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The Saddle Club Horse's Keeper (2001–2009) HD online

The Saddle Club Horse's Keeper (2001–2009) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Family
Original Title: Horseu0027s Keeper
Writers: Sarah Dodd,Bonnie Bryant
Released: 2001–2009
Duration: 24min
Video type: TV Episode
Mr Di Angelo is experiencing financial setbacks and can no longer pay Pine Hollow extra for the stable hands to do Veronica's chores. Veronica must now start working in the stables and take care of her horse Garnet by herself. Veronica resents having to do manual labor, and with Stevie as her supervisor, no less. Encouraged by Kristi, Veronica ends up making a decision that the Saddle club girls know she will come to regret. Meanwhile, Melanie and Ashley are excited to have found a winning lotto ticket and immediately decide to spend their winnings on ice cream and milkshakes at JB's.
Episode cast overview:
Sophie Bennett Sophie Bennett - Stephanie 'Stevie' Lake
Keenan Macwilliam Keenan Macwilliam - Carole Hanson
Lara Jean Marshall Lara Jean Marshall - Lisa Atwood
Heli Simpson Heli Simpson - Veronica di Angelo
Brett Tucker Brett Tucker - Max Regnery
Catherine Wilkin Catherine Wilkin - Elizabeth Regnery
Nikolai Nikolaeff Nikolai Nikolaeff - Drew Regnery
James O'Dea James O'Dea - Red O'Malley
Kia Luby Kia Luby - Kristi Cavanaugh
Alex Marriott Alex Marriott - Scooter Mucahy
Janelle Corlass-Brown Janelle Corlass-Brown - Ashley
Jessie Jacobs Jessie Jacobs - Melanie Atwood
Mercia Deane-Johns Mercia Deane-Johns - New Owner