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Deadly Prey (1987) HD online

Deadly Prey (1987) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Action / Thriller
Original Title: Deadly Prey
Director: David A. Prior
Writers: David A. Prior
Released: 1987
Duration: 1h 28min
Video type: Movie
Colonel Hogan is a ruthless former military officer who trains a large group of former U.S. Servicement as mercenaries by having them hunt down and kill people they abduct off the streets of Los Angeles. Hogan's greedy financier Michaelson threatens Hogan to speed up the mens training or he will pull the plug on Hogan's training camp. However, Hogan and his men meet their match when their latest kidnap victim turns out to be a tough gung-ho marine named Mike Danton who despite being unarmed and hunted, he manages to decimate Hogan's men in detail. Frustrated Hogan, his tough right-hand man Thornton and personal assistant Sybil kidnap Danton's wife Jaimy to force him in the open, while Jaimy's retired police detective father tries to track down her and Danton who finds an unlikely ally in the form of a former marine buddy named Cooper who wants to help him take on all of Hogan's men.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Cameron Mitchell Cameron Mitchell - Jaimy's Father
Troy Donahue Troy Donahue - Don Michaelson
Ted Prior Ted Prior - Michael 'Mike' Danton
Fritz Matthews Fritz Matthews - Lt. Thornton
David Campbell David Campbell - Col. John Hogan
Dawn Abraham Dawn Abraham - Sybil
William Zipp William Zipp - Jack Cooper
Suzanne Tara Suzanne Tara - Jaimy (as Suzzane Tara)
Thomas Baldwin Thomas Baldwin - Hillbillie
Leo Weltman Leo Weltman - Hillbillie Will (as Leonard Weltman)
Peter Aston Peter Aston - Soldier
Charles Venniro Charles Venniro - Soldier
Timothy Elwell Timothy Elwell - Soldier (as Jimi Elwell)
Jasper Collins Jasper Collins - Soldier
Brian Edward O'Connor Brian Edward O'Connor - Soldier (as Brian O'Connor)

Troy Donahue thanked all the crew members and shook their hands after the filming of all his scenes was done.

Ted Prior ate real worms for the worm eating scene.

Riffed by the guys from Mystery Science Theater 3000 (1988) under the RiffTrax name, Michael J. Nelson, Bill Corbett, and Kevin Murphy.

The rats that Danton eats were purchased at a pet store.

Troy Donahue rode a motorcycle to the set.

Featured in Rob Hill's The Bad Movie Bible.

Featured on Red Letter Media's Best of the Worst episode 4

Body Count - 65 estimated. Does not include the implied death of Hogan and estimated due to unknown amount of men in tank.

Reviews: [25]

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    Fellow bad movie lovers, gather round my brethren for here there be a classic!

    This is the story of evil Colonal Hogan who is utilising kidnapped innocent civilians as big game in order to train his bloodthirsty group of mercenaries. All is going fine in this cruel pursuit to until that is one day his men make the BIG mistake of kidnapping one Mike Danton who turns out to have been formally trained by Hogan and who furthermore makes Rambo look like a wimp!

    Armed only with a pair of cut off shorts, his mightily muscled frame, his wits and a rather fetching mullet our man now proceeds to wipe out every single one of his hunters in a myriad of wild and wacky ways including breaking their backs against trees, impaling them with twigs(!) spearing them and setting them up in some decidedly grisly traps!

    Highlights in this? Damn, so many to choose from but check out our hero's girlfriend for a start who must surely rank as one of the most outrageously stupid women in film history! After seeing her beloved knocked over the head and driven away at speed in a truck does she ring the police as any normal, intelligent person would do? No, she instead rings her dad! OK so he was an ex police officer but really! To be fair her father doesn't seem much brighter either! Does he get back up? No, he goes to the military training camp all on his own!!! In fact this film is absolutely riddled with such daft plot contrivances as to render one utterly speechless! Take for instance the fact that whenever our man kills one of the bad guys he never picks up their guns(?!?!?!?) Oh well, he was so damn macho I suppose he didn't feel he needed them until the end!

    Back to cool scenes again now though and you'll simply marvel at a plethora of utterly terrible fight choreography, a Styrofoam boulder attack(!), a thoroughly appetising scene of delicious worm chomping(!) our man hiding up a tree with no foliage about three feet above his pursuers and them not spotting him (this dumbfoundingly daft scene just has to be seen to be believed!) and my very favourite bit at the end when our hero slices off an opponents arm with his machete before beating the guy to death with his own severed limb!!! To top it all off our man then scalps him!!!

