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Huo zhu gui (1989) HD online

Huo zhu gui (1989) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Comedy / Horror / Romance
Original Title: Huo zhu gui
Director: Wu Ma
Writers: Hon Keung Ng,Kai-Chi Yuen
Released: 1989
Duration: 1h 30min
Video type: Movie
A firefighter savages a spiritual shrine from an old burning building, which releases the gentle ghost of a Chinese opera singer who was killed in a stage fire 30 years before. Grateful for saving her spirit, the ghost falls for the firefighter and will stop at nothing to protect him from impending evil.
Cast overview:
Kenny Bee Kenny Bee - Chien
Carol 'Do Do' Cheng Carol 'Do Do' Cheng - Ling
Wu Ma Wu Ma - Ma Hou-Pao
Yin San Lai Yin San Lai - Piu-Hung
James Wong James Wong - Blindman Chan
Wing-Cho Yip Wing-Cho Yip - Fatty
James Tien James Tien - Commissioner
Blackie Shou Liang Ko Blackie Shou Liang Ko - First Taxi Driver
Chau Sang Lau Chau Sang Lau - Second Taxi Driver
Mo Yuen Mo Yuen - Opera Actor
Tak Yuen Tak Yuen - Opera Actor
Sung-Hao Hsu Sung-Hao Hsu - Opera Actor

Reviews: [3]

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    The lead actress for this ghost movie is Miss Lai Yin San, who was the 1st Miss Asia Pacific. She appears in almost every scene in the movie, making the movie interesting. In fact, in the movie poster, she lay seductively right across the poster. The question is, why IMDB doesn't mention her name? Other cast like Dodo Cheng, Kenny Bee and Wu Ma were merely there as supporting roles. Well, Lai Yin San was an extremely beautiful ghost seeking revenge by killing men using her seductive ability. She managed to kill many men, until she met a fireman who was protected by another ghost (Dodo Cheng). Through out the whole movie you'll see Lai Yin San seducing people, and being hurt by Dodo Cheng. I couldn't say more on how beautiful she is, if you need her pictures, email me. I have tons of them. This movie is good because of Lai Yin San. No question!
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    The literal English translation for this movie's title is "Fire Ghost," which is a bit misleading since you would expect some sort of fire demon to pop up with a title like that. The English title is Burning Sensation, which suits the movie better as this is a ghost comedy with a romantic touch.

    Carol 'Do Do' Cheng plays the female lead Ling, a ghost whose memorial shrine was recovered by firefighter Chien (Kenny Bee) and, as repayment, she vows to protect him. Their initial friendship turns to romance as the movie progresses into what is a hopelessly-in-love tale between the two. But, what really makes this film interesting is the evil ghost of seductress Piu-Hung played by Yin San Lai, who lures men to their deaths and has her eyes set on Chien. What results is a battle between the good ghost Ling and the evil ghost Piu-Hung, throwing cat fights and magic at each other, which is the highlight of the film I thought.

    Ma Wu has a supporting role as Chien's brother, Ma Hou-Pao, who is a DJ and loves mahjong - there is a scene in the film where he plays the game with three pals, which really has nothing to do with the plot but was probably added as a comedy source or as a filler scene.

    The acting was decent and the music score was good. The plot was somewhat well-paced, though, there were some loose ends toward the end. For example, the scene toward the climax with the repeat of Ling's past was not elaborated upon very well. But, overall, it's a decent film - not as fun as the vampire comedies, but still good entertainment.

    Grade B
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    Fireman hears a woman scream in a fire and runs into to the burning building to save her but come out with the memorial plaque of a dead actress. The ghost wants to repay the debt and tries to help the fireman especially after he loses his job.

    Romance silliness and Purple Rose of Cairo style madness ensues. Fair comedy plays at times like an I dream of Jeanie episode stretched or some other form of TV sitcom. What is this doing as a movie, since its little more than something you see on TV? I don't know. Not bad but not really good and ultimately disposable.

    5 out of 10. Mindless and forgettable