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Peter Pan and the Pirates When Games Become Deadly (1990–1991) HD online

Peter Pan and the Pirates When Games Become Deadly (1990–1991) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Animation / Adventure / Family / Fantasy
Original Title: When Games Become Deadly
Writers: William Overgard
Released: 1990–1991
Duration: 30min
Video type: TV Episode
Hook challenges Peter to and end game of Chess with life size pieces. So Billy Jukes and the Can Do Twins each build a set but make them all into killer ones.
Episode credited cast:
Chris M. Allport Chris M. Allport - Tootles
Michael Bacall Michael Bacall - Short Twin (voice)
Tim Curry Tim Curry - Captain James T. Hook (voice)
Debi Derryberry Debi Derryberry - Tinkerbell
Christina Lange Christina Lange - Wendy Darling
Jason Marsden Jason Marsden - Peter Pan
Scott Menville Scott Menville - Slightly
Eugene Williams Eugene Williams - Billy Jukes (voice)

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    'Peter Pan and the Pirates' very quickly not only became one of my favourite animated shows but also one of my favourites ever. Of all the adaptations of 'Peter Pan', it's also my personal favourite.

    All the characters are not only interesting but remarkably complex, especially Hook, even when not looking like Barrie's Hook all the character traits of the character are fully explored and expanded upon. The show is advantaged furthermore by good animation (with some exceptions here and there). Great music particularly the theme tune, one of the best of any animated 90s show. Remarkably good writing that had real maturity and a wide range of emotions rare in animated shows today. Gripping and imaginative stories that maintain the spirit of Barrie's source material while expanding on the themes, events and characterisation. And really excellent voice acting, for one of the most talented voice actors in the business and near-unequalled in villain roles Captain Hook contains some of the best work Tim Curry has ever done.

    "When Games Become Deadly" may not be among my very favourite 'Peter Pan and the Pirates' episodes, yet it is still great with tension and a lot of fun.

    The animation is pretty decent. Not one of the show's best-looking episodes, others have more nuances and finesse in how some of the characters are drawn, but there is a lot of vibrant colour and detail.

    Music is a great mix of lively, haunting and lush, the theme tune immediately sticks in one's head and never leaves it.

    Writing is as mature, intelligent and emotionally complex as one would expect, never feeling dumbed down for adults or too complicated for children. The story is gripping with lots of entertainment and tension in the character interplay and the conflict thrills as it should. The climax is delightful.

    Every character as ever is well written, especially Hook, and the voice from especially Jason Marsden and Tim Curry is top notch (Curry is just born for Hook!)

    Overall, another great episode. 9/10 Bethany Cox