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P.C.H. (1995) HD online

P.C.H. (1995) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Comedy / Romance / Thriller
Original Title: P.C.H.
Director: Nelson McCormick
Writers: Gianni Russo
Released: 1995
Duration: 1h 32min
Video type: Movie
Out at Pacific Coast University, five students living in the same apartment building go through personal trials. Stacey was a famous volleyball player and fashion model once; now she's in semi-hiding, and someone from her past is stalking her. Serena, a pre-med student from East LA, is losing her scholarship because PCU is cutting back. Joe, fresh from the East Coast, is hiding something from his famous father, and Randy is searching for something to help him define himself apart from his rich dad. Polly just wants a roommate and a friend. Everything comes to a head during a charity volleyball game set up by Jake their landlord, who's a local restaurateur.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Jack Scalia Jack Scalia - Daniel St. Germain
Sally Kellerman Sally Kellerman - Counsellor
Elliott Gould Elliott Gould - Randy's Father
Casper Van Dien Casper Van Dien - Randy
Jacqueline Collen Jacqueline Collen - Stacey Addison
Kimberly E. Goltry Kimberly E. Goltry - Becky
Catherine Lazo Catherine Lazo - Serena Gomez
Mushond Lee Mushond Lee - Joe
Ria Pavia Ria Pavia - Polly
Ernie Reyes Jr. Ernie Reyes Jr. - Koji (as Ernie Reyes)
Gianni Russo Gianni Russo - Jake Mondello
Anna Lobell Anna Lobell - Anna
Luciano Antonio Russo Luciano Antonio Russo - Johnny
Marcie Smolin Marcie Smolin - Manny
Dan Romero Dan Romero - Detective Marino

Reviews: [11]

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    This movie was just too deep for me. Too many intricate sub-plots. The gay black man with the crazy ugly chick, the computer hacking asian who was constantly helping out the FBI, the single parent Southern lounge singer, Casper van Dien and his relationship with the Mexican pe-med student (I think this was an episode of 90210 as well), the picture of Denise richards on the cover of the box and her being in the movie for 15 minutes. And then you at the end you find out there is a volleyball sub-plot. A model teams up with Van Dien, the Mexican and the gay black guy and they beat the beach all stars. Then this guy commits suicide. Unfortunately the Asian was not involved in this scene.
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    Despite the lack of logic present in the storyline, Kill Shot is a highly enjoyable film. Through a moving performance Kasper Van Dien brilliantly portrays the emotional rift between a hard working wealthy father and his misguided son. Each member of the supporting cast pitches in with a solid performance, highlighted by the vivid acting of a young asian man whose name I cannot recall. A shockingly tragic ending may unnerve some younger viewers, but as a whole Kill Shot truly delivers a death blow.
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    I was under the immpression that Denise would be in this film as a main character, but instead was in the film for about ten minutes as that guys girlfriend. The film turned out to be the typical American beach movie but with no real effort into making it any different. It could have been pretty good, but turned out pretty crap
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    It's like a bad 80s TV show got loose and tried to become a soft-core porn movie. Oh my god was it bad. The plots of each character had little relevance. The plot itself wasn't anything to speak of. Something about a stalker, I guess. In the end he shoots himself? It's not really clear, but somehow there's a volleyball game involved. And the main character (Randy) sleeps around a lot. The only reason my friends rented this movie was because Casper Van Dien was in it, and they ended up wanting to fast forward to the scenes with him in it, which were barely watchable at that. Thank god I didn't spend any money on it, but I want that hour of my life back.
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    Mitars Riders

    This movie's origins are a mystery to me, as I only know as much as IMDB did before I rented it. I assume that before "Starship Troopers", "Killshot" was one of the countless unaired pilots that never made it to network, cable, or otherwise. The new title of "Kill Shot" is comically thrown into the opening sequence, the first of many quick clues that this was not ever intended for the cinema. The quick cuts, cheesy "Melrose Place" music, and short 2-second close-up candid shots of the main actors let you know what you're in for.

    And I don't mind at all. I rented this movie seeing the repackaging that puts Casper Van Dien and Denise Richards on the cover in front of a volleyball net thinking it would be funny to see them in a movie besides the SciFi travesty of Starship Troopers (an excellent book, in my opinion, not so hot a movie - but that's another review). After looking it up on IMDB, my roommate and I surmised that the pilot was dragged up after the apparent success of Troopers and Richards own career (see Bond-Girl and Wild Things references here). They threw in a sex scene involving a minor character to reach the coveted R-rated status - coveted in suspense Video Rental sections, that is. In any event, they should have left it unrated if you're trying to sell it in the suspense/softcore porn section.

    All in all, it's entertaining. I hate to spoil the fun of telling you it's a TV pilot, though. That was the biggest pull while watching it - when you expect a cinematic movie and get a TV show, the differences between them make themselves more clear than usual.

