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Great Expectations (2014) HD online

Great Expectations (2014) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Comedy
Original Title: Great Expectations
Director: Jared Andrew Morgan
Writers: Lily Spencer,Jade Alexander
Released: 2014
Budget: AUD 5,000
Duration: 3min
Video type: Movie
In the not too distant future, Australia has a big problem. The Great Barrier Reef is just not 'Great' anymore. People are complaining, tourists are unhappy, and finally the department of Fair Trading has stepped in. How will our heroes keep the tourist dollars flowing to a park that is just.. not that 'great' anymore? GREAT EXPECTATIONS is a comical tale of how to market a reef. After you've destroyed it...
Credited cast:
Jade Alexander Jade Alexander - Sarah
Chris Csabonyi Chris Csabonyi - Shane
Anthony Hunt Anthony Hunt - Barry
Felicity Jurd Felicity Jurd - Linda (as Felicity Josling)
Aaresh Madon Aaresh Madon - Neil
Giles Roberts Giles Roberts - Stu

In the top five films for the Reef Reels Competition screened at TropFest '14.

The presiding judge of the Reef Reels Competition was Morgan Spurlock. He said of the film: "We live in such a world of branding and commercialism, this film makes you laugh at the reality that soon enough, the reef make actually not be so "great".