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Plymptoons (1991) HD online

Plymptoons (1991) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Animation / Comedy / Short
Original Title: Plymptoons
Director: Bill Plympton
Writers: Bill Plympton,P.C. Vey
Released: 1991
Duration: 6min
Video type: Movie
Sketches. We see human crash tests: a human hits a wall at five miles per hour, 50 mph, and 3000. A woman kisses a man as he listens to his Walkman; through the kiss, she experiences the music. We see the trouble with face-lifts. We watch the early history of the mob: a cowboy mounts his horse, digs in his spurs, and ... kaboom! We watch a pursuer get his just desserts. Then, an ape evolves into a man who evolves into an American football player, hunkered down on all fours. Four pieces of furniture express their love when the humans are out of the room. Last, the ultimate car alarm humiliates a thief.

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    Buy the tape or DVD. Give Bill Plympton your money. Encourage him to make more movies. Unfortunately, the commentary on the DVD drags--it's obvious he's reading from a script--but the accompanying documentaries provide the same insight and background information (skip the "Screw" interview, however; the host is more interested in telling his own stories than listening to Mr. Plympton).
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    Bill Plympton's animation style is simple (just using colored pencils) but has such a gruesome imagination and a sort of lighthearted sadism in its depiction of bodily torture and injury. The funniest short overall on this collection is "25 Ways to Quit Smoking" but "Your Face" is the most surreal and "One of Those Days" gets the prize for being the most sadistically enjoyable.