    Would I rent it again? No. Would I watch this TV show? Well, why not - it's better than Baywatch. And their meager attempts at hitting all demographics would have done well back in the mid 90s. Token black guy (who's gay to avoid the TV taboo of inter-racial dating), token Asian (Japanese, I assume from the name Koji) more adept at science and computers than talking to women, beautiful, intelligent Latina pre-med student who has everything going for her except her family's bank account - this show probably would have done ok.

    But as a movie it just cracks me.

    I gave it a 7 out of 10, considering what it was and what it was forced to become. It made for a very enjoyable evening, and that's all I ask of rentals.
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    The volleyball genre is strangely overlooked by most screenwriters. Thankfully, highly acclaimed director Nelson McCormick has brought us the second best volleyball movie of all time (rated lower than Side Out and higher than, well, umm). However, don't let the cover of this movie decieve you. Kill Shot stars up and coming star Koji as a modern day Sherlock Holmes. Using such high-tech gadgets as a computer that is less powerful than my Gameboy, Koji is able to aid FBI agents in the tracking of a man who has not committed any obvious crime. While there are other actors in the movie, including brief cameos by Denise Richards, a gay negro, and a preposterously ugly and annoying girl, Koji carries this movie on his own. Any fan of movies such as The Matrix or Hackers will definitely love Kill Shot.
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    "Kill Shot" was originally the 1995 pilot to a potential TV series called "PCH," as in Pacific Coast Highway. It stars Kimberly Goltry, Jacqueline Collen, Casper Van Dien, Denise Richards (in a small role) & many others and is similar in tone to Baywatch, but with less beach antics. The project was unfortunately shelved and didn't surface until its release on DVD in 2001.

    Denise was 23-24 years old when this was shot and looks great. Some complain about her small role (limited to the first 15 minutes or so), but she does appear and, besides, there are plenty of other noteworthy women to be found, some more beautiful than Denise. More importantly, the characters are likable and the story keeps your interest.

    As far as the "more beautiful" women go, "Kill Shot" is worth picking up just for the stunningly gorgeous Kimberly Goltry. Kimberly plays Becky, a single-mother Southern belle trying to relocate in S. Cal. and eke out a living as a night club singer.

    Kimberly wasn't only physically gorgeous, she had a star quality and genuineness not unlike, say, Marilyn Monroe, albeit more intelligent, not to mention better looking. Unfortunately Kimberly turned in the acting towel not long after "PCF" was shelved, but at least we have this gift (the "Kill Shot" DVD) to eternally behold her awesome beauty and talents.

    Not only is the cast likable, much of the acting is notable, which is surprising since this is an unrealized series pilot. For instance, Ria Pavia and Mushond Lee have a night scene on the beach that comes off so natural it's like witnessing real life.

    Jack Scalia, as the trouble-maker from Stacey's past, also displays some great acting in a harrowing scene at the climax that ends in a surprising and shocking way.

    FINAL SAY: Don't listen to the grumps. "Kill Shot" is a worthwhile TV movie detailing the fun times, drama and suspense of life on the Southern Cal coast.

    The DVD runs 92 minutes and is inexplicably rated 'R' for brief/tame nudity that's tastefully done. And there's no potty language. It's more like PG or PG-13.
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    To me this movie actually seemed like a TV series pilot because of the abundance of characters, attention to the detail of their lives and the fact that the sub plots didn't always connect. Later I found out on Casper Van Dien's message board, it WAS a pilot later souped up to be a stand alone movie. The back cover synopsis talks about a stalker guy threatening a bunch of college kids. The ACTUAL plot felt a lot like "Freshman Dorm." The stalker was a very tiny part of the movie and was only directed at one of the characters. If you want a light thriller, mostly focusing on the lives of its characters, give it a look-see!
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    Man, this was hilarious. It should be under COMEDY. Or STUPID. It would have made realizing what a pile of stank this was much easier. Seriously? I want anyone associated with this movie tased, effective immediately. For everyone who is thinking of watching this "movie", let''s go over a few plot points. Oh, wait. There aren't any. There is literally no plot. I think Casper Van Dien was bored, and he decided to film something with some random someones, and miraculously, it somehow got on videotape. This movie is literally the worst movie of all time. Don't believe me? Go watch it. Do it, man. I dare you. But be prepared to gouge your eyes out. If you can sit through this without blowing a cow, you are very strong and courageous.
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    Of all movies (and I'm a film graduate, if that's worth anything to you), this is THE WORST movie I have ever seen. I know there are probably some worse ones out there that I just haven't seen yet, but I have seen this, and this is the worst. A friend and I rented it one night because Denise Richards was on the cover. Talk about being young and retarded. She's uncredited! Her role was unbelievably small! How did she make it on the cover!? IMDb doesn't even list it in her filmography. This movie was so bad, we wrote a little note to the video store when we returned it, and slipped it inside the case. It read something like "please save your further customers from having to view this complete and totally bad movie!"
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    This movie will confuse you to death. Furthermore, if your a Denise Richards' fan, don't even think of renting this movie. Besides getting top billing by being on the cover and about 10 minutes of air time if that, she has nothing to do with the movie or the many messed up plots.