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Bone Sickness (2004) HD online

Bone Sickness (2004) HD online
Language: English
Category: Creative Work / Horror
Original Title: Bone Sickness
Director: Brian Paulin
Writers: Brian Paulin
Released: 2004
Budget: $3,000
Duration: 1h 38min
Video type: Creative Work
Kristen is caring for her Terminally ill husband who is suffering from a degenerative bone disease. With no cure available she turns to a friend to help find an alternative form of medicine that has unimaginable side effects.
Credited cast:
Kevin Barbare Kevin Barbare - Inspector Seacrest
Griff Brohman Griff Brohman - Drunken Party Zombie (as Griffen Brohman)
Brian DeClercq Brian DeClercq - Swat & Zombie
Rich George Rich George - Alex McNetti
Ernest Hutcherson Ernest Hutcherson - Chief Inspector
Lorna Hutcherson Lorna Hutcherson - Mrs. Clancey (neighbor)
Ruby Larocca Ruby Larocca - Andrea Granger
Anthony Menna Anthony Menna - Swat & Zombie
Brian Paulin Brian Paulin - Thomas Granger
Christopher P. Reilly Christopher P. Reilly - Graveyard Cop
Darya Zabinski Darya Zabinski - Kristen McNetti

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    This movie had no point what so ever and did not make any sense at all. I personally bought this movie off ebay with the expectations of seeing a great zombie movie, Boy was i shocked. I guess you must give the guys credit with the low budget they had to work with but that gives for no reason for a dumb story, The special effects were OK but the zombies were all rotten with perfectly normal hands.. "why didn't the hands rot" If the movie made sense it would probably be OK but man my 4 year old could write a better story.. For you gore fans I'm sure you will enjoy and thats about all there is to enjoy about this movie,,I'm not by any means being degrading towards the writer and or director of this film I'm just speaking my piece of mind, I'm sure with the way this movie is advertised,there will be a lot of unhappy buyers expecting a movie with a great storyline, Personally i give this movie a 10 for gore and i give it a 2 for story...
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    this is the lamest thing i've ever seen..i suppose the comments on it such as "what a great old school zombie movie" and other junks are written by people involved in the production.i cannot imagine that someone who considers himself as a reasonable person can give a higher vote than 1.actually i do not think the movie deserves even 1,it's mostly like -10. there's no plot,there's no acting,there's no even one decent character conversation,the zombies are awful,the filming is the worst part.the camera man is putting his heart into the attempt to film almost everything else except the actors. yes,there are fountains of blood and piles of guts,which look totally fake.there's only one decent scene in which the sick husband spits worms.nothing else.'s just a crap,shot in someone's backyard,and i've wasted more than 90 minutes of my life to watch it.don't make the same mistakes...
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    Whoa. Stop. Don't rent this. Don't buy this. Don't watch this!

    What do you think you're going to get? 1. Good gore? No. Sure there is lots and lots of bloody violence, but for the most part it's just prop dummies being ripped apart while copious amounts of watery blood squirt in all directions. The kills are all awful, just basically a character falling over and then a close up of a body part being ripped open. Even the one or two deaths that are a bit creative are totally ruined by a $5 budget. 2. Clever writing? No. Don't even try to figure this plot out. By the end you won't be sure if it's black magic, zombies, or demons. Little if anything makes any sense from one scene to the next-- there is simply no point to listing all the plot holes and inconsistencies. The entire story is one big "WTF?". The ending is no exception. Shave off the entire last half hour and the movie actually makes more sense. 3. Hot sex? No. The girls have a distinct 'hired for their willingness to show skin' feel to them. There are some boobs and even some full-frontal shots, but certainly no sex and hardly anything you might call 'sexy'. For those ladies out there, let's just say the guys all looked like closet child molesters. 4. Some good laughs? No. Perhaps the worst part of the movie is its serious tone. No jokes, no tongue-in-cheek moments that let you know the people involved weren't taking themselves too seriously. Quite the opposite: the movie is extremely heavy-handed and dreary.

