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Language: English
Category: TV Series / Comedy
Original Title: Gente Fina É Outra Coisa
Duration: 50min
Video type: TV Series
The Penha Laredo, completely ruined, needed money. The family entrepreneur then has the idea of receiving in his mansion, rich guests that could help restore the family finances. But there was one problem: the matriarch of the family (Amelia Rey Colaço) could not know they were guests and therefore they had to pretend to be distant relatives who came from afar.
Series cast summary:
Amélia Rey Colaço Amélia Rey Colaço - Matilde Penha Leredo e Solomon Bem-Torrado Corvelins 12 episodes, 1982
Nicolau Breyner Nicolau Breyner - Horácio 12 episodes, 1982
Ruy de Carvalho Ruy de Carvalho - Guilherme Penha Leredo 12 episodes, 1982
Mariana Rey Monteiro Mariana Rey Monteiro - Emília 12 episodes, 1982
Carlos César Carlos César - Afonso Penha Leredo 12 episodes, 1982
Margarida Carpinteiro Margarida Carpinteiro - Isabel Penha Leredo Mascarenhas 12 episodes, 1982
Luísa Barbosa Luísa Barbosa - Piedade Penha Leredo Mascarenhas 12 episodes, 1982
Simone de Oliveira Simone de Oliveira - Leonor Penha Leredo 12 episodes, 1982
Filipa Trigo Filipa Trigo - Marta Penha Leredo 12 episodes, 1982
Luís Esparteiro Luís Esparteiro - Tiago Penha Leredo 11 episodes, 1982
Luís Pavão Luís Pavão - António Cavalheiro 10 episodes, 1982

It was fairly reported the presence in the cast of Amélia Rey Colaço, great lady of Portuguese theater. Amelia accepted the invitation with some reluctance, since 84 years old, was away from the stage for nearly 10 years and this was his debut on television.

In 2000, a special debut novel Living Water, displayed at the now defunct GNT, the actress recalled that this was the first opportunity she had to work in Portugal and that the invitation came from Maria Elisa.

It debuted in RTP memory the 17 of September of 2005 and since then has been displayed several times.

Gente Fina É Outra Coisa was shown on prime - time BBC1, on Fridays.

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    Brilliant sitcom about a Portuguese noble family that faces economic ruin. To survive, they rent rooms in their old and decayed family manor to tourists, while trying to conceal the fact from the elderly lady of the manor - brilliantly played by Amélia Rey Colaço. Ruy de Carvalho is unforgettable playing her son, a demented war hero-wannabe that can be frequently be found fantasy-fighting in his airplane simulator.

    Although by today's standards the comedy may be a bit outdated, it is still good fun and will bring back memories of some iconic actors of Portuguese television and theater. Not to be missed if you understand the language, and especially if you are Portuguese.