    Simply ridiculous stuff and all the more hilarious for it!!! If you have any shred of self respect then you simply must get hold of this film by any means possible!
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    I first heard about this film 6 years ago. One of my friends told me about how good it was and how he used to own a VHS copy but that it sadly went missing. That was 6 years ago... 6 years later he found a copy on ebay. I try to avoid using clichés but it really *was* worth the wait! I haven't laughed so much in all those 6 years!

    I've seen a lot of funny bad movies in my time, but this is definitely the one that stands out above the rest! In fact it's so good that it's made me write my very first IMDb review! Everything about this movie, the acting, the plot, the's just so good, i mean bad, or do i mean good? This film deserves repeated viewings, i'm going to play it to all my friends as it should be compulsory viewing for all! Try and track down a copy!
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    I love this movie to the point that I found an e-mail address for Ted Prior's ex-wife and wrote to her. It thrills me to know that she passed on the regards of Ted's legion of Gold Coast fans to him.

    Please, if anyone is reading this and considering watching 'Deadly Prey', drop everything, quit your job, divorce your wife, rent it out and enjoy what is arguably the finest motion picture ever committed to celluloid.
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    Mike Danton is an ex "military strong man" who has retired. One morning he is kidnapped by a mercenary-group who wants to use him for target practice. They let Danton escape through the woods, wearing nothing but his underwear so they can hunt him down and kill him. But they didn´t count on Danton to be...the DEADLY PREY. This movie made me laugh like crazy. It´s RAMBO meets SURVIVING THE GAME without a budget (or a script). The action is so badly edited and coordinated and the acting is terrible (especially Ted Prior as the pumped up Danton). Still it makes you laugh just as hard as any great comedy, though it is clearly not supposed to. I recommend it highly, for all the wrong reasons.
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    "Deadly Prey" has to be one of the funniest action movies of all times, and this is not because it is supposed to be. It's hard to pick out a place to start with this movie, so why not from the beginning. This movie is much like "Surviving the Game" but has a much lower budget and much worse production value. Mike Danton is kidnapped by a group of mercenaries that just happen to be headed by his former Special Forces commanding officer, Colonel Hogan. WHAT A PLOT TWIST! What I really don't understand is why Danton killed so many of Hogan's soldiers, removing their automatic weapons from their dead body, but NEVER USING THEM TO KILL THE MERCENARIES TRYING TO KILL HIM!!! For such a great soldier, Danton doesn't show very good judgement.

    Besides the typical amputation of a mercenary's arm with a machete, running a twig on through another mercenary's body, and a great movie score, composed of continual 'DUN DUN DUN' sound effects, Deadly Prey is chock full of many surprises, all which will leave you desiring to re-acquire the hour and a half you spent on watching this movie back. 3 out of 10 stars simply for the "Plan 9 From Outer Space" quality it has. I would also recommend "Born Killer" for any fans of "Deadly Prey" Happy watching.
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    This film is one of the true masterpieces of cinema.

    The story revolves around a strangely easy to find training school for mercenaries near los angeles that uses kidnapped people as live targets! The practice is going well until they mistakenly kidnap the best special forces guy ever and he goes and kicks their heads in!

    The acting is crap, the mulletts are the best that the eighties can produce and EVERYBODY in the film dies apart from our hero, EVERYBODY!!!

    The hero mike danton is the best killer of extras in film history, so good in fact that the other extras never hear them die even right in front of them! Hell he even manages to kill them with twigs and polystyrene

    He hides four foot up a tree and isn't spotted as they walk past, THEY ARE RIGHT THERE AND THEY DON'T SEE HIM, HE ONLY HAS A BIT OF IVY ROUND HIS NECK!!!

    The plot twists are non-existent and so predictable that you're counting down to when they happen.

    What i didn't expect was our hero to chop a guy's arm off and beat him to death with the wet end, before SCALPING the mullett toteing rambo wanabee!

    Me and my mates have watched this film many a time and are so influenced that my mate spent our first year of university dressed as mike danton! He would get drunk, disappear to his room and return sporting cut-offs, a gun belt with a rusty saw in it and a blonde mullet wig! (he also strangely wore a hard hat as well!)