    So what IS good about this movie? Not too much. I would say it's got one or two 'gross out' moments that are memorable, and maybe one or two 'gotcha' type scares. These small shining moments are completely drowned in a sea of boring dialog, pointless events, and nonsensical actions. I can't stress enough that nothing makes any sense.

    I can't think of any reason I'd ever want to watch this again, nor can I imagine a scenario where I would recommend i
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    This film looks bad, sounds bad, acted bad, edited horribly and even has the worst gore i have ever seen. The blood was like kool Aid. I have no idea how this movie was ever sold. Brian Paulin can't write, direct, edit, act or even light a scene.

    You can always hear static and the sound of the cameras motor.

    Stay away from this film. It is no better than some 12 year old's youtube movie.

    He can't edit a film the movie has no L-Cut and terrible scene changes.

    Don't think this is some unfair review by some jerk. I love b-movies i am a fangoria fan (JasonVoorhees665) this movie was just plane bad.
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    I love horror movies and in general: Zombieflicks. Then one beautiful day I read about this film here on IMDb and it had a score of 5,3 points on the rate-o-meter. Well...I rent or buy movies after looking at this rate-o-meter because 95% of the time,I agree with it... Not this time!!!! This film is so bad that it's only.....bad. OK!There's much gore and some nudity here,but the gore is so bad made that even my brother,who's 10,can make it better. We get a lot of references to evil dead,dawn of the dead etc.etc.,but hey; Sam Raimi and Romero knew what they were doing and I think they had a lot of fun making their movies. These people didn't! Bad acting,bad editing,bad fx; in general: It's all bad. Even the nudity is bad! This movie makes "Day of the dead" look like a Oscarwinning film. 0 out of 10. Go and see "Shaun of the dead" instead!!!
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    This is my second run-in with a Brian Paulin film - I have yet to be impressed. The first film I watched was DEAD GIRL ON FILM, a snuff-themed snooze-fest with one or two decent scenes. BONE SICKNESS is slightly better, as the gore is amped-up and there's some decent nudity - but visually, it still looks like a cam-corder crap-fest, not to mention the fact that director Brian Paulin should NEVER be let in front of the camera...

    Some guy is dying from a degenerative bone disease, Paulin is his pal that works at a morgue and keeps him supplied with corpse-marrow and other strange concoctions to keep him alive, but it doesn't work right and zombies start appearing everywhere. The rest is a blur of Andreas Schnaas-style gory retardation that doesn't really deserve much mention...

    I had been waiting for this film for quite a while, and honestly - I wish I'd never heard of it. The only thing of ANY note on display are the few decent gore scenes that don't look totally fake. Acting? Atrocious. Paulin looks like a poor man's Philip Seymour Hoffman, but with none of the talent and a horrible hair-do. He's not the only one - NO ONE in this film has a lick of acting talent. Some of the gore FX are OK...but the film is so utterly amateurish as a whole, that only fans of uber-micro-budget cinema will enjoy this mess. Sorry kids, I'm a gore fan as much as (or more) than the next guy - but there has to be a bit more than that in a film to make it worthwhile. I got really nothing else to say about this, except it pretty much blows. I've seen worse - but BONE SICKNESS is a tired film in a tired genre - and honestly - it took me four viewings just to make it through this - so I'm just tired...I just pray that FETUS is better than this crap...3/10
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    1988 all over again. The quality of this movie is awful compared to what can be done with video cameras these days. VHS quality seems topnotch compared to this picture. The story ? What story ? The so-called "Bone Sickness" is not described in detail neither is the person who's supposed to have it.... This movie can best be avoided at all costs. The acting is horrible, the effects are even worse. Brian Paulin probably is still a student at some academy, for sure not the film academy ... What more can be said about this stinker ? Best nothing ... Long hair dudes with a pony, 'nuff said ? Plastic bags to portray organs ? Guys with ripped coats playing zombies ? Porn actress trying to act with her clothes on ? This movie sucks and those who made it know it but try to achieve a high score by commenting on their own sh.t ...
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    This movie is a pile of Dung, and most of these comments are probably from cast members and family members. AVOID AVOID AVOID, unless you like overweight naked women, and terrible dialogue delivered in a horrific New England accent. Editing and Pacing? What are those?? Crapola, avoid like VD. Would it kill these people to actually hire more than 14 friends and family? I have seen way better low budget horror. Blair Witch comes to mind, spent 40K, it grossed over 140 million! the FX here were ridiculous and fake looking, unless you like splashed Kool-Aid on everything, then you would be in luck here. Next time, get some local actors, not the girl who you got lucky with. And with the exception of the redhead, every girl in this movie should really keep their clothes on!!!
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    I'll keep this review generally informal, just to get across what one would likely want to know about this film before viewing it.

