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Nice Guys Finish Dead (2001) HD online

Nice Guys Finish Dead (2001) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Adventure / Comedy / Thriller
Original Title: Nice Guys Finish Dead
Director: Robert E. Ball Jr.
Writers: Robert E. Ball Jr.
Released: 2001
Video type: Movie
Cast overview:
Bentley Mitchum Bentley Mitchum - Captain Tom 'Tomcat' Katowski
Taylor Bernard Taylor Bernard - Eve
Cec Verrell Cec Verrell - Shauna
Nicolas Kelly Nicolas Kelly - Spike
Erik Davis Erik Davis - Vince (as Eric Davis)

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    Little known film by military documentary filmmaker Robert Ball Jr. Robert tries his hand at comedy, producing a gem as dark as it is funny. Imagine two gorgeous women who, when marooned with an ex marine on an island, slowly shift into bitch-autopilot as they virtually devour and destroy our good-natured boy scout piece by piece while he tries in vain to save their lives. Stuck together on a beach, the two women move from gratitude towards their would-be rescuer to utter malice and contempt, using their sexual power as a means of dominance over this man, who judging by his behavior, is either a virgin or latent homosexual. Plenty of dick jokes and slaps at white-trash culture, as the lead female fondly recounts her time with her abusive, alcoholic boyfriend now washed ashore in a heap of drowned flesh. It's a disgusting movie at times, morally reprehensible and 66.6% of the personae dramatics lack one redeeming quality, other than their generous physical attributes. Over all, great script with tons of cheap-shots for even the most schadenfreude oriented viewers.