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Language: English
Category: TV Series / Animation / Adventure / Family / Fantasy / Sci-Fi
Original Title: Blackstar
Duration: 30min
Video type: TV Series
Astronaut John Blackstar's shuttle passes through a black hole and crashes on the planet Sagar. He is rescued by the gentle Trobbits, who live under the tyranny of the Overlord, possessor of one half of an all-powerful sword. Armed with the other half, Blackstar aids the resistance with his dragon Warlock; the shapeshifter Klone; and the sorceress Mara.
Series cast summary:
George DiCenzo George DiCenzo - John Blackstar 13 episodes, 1981
Linda Gary Linda Gary - Mara / - 13 episodes, 1981
Patrick Pinney Patrick Pinney - Balkar / - 13 episodes, 1981
Alan Oppenheimer Alan Oppenheimer - Carpo / - 13 episodes, 1981
Frank Welker Frank Welker - Burble / - 13 episodes, 1981

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    Blackstar was an animated fantasy series done by Filmation, who went on to create He-man and the Masters of the Universe and She-ra, Princess of Power. In fact Blackstar seems very much like a warm-up for He-man; the combined science fiction/fantasy atmosphere of Sagar would be reborn in a new form in He-man's Eternia, which would end up getting developed a lot more deeply because He-man ran for something like 130 episodes and Blackstar ran only 13. I last saw this series in the early 80's, and I still vividly recall it with wonder. It was a true epic fantasy. I highly recommend it if you can find it on video somewhere.
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    Blackstar was a fun fantasy adventure cartoon that I always looked forward to watching on Saturday mornings. I wanted escapism, brave heroes, cool weapons, goofy sidekicks, and random weirdness. Blackstar delivered! I loved it! Blackstar had everything I wanted from an early 80's Saturday morning fantasy cartoon and more. You just can't beat a brave hero traveling through a black hole to an unknown universe who is armed with a cool sword, rides an even cooler looking flying dragon, is aided by a sorceress and a shape shifter, and battles the villainous Overlord in a strange magical fantasy world filled with all types of impossible creatures (Air-Whales?!) and other assorted weirdness. It was a perfect recipe for enjoyable Saturday morning escapism. Blackstar was fun!
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    Mitars Riders

    I remember watching this show as a kid. And it was one of my favorite show. For years been trying to look for it and finally saw it at a Fry's three weeks ago and purchased it. The package contains 2 DVDs with a total of 13 cartoons. Not bad for like $14 which equals to a little over $1 per cartoon.

    So far I saw like 8 shows and it was OK. Notice a lot of "repeat animation" like when the dragon is swooping across the screens or the pink creatures running away.

    One thing disappointing is looking at the titles, there would be no "ending" to the series. Similar to Pirates of Dark Water where the series were canceled before the 10th stone was found. As the previous comment were true, the 1st episode does not have a "beginning".

    Another thing I notice is that somehow every time I watch one of the cartoons, it makes me sleepy. Don't know if you guys feel the same. But at least I get a good nap after watching it.
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    Admittedly what attracted me was the warrior mounted dragon on the cover to this DVD boxed-set animated series. I have never heard of Blackstar before.

    The show does show promise for its age. I would love to have seen a pilot episode that explained how the characters met. For an "ally" Warlock the dragon gets treated more like your average horse.

    The trobbits behave more like pink smurfs and the music when the appear is just so cheesy it belongs in a 3-year-old's show. Its all out of place for the rest of the premise of the story! The shapechanger only seems to be able to do so when there's no danger around. The dragon is a wimp. There's no explanation as to how an astronaut became a super-strong sword-bearing barbarian.

    They took what could have been a really great show and watered it down to stomach-churning levels.
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    It is simply a bad cartoon as most of the toons are not really animated besides a single arm moving or the moth and nothing else. And there is a lot of reuse of those few animations that are made.

    Story lines are quite boring classical evil conquers but is in the end defeated anyway. Somehow they use swords and stuff like that. Quite strange as everything even the swords shoots beams all the time. They should have gone for ray guns instead in my opinion.

    Series is not ended. But you will not miss the end. All episodes are ended just with different opponents each time.

    Good for kids most likely. If grown up find another cartoon.