    First off, this film is an absolute piece of garbage by the conventional standards of mainstream cinema. It is poorly acted, poorly scripted, poorly lit (ex. green dollar store light bulbs), the story is quite weak, etc. I also warn you, this film is ultra low budget, and it LOOKS low budget. Yes, this is one of the ones that you can tell was shot on a cheap digital camera. It has that video feel and atmosphere, so don't expect even B movie quality video, as this one's Z grade all the way.

    With all that said, this film is very enjoyable for the right audience. It is an absolute gem for horror fans that can look past, or even enjoy a film that has that low budget charm. If you want to watch a film that puts gore before everything else, this is a great choice. We get many gore gags throughout the first chunk of the film, and then towards the end, we get a massive (MASSIVE!) payoff of cheap but very well done splatter. The zombies are of the slow, clunky, Fulci variety, and the gore is slimy, dirty, gooey, bright, splattery, etc. It gets really gross.

    To wrap this up, this is a film for low budget splatter fans who have already experienced the likes of all the classic gore films. This one is for those who want to dig a little deeper and explore cheap, low budget splatter by the lesser known and established film makers. It's for people who highly regard the classic gore (not that it's all about the gore) of a Romero, Jackson, Raimi, Argento, Fulci, etc, but can also have a lot of fun with the likes of Olaf Ittenbach type splatter flicks.
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    A lot of bashing on this movie. I get it. It is a snooze fest for the first half of the flick. The acting is pretty generic, to be polite..but polite I must be since the ending is so gory, so brutal, so shocking in it's arrival that it is a thing of unexpected beauty for gore-hounds. I tried watching director Brian Paulin's "Fetus"..couldn't get into it..never finished it. This though? Wow man, how any zombie or gore fan could dump on a movie like this when we're given such a remarkably unexpected ending is beyond me. The zombie arrival is an absolute blast of violence and brutality I haven't seen in some time, perhaps ever. These zombies rampage through humanity with the force of evil itself riding shotgun. The screen is soaked in blood and organs. I even liked the reason for the for originality as the origin of these maniacal human hating undead swarms is brave and sinister. warned, you do have to tolerate the dreadful, slow slow burn of a beginning. It drags. The dumping on the girlfriend is pathetic as well. Darya Zabinski is a full figured busty actress and her body is far from obese. Very curvy and was refreshing to see a woman I found sexy with her clothes off in a movie for once. Zombie and gore fans worldwide respect and appreciate this movie...give it a shot.
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    This starts out normally with a twenty-something woman in New England taking care of her husband who has some kind of debilitating bone ailment with no known medical basis. Through failed trial and error the wife gets desperate enough to seek out her husband's mullet sportin' friend who brews up his own concoction from body parts of the recently laid to rest in the nearby graveyard that he works at.

