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Armchair Theatre A Very Fine Line (1956–1974) HD online

Armchair Theatre A Very Fine Line (1956–1974) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Drama
Original Title: A Very Fine Line
Director: Don Leaver
Writers: Scott Forbes
Released: 1956–1974
Duration: 1h
Video type: TV Episode
Leslie Phillips is in a hotel room and phones he police and says he thinks he has killed someone but cannot remember the details. The police of course take details of the possible victim. The lead has to phone his wife and this is done in front of the Police who comment that he did not pull his punches. Later in the play it transpires that the wife is so shocked she has committed suicide. After this news the police come in to find the lead tucking into tea and toast. It dawns on them that this whole thing is a ruse to lead to the suicide of his wife and that there is no murder The final scene is where the police say "well we have a body and we have a confession and we should be able to put the two together." - they will continue with the case, and arrest the lead.
Episode credited cast:
Stephanie Cole Stephanie Cole - Betty
Michael Craig Michael Craig - Frank
Jacki Newman Jacki Newman - Receptionist
Leslie Phillips Leslie Phillips - Charlton
Alec Ross Alec Ross - Cooper