    All our friends love this film and we would recommend it to anyone wanting to just laugh at something crap!

    ps why does col hogans bit wear a mini-skirt to go hunt down danton?
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    I would be one of the few people who owns a copy of this classic. But i dont only own 1, i actually own 2. Its THAT good.

    Well, when i say good, i mean bad. But i will try to do a thorough review. I even watched 'born a ninja' which one of the other reviewers here mentioned, to compare it to this. And born a ninja is actually worse, but not quite as funny.

    And is this ever funny. EVERYTHING about this movie is poor. EVERYTHING. The plot is absolutely stuffed (note the 'you'll need to keep me alive if you want to know where to find your wife'). EVERY action sequence is stuffed too. Our hero danton is more than a hero; he can stab people with twigs, take 3 bullets in the heart at 50 cm away without even bleeding, and tie a rope up to a tree which, when an enemy steps on it, ties a knot around the enemies leg, picks him up, and throws him 50 metres into a bunch of spikes.

    The acting is so bad it is impossible to comment on it, but it should have you rolling, especially dantons 'jump out of the ground and growl at the bad guy'. Oh yes, and the bad guys: somehow, it seems they resurrect themselves 5 times each in the movie. Perhaps it's just that there weren't enough actors, but in a movie of this calibre? i doubt that.

    The 'plot' is about how danton was a soldier in the vietnam war, and now his colonel is hunting real people for training for his mercenaries. The colonel just happens to pick up danton, then danton fights back. This is just the excuse for a rambo clone, with most of the movie being danton slaughtering soldiers. And i really cant explain the plot any more cos there is nothing else to the movie. It still rocks though.

    What else could be wrong you ask? Dont get me started. Hand grenades which actually go off at the actors' feet because the explosion is the size of a match.Scenes where there are 5 people chasing danton, then the camera cuts away and back and there are 7. The way that every time danton loads the grenade launcher he is against the same background even though he is in completely diffrent locations. And the worst part is when danton pushes the plastic boulders onto the enemies, and one enemy is completely untouched by the boulders, so he doesn't know what to do so he half heartedly dies without even being touched. It's ridiculous!!!

    But funny. Very, VERY funny. This is one of the few movies i can thoroughly recommend to everybody, cos if you dont find it funny, you are 1 in a million. And for the rest of us it's magic.
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    Still In Mind

    How did we see this? Stu took his then bird off down Blockbuster to get a film for the night. She was looking at The Shawshank Redemption and he was was checking the bargain bucket when he was faced with a choice of DP or The Hills have Eyes 3. He brought it back home and said 'Lads I got you this'. As we had nothing to do that night as skint students we eventually stuck it on whilst Stu retired to his room with his bird. Within 5 minutes of it going on he's come outside to see what we are crying with laughter at. His bird was immediately left on her own whilst 6 of us watched the funniest accidental comedy of all time. This film is a classic. Anyone taking it seriously needs to have a word with themselves. How can anyone disregard a barefooted man in just a pair of shorts bringing down a helicopter with an explosion to rival Chernobyl? Consider the following as a taster (I don't want to spoil it for anyone). Danton is not spotted by an elite team of Army Vets despite hiding in a branchless tree only 5 yards up from their location. Now these guys are that good that the Colonel deduces from the wounds inflicted to two of his men that it's his old apprentice Danton. Consider that up until that point Danton had killed men by hitting them with tree stumps, bashing them horizontally against trees and goes on to kill more by the likes of putting a grenade down one mans pants. Now I'm no Vietnam Vet or anything but these types of techniques are somewhat contrived yet that's what the Colonel taught him 'Danton. Mike Danton?' 'That was the name on the mailbox. Do you know him?' 'Know him. I trained him'. Watch it. If you get a copy don't lend it to Fielder as you'll never see it again. $8 from ebay. Result.
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    Wow, this an oddity, make no mistake about it. It's typical: One minute you're at your house with your lovely lady wife taking the trash outside, next you're knocked senseless by a pipe to the back of your skull. Before you know it, you're being forced to run topless and shoeless through a forest pursued by a bunch of mercenaries in a private army who are using you as training practise. Fortunately, you're more resilient than most, being an ex-military guy yourself and in an elite faction, at that. So, with your 80's blonde mullet and your abs the size of Canada, you decide to turn the tables on your pursuers by setting up all kinds of homemade traps that anyone who hasn't seen Rambo would fall into. Will you ever get out of there alive? Can you find the person responsible for your kidnap and beat seven bells out of the scumbag? And is there a way to make worms and rats over a campfire taste any better? All will be revealed (Well apart from the last one perhaps..)