    "Bone Sickness" gives its obvious cues and nods to Fulci's "City of the Living Dead" and "House by the Cemetery." This is the kind of account that only "makes sense" to those neck deep in the horror genre...and with a history of mental disorders to boot. If the audience really attempted to sit down and think about if point A matches up with point B, or if their anatomy teachers were lying to them, madness will probably take over. Can creepy crawlin' bugs really nest inside peoples' faces underneath easily ripped off skin and also come vomiting out of mouths, who knows? It can make for interesting visuals, but as more and more time goes by, the events taking place seem to get more and more diluted and a little more adventurous than the filmmakers can scurry to handle.

    "Bone Sickness" is an excuse for carnage and catered towards surrealism. The atmosphere drips, slimes, smells and ultimately disgusts like any old school horror movie enthusiast would crave--myself included. This is about excess and exaggeration, though the pacing is something that needed tweaking as the flow--even with all its head slicings, neck gashes, gut munching and nudity going on--doesn't steadily captivate one's attention span or put one right there in the mix. Though it's still more effective than, say, "Das Komabrutale Duell."

    The sound effects range from Italian horror style to stock haunted house. The special make-up effects can be effective, plenty and downright juicy; though due to budget limitations you might see the occasional recognizable food item as well as more "frozen" victims than you can count that just stand or lay there ready to be taken alive through premeditated gore traps. This is unconventional cinema on the low-budget end--shot on video, poor lighting, camera humming--though this isn't, for instance, like "Tetsuo," "Premutos," "Schramm," "Naked Blood," "House on Tombstone Hill" or "Bad Taste" where the production values were pitiful, but the out-there stories were translated with more refined and captivating creativity that could lock you in without looking back or questioning why this or that was done or if you should hit fast-forward to speed it up.
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    I've recently read a review of this picture that said: "The acting in this low-budget, independent zombie film is actually surprisingly good. All of the actors and actresses (who get completely naked!) actually give great performances and it is obvious that they really worked hard to make sure they delivered the best performance possible. Not only was there great acting..." I had to laugh. Look, I'm all for giving kudos where kudos are due...but the acting in this picture was not wasn't even decent. Here is a problem with indie movies...people actually think this caliber of acting is good. Acting is just as important as lighting or sound...if its bad, the movie suffers. And it does...suffer.

    Like I said, I'll give kudos where they are deserved: the gore and makeup effects in Bone Sickness are incredibly good, given the micro-budget it was shot with. Makeup artists should take note of Paulin's detail and execution. Excellent job in this category.

    Another area this movie excels is in the nudity. I don't know how Paulin managed to get multiple cute girls completely naked...but he did, and I don't think they were strippers. Gore and nudity sells horror films...and the nudity in this film is a great bonus. Too bad the lead girl has to lay down to show her boobs...they are huge, and should have been shown with her standing up, not on her back. I suppose they must sag, and this was the most flattering of positions...but still, they are too big to not see standing up. The red head in the film had an especially nice figure, and she got fully nude...excellent! It's ashame that other than the nudity, gore effects, and makeup...the movie slouches to a 1 star picture. The camera they shot it on wasn't very good (certainly not HD), and the DP and lighting designer (if they had one) didn't know how to optimize picture quality. There were also far too many slow motion effects, which looked horrible and digitized--if it looks bad, don't do it, unless you absolutely have to. Paulin uses slow-mo nearly a dozen times...and they all look like crap.

    The sound was passable, but still suffered from your typical no-budget film issues: blips, background noise jumping up and down, inaudible dialog...I don't imagine they used a boom once (I could be wrong).

    Paulin...take my advice. Go to Hollywood and be a makeup artist--you'll do quite well for yourself. Don't direct pictures. Yes, they may sell because your gore and nudity are awesome...but the movies, storyline, acting, lighting and sound need a lot of work. It's really sad that you not only cast yourself as one of the leads, but it's even sadder that you're the most natural actor in the cast (which isn't saying much).

