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The Come On (1916) HD online

The Come On (1916) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Comedy / Short
Original Title: The Come On
Director: Matt Moore
Writers: John C. Brownell
Released: 1916
Video type: Movie
Mary Griggs from Hoop Centre, Kansas, arrives in New York, and as she is signing at the hotel register, attracts the attention of Blake and Riley, a couple of confidence men. The bellboy takes her bag and shows her to her room, where she exhibits a huge roll of bills. She tips him a nickel and the boy promptly hands it back to her in disgust. On his return to the hotel lobby the boy tells the clerk what happened. We now see Blake and Riley going to the phone booth, while Harrington, an accomplice, goes up in the elevator and gains access to Mary's room. He holds out his hand and asks her if she isn't Mary Griggs of Hoop Centre, Kansas. Mary greets him cordially, and gets very communicative about her private affairs. Meanwhile, Blake has called up Fanny, another accomplice, who plays the "little sister," and tells her to prepare a lunch for four. After her chat with Harrington, Mary agrees to meet his sister at luncheon, after which he is to take her to the lawyer's office in a taxi. ...
Cast overview:
Matt Moore Matt Moore - John Pierson
Jane Gail Jane Gail - Mary Griggs
Clara Beyers Clara Beyers - Fanny