    Where do I start with a movie as bizarre as this? What could have been a run of the mill action film, is transformed into something else entirely thanks to the increasingly strange proceedings. Considering these are supposed to be trained soldiers, don't they get dragged into bushes and stumble over tripwires rather easily? And why the hell is the Commander sending his men to their deaths for the sake of catching just one guy? Also, what is the point in the role of the ex-police chief father-in-law of the hero? I could also bring up the unlimited supply of bullets, and the hilariously fake explosions, but that isn't what caught my attention.

    No, what I want to talk about is the ending, which features much sadism and has more than one surprise death. This sudden bloodshed is combined with a wholly inappropriate love song over the credits, which makes it a very surreal experience indeed. In fact, there is almost enough weirdness here for it to qualify as a parody, if it didn't take itself so seriously.

    However, in spite of all that it manages to entertain despite itself by giving us lots of juicy scenes of shootings and maimings. The death toll is extremely high too, so expect non-stop action involving everything from knives to missile-launchers. When it had finished, I didn't feel I had wasted my time, and even admired it in a way for concluding in such an uncompromising and unpredictable fashion. 5/10 from me, and certainly worth seeing..
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    Since there were a fair amount of cost-cutter Rambo rip-offs, finding the ripest one isn't as easy as it would seem, but no doubt DEADLY PREY is a prime choice. It's a one-man-army saga made on the ranch in L.A., with mini muscle-dude, Ted Prior, stripped to his cutoffs and hunted for sport by a bunch of p***ed-off militia dudes. As misguided and inept a macho potboiler as one could imagine. Give me librium or give me meth!!!
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    One could easily write off "Deadly Prey" as another uninspired and shamelessly exploitative variation on the famous theme introduced by "The Most Dangerous Game" in 1933. Yes, it's indeed the umpteenth film that basically just revolves on hunting down humans in a forestry region for nothing more than testosterone kicks. However, and this is obviously a lot closer to my own personal opinion, one could also claim that "Deadly Prey" is one of the absolute craziest, most outrageous and hilariously inept B-movies ever made! Just read some of the other reviews around here. All these good people aren't lying or exaggerating when they state their stomachs hurt from laughing nearly the entire time. In spite of the absurd plot and downright impossible situations, everything is served to us in a tone that is dead serious and by a devoted cast that deliver their lines with straight faces no matter how retarded they sound. The violence is explicit and brutal but it actually provokes chuckles instead of shocks and the film literally bathes in a completely wrong 80's ambiance. What does that mean? Well, multiple characters – goodies and baddies – with mullets, of course, god-awful music and girls in over-sized pink shorts. Seriously, I've seen some really bonkers and unhinged cinematic trash over the years, but after seeing "Deadly Prey" I can be sure of it. I can die a happy horror/cult fanatic (though preferably sixty or more years from now, of course)

    Down in the gigantic Californian woods, about 70 miles away from Los Angeles, the slightly deranged and dishonorably discharged military commander Don Michaelson is raising a private army of mercenaries. Michaelson doesn't believe in traditional training methods and role plays, however, and thus he sends his first Lieutenant out to the city to pick random people from the streets with the intention to let them loose in the woods and have his trainees hunt them down. Since this is such a massively illegal and immoral operation, you would think that Michaelson keeps his activities secretive, but hell no! He has hundreds of wannabe mercenaries working for him, none of which seem to object to the idea of killing innocent people, and more hi tech equipment than the real American army! Anyway, in his search to finally find a worthwhile opponent, Lieutenant Mullet … err, I mean Thornton kidnaps the athletically built Mike Mullet. Sorry, I mean Mike Danton. Big mistake, as Mickey once was an unstoppable Vietnam warrior himself. Moreover, he was Major Michaelson's most gifted trainee before he went bananas. Being a master of camouflage (he crawls up the worlds' smallest trees) and an expert in primitive weaponry (he impales an enemy on a twig), Danton exterminates about ten dozens of mercenaries before Michaelson gets the brilliant idea to abduct Mickey's sexy blond girlfriend Jamie and rape her. Now he's really angry.