    Sorry about the bad review. I think you need to drop directing, and focus on what you're good at: gore and makeup.
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    Bone Sickness starts as Kristen (Darya Zabinski) gives her sick husband Alex (Rich George) a potion concocted by their friend Thomas (Brian Paulin) to try & keep him alive, with no insurance & nothing the doctor's can do Alex is on the verge of death from some disease which decays bones. Unfortunately Thomas has been using bones from bodies he has dug up from graveyards & as such they are infected with parasites (look I didn't write this crap, OK?) which turns Alex's insides into maggots & worms which he starts to puke up & sh*t out when he goes to the toilet. Then for no reason whatsoever all the bodies in the graveyard come back to life as flesh eating zombies & start to kill & eat everyone...

    Bone Sickness is pretty much a homemade film shot on a camcorder principally by Rich George & Brian Paulin, virtually every credit during the end goes to one or both of them from staring in it to editing it, filming it, building the sets, doing the special effects & just about everything else including the stunt driving! You know sometimes we take things for granted, little things like films which make sense & are well made so when a film as truly dire & amateurish as Bone Sickness comes along it makes you appreciate universally hated & panned films like Catwoman (2004) just that little bit more. First off lets talk about the story in Bone Sickness or rather the complete lack of it, things seemingly happen at random, virtually nothing is explained let alone makes any sense, the plot twists are terrible (when the guy gets an axe in his head at the start Alex was sick in bed so it couldn't have been him), there's no sense of time or location & as for the final ten minutes in the graveyard when those devil looking type creatures appear the film completely loses the viewer & becomes one of the biggest messes in film history. Bone Sickness is a disaster, it's a amateur homemade horror film that is really, really bad in every way although the fact that the final thirty or forty minutes is wall to wall gore prevents the dreaded 1 star out of 10, it's just a shame the gore effects are so poor.

    From a film-making point of view Bone Sickness is a mess & as bad as any film you will ever see, enthusiasm for the genre just isn't enough. I mean I could make a horror film on my camcorder using my friends & family, does that automatically mean it should get released on DVD & mean people actually want to watch it? No, I didn't think so. The lighting is horrible, the photography is strictly point & shoot with no close-ups or establishing shots which gives it a really horrible choppy feel, the editing is poor & he never knows when to cut away & the special effects are terrible with the worst looking fake blood I've ever seen, it's more like red water. To give some credit where it's due there are plenty of gore, from ripped off arms, intestine eating, autopsy scenes, stomachs being ripped open, branches stuck in peoples necks, throat biting, face melting, babies ripped from pregnant women, head smashing, decapitations, bodies cut in half, rotten zombies, lots of red water sorry I mean blood splashed about everywhere, people blown up with grenades, people shot, heads ripped in half both vertically & horizontally & all sorts of bodily mutilation but it all just looks so poor & a lot of the same effects are repeated more than once. There's a disgusting moment when Alex spews up a load of worms, real worms so the poor guy actually had to hold them in his mouth to shoot the scene. He also eats them back up again, two scenes which are hard to watch if your squeamish but when you think about it nothing more extreme than what the Jackass & Dirty Sanchez boys do. The film looks awful as well with poor photography shot on a camcorder & probably edited on a home PC movie making software package.

    The IMDb lists the budget for Bone Sickness as a mere $3,000 which if true is an incredibly small amount to make a 90 odd minute film on, no matter how bad it is. The makers certainly get my congratulations for sticking with it & making a film on that sort of money but it's still absolutely awful in every respect. There's a constant buzz on the soundtrack which is noticeably out of sync at times & the whole film is just so amateurish it becomes a real chore to sit through. The acting is awful & among the worst ever committed to film, seriously these people are obviously just friends & family of George & Paulin.

