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The Gloom Chasers (1935) HD online

The Gloom Chasers (1935) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Animation / Short
Original Title: The Gloom Chasers
Writers: Arthur Davis
Released: 1935
Video type: Movie

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    There is usually an underlay of weirdness to all the Scrappy cartoons, not just the ones where he goes to Mars or winds up being experimented on in a laboratory, and there is no shortage in this one as he and Oopie are a pair of wandering troubadours who wind up in a rain-starved farm, where their performance causes the skeletal animals to dance and sweat and finally the clouds to do the same. Everything blooms in the rain and end to a song.

    This is near the end of 'rubber tube' animation and directors Sid Marcus and Art Davis supervise their animators in a very fluid and engaging exhibition of it -- notice the end sequence with the wood-chopping horse. I won't say that the Scrappy cartoons are to my taste, but there are corkers as examples of the non-Disney, non-Fleischer school of the era.