    Sheer awesomeness, that's "Deadly Prey", I tell you! Movies like these have one massive trump over the vast majority of other movies and that is unpredictability! Literally everyone is dispensable in this sort of films and all characters have an equal chance of dying (usually they all do die anyway), so it's just a matter of when exactly and in which imaginative ways. And boy, are the kills ever imaginative! There's plenty of machine gun artillery, bare knuckle fights, explosive booby traps and wielding knives, but nothing – and I do mean NOTHING EVER – compares to the sight of Mike Denton ripping off his opponent's arm and beating him to death with it before scalping his mullet! Is that brilliant or what? Our hero, Ted Prior and brother of writer/director David Prior, is a joyously stereotypical beefcake with fists of steel but nevertheless his heart in the right place. B-movie veteran Cameron Mitchell receives top billing for making a brief appearance as the girlfriend's father who starts his own private investigation and quickly fails. The moments of uncontrollable laughter are only outnumbered by the amount of nameless extras dying by the hand of our invincible hero. Mullet-power, dammit!
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    Beefcake "actor" Ted Prior (brother of writer & director David A. Prior) stars as Mike Danton, a former Marine, in this B level gem. It's about as far as you can get from high art, with a whole lot of completely inept action sequences and hilariously lame performances. Obviously owing a heavy debt to that familiar old plot of "The Most Dangerous Game", it's also clearly inspired by "First Blood" and its sequels, as well as "Commando".

    Colonel John Hogan (David Campbell) leads a group of mercenaries. They're hired for a gig by an unscrupulous "businessman" named Michaelson (Troy Donahue). The thing about these guys, though, is that they like to have thorough training sessions before the actual missions. So they abduct guys like Mike, and chase them through the California woods. But they've made an extremely dumb move in selecting Mike this time around, and he's going to give them what-for in a major way.

    Top billed Cameron Mitchell, who plays a former cop and the father to Mikes' wife Jaimy (Suzanne Tara), is very much just here for his name value. He has little to add to the plot. Instead, the action focuses on the studly Ted P., who for much of the running time darts around in short shorts. Ted may not be Olivier, but his emoting near the end still needs to be seen to be believed. Campbell is amusing as the money hungry villain, as is Fritz Matthews as Lieutenant Thornton, his main henchman.

    "Deadly Prey" can boast a steady supply of violence and a respectably high body count, but it might not be gory enough to suit some tastes.

    The absolute best moment of this epic occurs between Mike and Thornton. You'll know it when you see it, and may howl with appreciative laughter.

    "Deadly Prey" is deliciously daft nonsense, with an ultra corny theme song to serve as perfect accompaniment.

    Seven out of 10.
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    So wrong, and that makes it so right.

    So many assumptions about filmmaking, screen writing and directing are destroyed here. 99.99999% of any and all points of coincidence with the world that you and I live in on a daily basis are obliterated with extreme prejudice.

    Sheer entertainment that has no connection with truth, or life, or death, or anything. Pure puffery. The cinematic equivalent of chugging raw sugar water. No nutritional value whatsoever, but will give you a vigorous, thrusting rush of pure adrenalin direct to your brain pan.

    The filmmakers set out to create a tall tale about the toughest dude in the history of forever, who makes Rambo look like Woody Allen. A man whose very mullet demands the utmost respect. A man who can single-handedly take out ENTIRE ARMIES, using little but twigs, rocks and his own incontrovertible bad-assery, while simultaneously BAREFOOT AND CLAD IN NOTHING BUT CUT-OFF JEAN SHORTS.

    The plot? Does it really matter? Okay, some fascist paramilitary thugs kidnap people off the streets of Los Angeles, and take them to their (painfully non-hidden) military camp out in the desert, where said kidnap victims are stalked in a live hunt as part of their evil "training." But they, like many movie bad guys, made a crucial, careless mistake that would seal their doom: THEY KIDNAPPED THE WRONG DUDE. That's right. They made the cardinal error of grabbing the most awesome, kick-ass retired former special forces mercenary to ever eff up your skull. And now, HE'S MAD.

    That's about it, but I can assure you that the ensuing carnage is as stupidly awesome as you can imagine, probably even more so. Not really giving away anything that many others have not already mentioned, and that would be the movie's most stunning, jaw dropping moment, in which the hero CUTS A GUY'S ARM OFF AND BEATS HIM TO DEATH WITH IT. Then, he scalps him. Holy moly.