    Bone Sickness is one of the poorest, most badly made films I've ever seen & that's no exaggeration. The story is none existent & makes no sense & it's incredibly hard to sit through, one worm puking scene is the only gross thing here since all the other effects are so poor. The sort of film which literally leaves you speechless.
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    This movie isn't horrifying because it instills a sense of lingering dread. It's not horrifying because it grabs you with its fast dizzying pace and action. It's just bad. The acting is what you can expect from a self-published D-grade zombie movie. The script honestly seemed to be improvised. Not even the eponymous bone sickness is given a name. The movie even starts with some pretty obvious (and very bad) stock sound effects. What thin inconsequential boring veneer of plot there is smothered in a deluge of zombie gore that very honestly gets very boring very fast. It drags on and on and it never ends and there's a brief respite and it keeps on dragging along until it wears at any desire - Wait! Some exposition! Then it just goes back to where it was, and it's horrifying that anyone thought the gore sequences should make so much of the movie. Apply my summary's advice to them.

    One of the movie's actresses bears her breasts in it and they aren't necessarily bad looking. The "plot" half of the movie is bearable, if completely aimless. There is one scene that has a legitimate shred of a scrap of genuine suspense in it (spoiler: it's a dream sequence). Also, there's a stunt involving a car. For those shallow reasons, it's getting a three out of ten.
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    Zeus Wooden

    This Movie is amazing. It is a nonstop zombie gore, wormy maggot vomit, flesh ripping, blood spray, peppered with assault riffle fire and flashes of nudity. If these things interest you, as they clearly interest Brian Paulin and friends, you won't be bored or disappointed. It is a true contemporary exploitation masterpiece and exploits its strong suite zealously.

    It has a special place in my movie collection.

    the negative reviews... Since the early days of video your average schmuck looks for an attractive box with some catchy words on the back at the local video place, picks it up, takes a chance and gets all butt hurt if the production value isn't top notch. Unable to make the imaginative stretch lower budget realities demand, most cult jewels escape them. Fortunately for me this schmuck still contributed to the make more stuff like Bone Sickness fund.

    One could make an exhaustive list of technical issues to criticize or creative decisions you disagree with, but that would only rob you of the chance to experience something truly exceptional.

    Brian Paulin and his cohorts are insane to even attempt a project of this scope. I'm Glad they did. Bone Sickness brings tears to your eyes, laughter to your belly and wood to your pants all at once.
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    Bone Sickness is an obvious no-brainer from the start. With a title like that, it's likely anyone gearing up to watch the movie has certain expectations about what follows. The seasoned horror viewer might. Or rather, it should be an obvious indication, had it been a better written movie to explain the details of the sickness that has inflicted one young man (and the home-made cure appears to be a mix of ground bone marrow and ground meat of corpses) in a low-budget zombie movie that has the feel of friends who shot somewhere in a small town where permits weren't necessary.

    But the gory details and probably are likely to earn this movie mention, despite their being something of an afterthought of intensity (as did the gratuitous nudity), at least according to the director in the Uncle Creepy interview that is included on the DVD. For anyone who doesn't find this a selling point, at most Bone Sickness should be watched in the company of less-than-sober friends purely for riffing entertainment.
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    BONE SICKNESS (2004) This one is the fan made cheap zombie movie to end all fan made cheap zombie movies. It starts out with a grave robbery (a little too dark) and a graphic Axe to the face. So far, so good. After the creepy credits, we meet Alex (Producer Rich George) and his wife Kristen (Darya Zabinski). Alex is very sick, and his wife is feeding him something to help his bones. This is her attempt at "alternative medicine". We know the crunchy things are not granola. Kristen snaps at Alex for puking. She goes to meet her grave robber,Tommy (Writer, director "Triple Threat" Brian Paulin), one of Alex's best pals. She uses a knife on the bones of the dead to extract the marrow, feeding it to Alex to cure his bone sickness. Meanwhile, two cops are on "spook patrol" at the graveyard when something breaks out the windows of their patrol car and murders them both. Lots of screaming and gouts of phony blood later, we see the investigation. Two cops and a night watchman have been murdered at the graveyard and someone's responsible! A detective stops Tommy in the graveyard as he is going about his gruesome work, but Tommy successfully lies to the cop and gets more bones for Alex to suck on. Lots of worms and bugs add to the overall creep factor in this scene. Tommy s wife Andrea uses the meat from the fridge to make hamburgers. I imagine that this is a big mistake. Mrs. Clancy, Andreas' nosy neighbor, fills her in on her hubby's activities, the nosy thing. There's a nice scene of Kristen giving Alex a bath, for being sick he sure is good looking! Refreshing to see some male nudity in these things for a change. With the size of the breasts on the women in this movie, I can see that there will be plenty of those things on display later! Did I say later? The nudity and gore are plentiful only twenty minutes in! Kristen has a dream where she's making love to the dead! So disgusting! Yay!! Now a completely gratuitous scene showing Alex on the toilet... pounding out...worms!!! Lots of them!! After puking tons of wormy puke, Poor Alex is freaking out. Oh its okay now, he's eating the worms he puked. More nudity, .....this is shaping up nicely.

