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Language: English
Category: TV Series
Original Title: Sugar
Duration: 24min
Video type: TV Series
Anna Olson satisfies sweet cravings with great dessert recipes and guides viewers from making to plating with presentation ideas to dress up any dessert.
Cast overview:
Anna Olson Anna Olson - Herself - Host

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    This is an excellent show for anyone interested in a career as a Pastry Chef or even if you just want to learn how to cook sweet desserts. I would recommend this show for anyone who also enjoys watching cooking shows as you can learn how to cook a wide variety of desserts. It might have a short duration but Anna Olson the host/pastry chef explains the steps of cooking the recipes thoroughly and it is easy to understand it step by step also they are delicious to look at and watch. Like I said before this is a excellent show because you can learn how to cook sweets and that Anna Olson will explain the process of cooking the desserts really easily. Sorry, for the repetition.
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    I've made many recipes from this show and they all taste great! Trust me make these for in-laws, guests, anyone and they will love it!

    Its sucks that it only shows in Canada, i have relatives in America and they would love this show! I went to see the host from the show once and she was nicer in person. Anna Olson has a bakery near Niagara falls.

    sometimes these recipes take longer than expected so remember to read all of the recipe first and if you have to make it a day early!

    these will shut any one up. i make one of these about every weekend and everyone loves them!be prepared for disasters and leftovers!
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    Olsen was at my sisters high school doing a presentation. I can tell you a lot about the show! First of all, she is very nice. My sister said hi to her, and she didn't ignore her like all the other snot nose celebrities, she said hi back and they talked for like 5 seconds. And, guess what? Her fridge actually doesn't work!! Whenever she is taking something cold like ice cream out of the freezer, its not frozen! They cut the cameras and then someone runs over and puts frozen ice cream in there. And Anna doesn't read off of those prompters. The show is not scripted at all. And she didn't always want to be a chef. She wanted to be like an archaeologist or a paleontologist and she wanted to be a bunch of other things.

    Anyways, good show, good desserts, nice lady, and a great interesting cooking show on desserts. Enjoy.