    About the only thing of note I can add here to direct all fans of Deadly Prey to check out another similar film from around the same time, David Heavener's KILL CRAZY. Not nearly as over-the-top as Deadly Prey, but definitely enjoyable and in the same ballpark. I have a review up of that film as well, so check that out.

    Also, I hear that David Prior and Ted Prior are...wait for it...supposedly working on DEADLY PREY 2! Can it be true? Can it be possible? Can they even come close to the results they achieved the first time out? Stay tuned, fans of action film nuttery. This should be interesting.
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    From the golden era of Testiclular-fueled-steroid-ridden star movies Comes Deadly Prey. Never again will movies be made bad so unintentionally. How can one poorly shot movie bring so much happiness?! You seek for the holy grail of bad films, then, WHAM! Deadly Prey Hits you in the head like a shot! Watch this Film!
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    Some friends of mine gave me this movie and said:" You have to see this movie! It's the worst movie ever made, bar none." I must say i agree. It was quite humorous at times, though, and i kind of enjoyed laughing my ass off. The hero, Ted Prior actually cuts a mans arm of and beats him with it!!! Unbelievable? Believe it!

    These people have managed to put every cliche available into this movie. On the cover it reads: "He was the best in Vietnam...and he still is!"

    Watch this movie, laugh your ass off and go about your day as though nothing has happened,because...nothing has!
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    Cameron Mitchell once played in many good films, usually as a fourth or fifth character-Bombre, The Tall Men, Garden of Evil, usually WEsterns.

    He's the epitome of the actor whose career went into low tide with cheap thrillers. Not all of them were bad, but they weren't "great" by any means.

    Here, he plummets to the lowest depths.

    The movie is hard to describe as anything other than a "so bad it's good" film. One can't imagine this film being made for any other reason. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt, and say they made this film to be funny.

    But it it's not very funny.

    We have what could have been a good idea. "The Most Dangerous Game", only the idea is made ridiculous by not having any sport. A mad man who thinks he's a mercenary for hire, trains his unit by kidnapping men, and telling them to run away unarmed from his well armed mercenaries.

    Much of the humor comes from the fact that these super mercenaries, though heavily armed, are totally inept at killing any unarmed helpless victim, not because of "scruples", but because of ineptness.

    Full of clichés, the movie become super tiresome after nearly an hour of tedious neck breaks and knife thrusts. It can only be classified as comedy, but it just isn't funny after the third time. And it seems we have this for about five million times. It's a "fast forward or go to sleep" movie.
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    Although this movie is probably the worst film ever made I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys seeing really poorly acted and written movies. I watch it ever now and again and to be honest I still laugh harder than most comedies that are around today. The special effects make much older movies look like the real thing, the explosions are so bad and out of proportion that you just cannot help but laugh. If you find this movie then definitely watch it. Only one person in the movie lives and that is the man Mike Danton. He is the most perfect killer ever according to the box and this movie shows his killing abilities which are quite impressive in my opinion.
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    David A. Prior is the man! Not only did he give us the surreal (and the first SOV film made for the video market) SLEDGEHAMMER, he gave us one of the best movies ever, KILLER WORKOUT. Now, he gives us DEADLY PREY. An action movie. You can already imagine it, can't you?

    Colonel Hogan is the commander of an army of mercenaries who usually orders his men to kidnap random people off the street so they can be released into the wild for training exercises for his troops. However, they just kidnapped Mike Danton, a former man under Hogan's control, and needless to say, he's pretty angry and ready to fight back.

    DEADLY PREY is the film definition of sheer insanity. It wastes zero time getting going. It opens with one poor fellow getting hunted and killed, Hogan ordering another one, and Danton is taken while wearing shorts shorter than any man should be allowed to wear. Seeing as Ted Prior plays the role, the mercenaries take off his shirt for no reason and release him.

    DEADLY PREY has one of the highest kill counts of any action movie I've ever seen, and it may just beat out STRIKE COMMANDO for that title. A lot of them are straight up shootings, but occasionally, there's a killing that will make your jaw hit the floor. There's a grenade down the pants, a guy somehow not seeing Danton under a pile of leaves, and, possibly the best action movie death I've ever seen, a guy getting his arm hacked off and then getting beat to death with it!

    The acting is standard for a Prior movie, and even includes a lot of the cast. There's David Campbell (KILLER WORKOUT, and acting the same as he did there), Ted Prior (KILLER WORKOUT, acting the same as he did there), Fritz Matthews (KILLER WORKOUT, acting the same as he did…say, I'm starting to see a pattern…).