    Forty Minutes in, we get our first Zombie. This one is a grave crawler, and he's pretty funky too. Well, howdy! Now the graveyard is filled with grave crawlers, ala "Return of the Living Dead" and they be a- shuffling". More gratuitous t and a, and we followers of Zombie movies know that a long sustained Zombie siege is imminent. Bring it on ! This is the first zombie attack in a pool that I have ever seen. Yup, all that nonsense about eating the dead really starts to pay off here for the second half. I can see that this is gonna be one Eyetie level zombie after another. The cops are SO stupid! The grue gets thick and deep here, with gunshots to the head, an Axe, and a circular saw variously employed to horrific effect. All sorts of obscurely motivated foolishness later, the zombies lay siege to Tommy and Andrea. These are definitely Fulci- type Zombies, not your Romero shufflers. (Which is okay with me, I love them all.) Alex, however, is now a living Zombie, a first for me. God, I love this movie ! There's all kinds of gooey horrific things going on here. The cops are SO stupid! But they ARE heavily armed. Are they making love or being eaten? It's hard to tell, but I like it. Guts spilling out, fevered dreams, gore galore. How nasty can it get? Woo Hoo! Arterial spray really makes my day. Buckets of blood. How long can the blood spray out after one has been decapitated? Not this long, I'm sure. This puts "Land of the Dead" to shame. Oh, this must be Alex....Sweet Revenge...Now Tommy's a living Zombie...This is more an homage to the Italian Zombie movies, bad acting and all...but, hey, at least they ACT.

    The ending is as wild a ride as I've ever seen. It switches abruptly into a Romero movie, complete with obviously risky amateur stunts and some of the most effective make up work I've ever seen in an amateur production.

    I urge all of you living suckers to check this one out.
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    I hardly ever check out a movie where I don't finish it if for nothing more than curiosity but this movie I stopped right before the end or so I guess because all the main characters were dead and the undead were taking over and I have to say this is the worst filmed most horribly directed gross special fx and had some of the worst actors and actresses that I have ever seen and I do love zombie movies but this thing reeked. I have almost 1,500 movies in my collection and am not hard to please the plot can lack a little the acting can lack a little even the special fx can lack but when you put all them together with zero taste you get a film like this (for crying out loud the guy had the runs and was squirting worms out of his butt against a wall while he was barfing up more worms than he laid down and ate them) if that ain't sick what is and thats basically how the movie flows with a lot of gross unrealistic fx even movies back in the forties had better fx.
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    This is the worst movie ever made. That is no exaggeration for effect; it is truly a disc shaped turd packaged as "an old school zombie movie". Who ever wrote anything positive about this tripe must be related to Brian Paulin, the moron who is the "writer/director". This is an example of what happens when a no talent hack has seen to many horror films, owns a video camera and lives near a Halloween supply store. I felt compelled to write this since I just saw on the Diabolik DVD site that they are selling an extended "director's cut". If this is a longer version of what I foolishly bought; then they need to show this to the prisoners at Gitmo. They would all confess. If I ever see Paulin at a horror convention I'm going to dog him until he gives me the money I shelled-out for this trash (plus the shipping cost)!
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    Well then, here it is, the goriest film in American history. A full-blast, pitch-black, living-dead, gore-fest, which, unlike most modern exploitation, will leave gorehounds completely satisfied. Yeah, it was shot on video, I know, it looks weird. Personally, I'm cool with it, but this s.o.v. badass will force nay sayers to overlook the obvious flaws like that as well as the $30 budget. Earth-shattering gore is one thing, but was the worm-vomiting really necessary? Oh yeah, it really, really was!!

