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Have Gun - Will Travel Hunt the Man Down (1957–1963) HD online

Have Gun - Will Travel Hunt the Man Down (1957–1963) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Western
Original Title: Hunt the Man Down
Director: Andrew V. McLaglen
Writers: Harry Julian Fink,Herb Meadow
Released: 1957–1963
Duration: 26min
Video type: TV Episode
Neither side has a clean path to victory in the case of two brothers at each other's throats over a woman, a whip, and a wire fence.
Episode complete credited cast:
Richard Boone Richard Boone - Paladin
Robert J. Wilke Robert J. Wilke - Walt DeVries (as Robert Wilke)
James Drury James Drury - Tony DeVries
Madlyn Rhue Madlyn Rhue - Elizabeth DeVries
Ric Roman Ric Roman - Morales
Ralph Reed Ralph Reed - Jesse Starrett
Mark Tapscott Mark Tapscott - Tom Semper
Ian MacDonald Ian MacDonald - Homesteader
Robin Riley Robin Riley - The Boy
Chantal Noel Chantal Noel - The Woman
Kam Tong Kam Tong - Hey Boy

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    In preparing to teach my upcoming course examining the television series "Have Gun - Will Travel," I chose 5 with (a) the least violence (b) the most touching, unforgettable stories (c) the best writing and acting (d) a balance including great acting by women and minorities (often when the script did not necessarily call for a specific gender or race).

    I considered "Hunt the Man Down" many times, but, in the end, rejected it for inclusion into my course. It is a bit too real, especially considering how graphically the Human Condition is depicted in its scenes. I wanted stories with powerful life lessons, ones that can be applied to our own lives, proactively. The harsh lessons of "Hunt the Man Down" reverberate quite somberly making it quite clear how absurd and damaging revenge can be, how pernicious and permanently devastating the hatred coursing through a personal vendetta can truly be.