing Howard on his meltdown.

    But the fireworks of "Piñata" are in the piñatas themselves, which stare down with clownish grins at the three muggers hanging upside down with duct tape on their mouths-an upside down grin is actually a frown. The sweet treats scatter on the floor while the baseball bats promise to keep swinging. Saul takes care of his business without actually hurting anyone. On the other hand, Saul did not go through with his threat and did not demand the money stolen from him be returned. How will he really fare as a tough guy in the streets of Albuquerque?
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    Ramping up bridging the storylines between Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, this season is really pulling the two worlds together. As a fan of both shows I don't want to give away anything if you haven't seen one or the other. The writing, acting, directing is all on point. It's a shame this isn't as appreciated as BB because I think it's really on par.
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    I absolutely loved the flashback to the early days at HHM with Chuck at his ever arrogant, patronizing best. I think many see the Kim story line as a weak point, but I think her character is extremely compelling, perhaps because I relate to her career struggle so well. Great turn of events with Schweikart and Cokely. And this episode was Jimmy at his best. Can't wait to see what's next.
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    It seems like with each episode, Jimmy is getting closer and closer to becoming Saul as every other possible future for him is getting away. He wants to start a new law firm with Kim, sorry not possible. He wants to peacefully sell his cellphones on the street, nope, he gets mug and he almost sent the punks that stole from him to Beliece. But he is still just Jimmy Mcguill, we could se that he legit still cares about his old clients and when he recieved that phone call, he was truly sad about hearing of the death of Ms. Strauss.

    On the other hand, we see once again another epic scene from Gus Fring which was just a preview of the things that eventually Gus will do to Hector in Breaking Bad. Honestly that Gus scene was so good that it reminded me of the legendary "half measures" speech from Mike back at season 3 of Breaking Bad.

    Lastly, the Mike scenes were definitly the weakest part of the episode, probably because it was just set up for things to come. That annoying german worker won't last long.
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    heart of sky

    I bet most of you felt betrayed by what happened to jimmy in the previous episode, but this episode makes it loud and clear that you never mess with a Goodman.
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    Probably the best episode of the season. loved it. Jimmy at last has got some life now. nice to see him getting bad
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    Jimmy getting revenge on the street punks was a good moment, but he did run for quite some time. There was a chance that plan would not come to fruition.

    Kim's storylines this season are all over the place. Disappointing to see, but Breaking Bad had also struggled writing for its female characters as well.
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    Happy to see this season is'nt only Gus/Nacho/Mike show, altought there has Been some great moments Jimmy as Well, but now Jimmy is going to show his full potential. Weakest storyline is wexlers, but I think Kim's story involving slowly to getting a point where it cross over to Jimmy: Dark clouds are coming.... Absolutely enjoy watching jimmy's Dicsussion to Howard: "**** you Jimmy" "There you go. Use that" Love to see good old cunning Saul when he takes his revenge!
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    blac wolf

    Not having written for a TV series, I'm speaking only from a fan and observer's POV. i think the challenge for a show like this is to try to make each episode stand on its own as much as possible. the more an episode is filled with references to past or future events, the less likely it will be totally satisfying to casual, infrequent or new viewers. it can't only appeal to fanboys.

    the highlights of this episode, however, do stand on their own. among the biggest were Jimmy's realization that he essentially has lost Kim. also, Mike's encounter with his daughter-in-law was sad but telling, and very effective. the piñata scene was a lot of fun.

    the key scene was Gus visiting Hector, recounting the story of the lucuma tree and the coati. the bottom line, to me, is that i disagree with the under-lighting of the scene. i get the idea of Gus sort of speaking from the shadows, but because Giancarlo Esposito's articulation and deliberation in the way he speaks is so precise and measured -- beautifully done, by the way -- you NEED to see his facial expressions because that is the only way you can see the deep-seated disdain he has for Hector, and the extent he is going in order to extract his vengeance. always, Gus' facial expressions belie the words he speaks. it has always been that way with his character.

    i also didn't understand why the closing shot of that sequence (close-up on Hector's hand) didn't reveal a twitch. if you've ever seen anyone in a coma, it is common that they display occasional, uncontrolled muscle spasms. it is medically unknown whether such spasms are the result of cognitive intent (doctors and nurses will tell you "no,") but the answer is inconclusive. personally, i would've had Hector's hand twitch there. his vitriol toward Gus is as strong as Gus' toward him, and it seems only obvious that from whatever depths of comatose consciousness he was in, that vitriol would have been expressed in a spasmodic movement, small as it were.
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    I'm no longer going to watch as there is far too much focus on Kim Wexler. She is a boring character and I have no idea why she is so much in the series. She isn't even in breaking bad so I'm struggling to see the relevance of her appearance in better call saul.
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    Damn Kim Wexler maybe the most boring and annoying character ever....i don't think this show will get any slower i turned off my tv after first 15 minutes which had nothing but Jimmy and Kim talking....such a boring episode...I gave up
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    Hǻrley Quinn

    What happened to the original BCS? It has become so mundane. There is no story in it at all. It's just random things happening and more stuff happens in reality tv than what is happening in this season of BCS.

    It's like watching a mildly interesting documentary of an average joe. I stopped watching it after last ep, started watching it again and it's still boring as ever.
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    ***SPOILERS*** Yeah, well, I told you about payback, didn't I? Sure I did. Kim, I believe, is more knowledgeable about Jimmy than we may know, and this is crucial. SHE can go to the same therapist that she recommended to Jimmy, and ask about his behavior. When (if?) she does, she's gonna find out, that jimmy is ultimately self-destructive and a complete con man. First, she has to admit to herself that, for him, it's NOT a game. For him, it actually IS the life he has, and he absolutely will never be able to tell her the truth.

    Cons can/will never, ever, ever, let anyone close to them. see, if they do, then they may find out that the one they're running from is themselves. Almost all have a form of sociopathy, whether anyone ever catches them or not. I keep saying that the one person that I don't want to get hurt is Kim, and I hope that her innate survival mechanisms will activate in time for her to get to the side of the crap whirlpool Jimmy's gonna make of things, and pull herself out. It will be hard, but necessary. He is a good-natured crook that is getting closer and closer to selling out his own life. The skanky skeeves that got turned upside down? Jimmy should separate himself from them A.S.A.P., they will be dead weight around his neck. I wonder if his new bodyguards know just how deadly he can be when cornered. after all, it is the ones who pay the game for real who win. good luck with the rest of this series.....