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Garo: Honoo no kokuin Project G (2014– ) HD online

Garo: Honoo no kokuin Project G (2014– ) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Animation / Action / Fantasy
Original Title: Project G
Writers: Christian La Monte,Patrick Seitz
Released: 2014–
Duration: 24min
Video type: TV Episode
Inspired by the Knight of Light, a brave group of craftsmen set out to make their own set of armor. Their hope is to create something that could aid the people and the Knight of Light. They continue putting their skills and honor to the test.
Episode credited cast:
Tia Lynn Ballard Tia Lynn Ballard - Garm (voice)
Morgan Berry Morgan Berry - Additional Voices (voice)
Justin Briner Justin Briner - Alfonso San Valiante (voice)
Natalie Hoover Natalie Hoover - Additional Voices (voice)
Marissa Lenti Marissa Lenti - Additional Voices (voice)
Elizabeth Maxwell Elizabeth Maxwell - Additional Voices (voice)
Vic Mignogna Vic Mignogna - Mendoza (voice)
Brina Palencia Brina Palencia - Lara (voice)
Ben Phillips Ben Phillips - Additional Voices (voice)
Brandon Potter Brandon Potter - Additional Voices (voice)
Monica Rial Monica Rial - Ema Guzmán (voice)
David Wald David Wald - German Luis (voice)