    Overall, it's a great movie to watch if you're looking for over-the-top action and no plot. The ending is open for a sequel that, sadly, never was. Still, I would rank this movie up there with STRIKE COMMANDO as far as nonsensical, cheesy action flicks go.

    Watch it at all costs.
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    David Winters Presents..... (don't have high standards...... or even modest expectations)

    Deadly Prey is a clinic on how not to rip-off other action film's, that are vastly superior in comparison - in every possible way. In this case, David Winters and rest of the clown's behind Deadly Prey are, all to obviously, ripping-off the Rambo franchise, more specifically Rambo: First Blood Pt.1 (in other words the first Rambo film) and it simply doesn't get any worse then this. Just how bad, can a bad movie be. But hey, at least it's "entertainingly bad" and you WILL be laughing heartily at the ridiculous levels of ineptitude that this dreadful, direct-to-video, crap-fest delivers - as it turns out, this is even a worse rip-off then Reb Brown's Strike Commando!

    Kidnapped and forced to serve as prey, the name of the game: live-fire training of mercenaries and he's their target - but worry not, because this bemulleted bunch of jackass's can't shoot straight to save their lives and they become the prey. Bemulleted you say? That's exactly right, made apparently at the height of mulletdom in 1987, it would appear that over half the cast are sporting mullets, why I've never seen so damn many mullets in a movie; sporting the best/worst one, is the star - Ted Prior. As inept as these would-be mercenaries are, it would seem that -no amount of training- could make soldiers out of them and this movie, Deadly Prey, plays out like a plagiarized 90 minute run-through of movies we've already seen - for the record, this is the most blatant Rambo rip-off that's ever been made. In Deadly Prey you'll see several instances of them copying said film as closely as they could, in their own uninspired, low-budget and amateur way, which is frequently complimented with a lot of over-acting from Ted Prior and several cast members; as I indicated earlier, this bumbling "B" is every bit as much a comedy, as it is an actioner. Case in point, near the end there's actually a scene were Mike Danton a.k.a. fake-Rambo with a peroxide high-lighted mullet, cuts off a guy's arm and then literally starts beating him with it! Comic gold, I love it - and that's just one scene.

    ..... and if by the end of the movie, you haven't gotten your fill yet, relax, because there's a sequel, it only took 27 years, but... "Deadliest Prey" (such a clever title) is now out there for your viewing pleasure. But that's another story, one of the same I'm sure. The verdict is out. These are some really crappy movies and unless you get off on bad movies, I'd steer clear of Deadly Prey and it's sequel. However, on the other hand, if direct-to-video garbage is very much your thing then I could not recommend it more highly. In that case Deadly Prey is one of the holy grail's.

    Deadly Prey is as lowly as lowly gets, where talking gas station rental quality here folks. Which now that I've mentioned it, puts an image in my mind, I'm distinctly seeing a regal relic from the past. That of course being, a dust-covered, sun-faded VHS sleeve that's been spotted-up with several crusty rental stickers, that are in the process of peeling off. Sitting by itself, all lonely like, on the bottom shelf of the rental rack, right next to the Twinkies and pork rinds, at some dirty and forgotten gas station, just off a dusty rural road somewhere in Nowheresville USA. An image that hearkens back to the glory days of VHS rentals.

    So sit back and marvel at: Deadly Prey - the cinematic equivalent of a continuously ongoing train derailment - as it all unfolds before you eyes.

    And for any viewers out there, I recommend that you watch the movie "Space Mutiny", it's a great example of what you should expect when all the stars are aligned and "David Winters Presents"!
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    A group of sadistic mercenaries led by the ruthless Colonel John Hogan (a deliciously slimy portrayal by David Campbell) kidnap people and hunt them down in the woods like animals as a training exercise. However, the mercenaries get more than they bargained for after they abduct two-fisted former Marine and Vietnam veteran Mike Danton (played with mucho macho aplomb by blonde beefcake Ted Prior).

