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Encostipat (1996) HD online

Encostipat (1996) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Comedy
Original Title: Encostipat
Director: Sergi Rubió
Writers: Sergi Rubió
Released: 1996
Budget: €10,000
Duration: 3min
Video type: Movie
Credited cast:
Sergi Rubió Sergi Rubió - Himself - Host

This is an example of one of director Sergi Rubió's short films, one which contained a single previously recorded song as its' only soundtrack; the volume of which was never tweaked with and such was the case for so many of Rubió's short films which similarly opted for a sole soundtrack. This basic tendency would last until the 2006 and it wasn't until the 2012 when he began to explore the possibility of going back and actually changing the soundtracks to his various films.