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Rote Rosen Gemeinsame Sorge (2006– ) HD online

Rote Rosen Gemeinsame Sorge (2006– ) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Drama
Original Title: Gemeinsame Sorge
Director: Patrick Caputo,Christine Kabisch
Writers: Daniela Hilchenbach,Thorsten Kolle
Released: 2006–
Duration: 45min
Video type: TV Episode
Season 14, episode 99. Merle leaves drinking Gunter, she leaves the estate house. Thomas is sent away by him. Gunter orders alcoholic beverage to his home. Helen cheers Merle up while Thomas discusses with Torben about the situation. Gunter dreams about being dead. After many years Peer has a good talk with his big love Kaija. He talks about it with Sigrid and also with Helen while they feel the special bond between them. Arne and Helen quarrel about Swantje; he can't take away her suspect that Swantje broke the museum vase. They reconcile half-hearted on the excavation site. Peer finds a museum ticket that fell out of Mika's jacket; it has the date and time just before the vase accident. Helen informs Arne about this proof that Swantje has something to do with it; he claims that the children were with him. Peer and Helen conclude that they understand each other without saying. Patrick did offer Jacqueline to become his partner in the hotel business. She asks herself how to deal with ...
Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Patricia Schäfer Patricia Schäfer - Helen Fries
Christian Rudolf Christian Rudolf - Arne Fries
Malin Steffen Malin Steffen - Swantje Fries
Jörg Pintsch Jörg Pintsch - Peer Juncker
Dana Golombek Dana Golombek - Sigrid Claasen
Anja Franke Anja Franke - Merle Vanlohen
Brigitte Antonius Brigitte Antonius - Johanna Hofleitner (credit only)
Madeleine Lierck Madeleine Lierck - Erika Rose (as Madeleine Lierck-Wien)
Claus Dieter Clausnitzer Claus Dieter Clausnitzer - Hannes Lüder (as Claus-Dieter Clausnitzer) (credit only)
Gerry Hungbauer Gerry Hungbauer - Thomas Jansen
Hermann Toelcke Hermann Toelcke - Gunter Flickenschild
Joachim Kretzer Joachim Kretzer - Torben Lichtenhagen
Maria Fuchs Maria Fuchs - Carla Saravakos (credit only)
Jelena Mitschke Jelena Mitschke - Britta Berger
Hakim-Michael Meziani Hakim-Michael Meziani - Ben Berger