    Man, does this hilariously horrendous honey possess all the right wrong stuff to rate highly as a definite four-star stinkeroonie: Ham-fisted (mis)direction by David A. Prior, ineptly staged action scenes, over-the-top violence (Danton breaks one man's back against a tree and beats another guy with his own freshly severed arm!), poor acting from a lame mostly no-name cast, cheesy one-liners aplenty, lots of ugly mullets, a ludicrous premise that's treated as seriously as a heart attack, priceless moments of Danton clad solely in Daisy Duke denim shorts roughly it in the wilderness (two words: worm eating), cartoonishly nasty villains, and a ridiculously script that offers an unholy blend of "First Blood" and "The Most Dangerous Game." Cameron Mitchell basically just takes up space as a hard-nosed ex-cop, Troy Donahue snarls it up nicely as evil millionaire Don Michaelson, Fritz Matthews has a field day as vicious flunky Lt. Thornton, and busty brunette Dawn Abraham cuts a foxy figure as mean bitch Sybil. The pulsating score hits the right-on funky syncopated spot. Fantastic crap.
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    Ted Prior is starring in the 80s jungle action movie "Deadly Prey", made together with his brother David A. Prior. This is without a doubt one of the greatest "bad" movies out there. A great jungle action, full of knockout power, cheesy lines and clichés!

    Ted Prior is starring as the Vietnam veteran Mike Danton. He is captured by a psychopathic colonel to be part of a deadly hunting game. Watch Danton survive in the wild with nothing but his bare fists, fighting his way through the jungle. He is defying the odds to get his revenge on the evil colonel. Great work, Prior brothers! Remember also to watch the sequel, "Deadliest Prey".
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    You'll never say die after viewing this movie! In Vietnam, Mike Danton was the best, and he still is (provided the bad guys line up to fight him one at a time). Want to see a man beaten to death with his own arm? You're a liar if you say no! Watch it now or risk some bad timing. Watching this movie is like being on the winning side, it's a lot healthier. I'm a little man who's spent 27 years of his life as a film enthusiast searching for a great movie. 27 years in the filth and dirt of the streets and there ain't no music down there. Finally, I found a movie so manly it just could not be denied. So summon up some spit cleaned earthworms and flame cooked rats, hunker down and watch Deadly Prey today! End of Story.
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    Although the plot of kidnapping humans for target practice has been done a million times before (and still is), no movie comes as close to the entertainment value of this. Here, bad army guys inadvertently kidnap Mike (unofficial middle name : Dramatic Casio Chord) Danton, a Vietnam vet played by male model Ted Prior. And after letting him loose in the forest armed with only a sawn-off pair of levi's and a particularly offensive mullet, Mike turns the tables on the most inept bunch of soldiers.

    You will laugh! You will laugh again! You can feel the tension gripping you to the couch as the next bad guy positions himself into an easily ambush-able place. You will see Cameron Mitchell deliver his best speech ever. You will see tiny grenade explosions hurl people several feet through the air. You will never see a more lethal twig in your entire life or more effective camouflage from a handful of leaves. The one-man army action movies from the 80's (think along the lines of Commando/Rambo) may have been awesome at the time and despite aging, entertain today in the same way a piece of well-matured piece of cheese tastes more delectable than something eaten fresh from the dairy. Deadly Prey is no exception, the only difference being budget. And acting. And direction. But it's still something to relish. Most films like this are best enjoyed over a few beers. Here I would recommend a few crackers and a nice bottle of chardonnay to truly honour this cheesy experience. Cheers!
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    Skunk Black

    A disgraced Colonel turned mercenary runs a camp where he trains recruits by abducting random people off the streets of Los Angles and killing them off in the manhunt.However due to unfortunate circumstances in choosing their victims they select Vietnam vet Mike Danton who just happens to be an insane killing machine.The slaughter of everyone begins!This low-budget survival thriller is so ridiculously bad that it simply must be seen.Mike Danton is no ordinary man:he is a tough warrior who enjoys spilling blood.He can hide underneath a bunch of leaves and pop up in time to kill his unsuspecting prey and also he can drop out of trees on top of people."Deadly Prey" is so silly and moronically violent that it blew my mind.Like the other reviewer said:drop everything,quit your job,divorce your wife,rent it out and enjoy what is arguably the finest motion picture ever committed to celluloid.
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    This movie is the funniest action movie ever. The best thing about it is that it is supposed to be serious. And Danton kills almost everyone the same(knife in the chest). He kills about 100 guys in this movie. And the final scene is great. I am still laughing from when he cuts off that guys arm and beats him to death with it. There are so many plot holes in this movie. Like, how does the father find the base so easily? Anyway, rent this movie.