    Alex has a rare bone disease, and pretty much, has no chance of living, he is looked after by his hot wife, Kristen, who is slowly losing hope. Eventually, Kristen seeks the help of Alex's friend, Thomas (the director), to help find a cure. Thomas's cure, you ask? Why, bones of course, yeah, bones of the dead will now be fed to the sickly Alex. You see, Thomas works in a morgue, so stuff like that is simple for good ol' Tom. Whatever you need, as long as dead bodies are involved. What's funny is that this bone-marrow medication is actually starting to work, yay for Alex!! What's not so funny is that the dead do not appreciate people stealing their bones, and they're just about ready to rise up and kill everybody in a really gory manner, apparently because they're all sore at Thomas. Actually that's pretty funny too.

    We certainly have a doozy on our hands here, don't we? The truth is, if any gore film has ever even remotely given Peter Jackson's Dead Alive a run for its money, well gang, here it is. Not only that, but Bone Sickness, aside from the gore, can actually be kind of interesting, and I know, why listen to me when there's already so many other negative reviews for this? All I can say is that those people are liars, and that they're all probably jealous because none of them could ever shoot something this awesome on video, or I don't know, they probably just don't dig stuff that was shot on video. But really, Bone Sickness is at least as good as Zombie '90: Extreme Pestilence, or at least a Todd Sheets film. If gory, living-dead epics with a hopeless vibe is your cup of tea, Burial Ground is also a must see. For something else from Brian Paulin, the maniac who directed this atrocity, check out Fetus. Well done Mr. Paulin, you have created one repulsive work of art that will, sooner or later, become legendary. Keep up the good work. 9/10
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    I really don't know what to say about this movie. And certainly nothing positive. I consider myself as a "hardcore" horror fan, and i have seen many horror movies, from good to bad, and since today to very bad.

    I'm a fan of Lucio Fulci, Dareo Argento, Ruggero Deadato to name a few of the "cult" horror masters. And as a Horror fan you know they made all some bad movies, but... they where still watchable.

    This movie however, is really so bad.. i couldn't watch till the end. I tried, i tried to watch till the end, but i failed. There's no plot, the acting is really bad, the sound is also bad.

    The special effects are OK, i must honestly say. And plenty of gore. But it's just not a movie for me..

    Because i'm a nice guy and in a good mood, i give this movie a big 1.
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    Let's not mince words here; Bone Sickness is a turd and there's no way around it. The acting is atrocious, the plot (really a convoluted mess of subplots) is really bad, and it seriously taxes one's ability to suspend disbelief. Half the time you're trying to figure out what's going on, the other half wondering why you even bother. That's all there is to it, straight up front, and aside from some marginally good gore gags, there is little to redeem it.

    That being said, this movie is one of those little gems in the genre that is so horrendously bad it's good. It may very well be a turd, but it's a turd with a quirky, unintentional charm. This is the type of movie you watch with a couple of your friends and a 6 pack or two and prepare to have a laughing good time. There are more "WTF" moments; creatively, visually, and plot wise; than you can even bother to count. From making theories as to just what the hell is happening, to trying to figure out the point of a particular character, to guessing what the writer/director was smoking when making this monstrosity of a bad movie; it's loads of roaring, unintentional fun.

    As I stated before, the gore is halfway decent as a bonus; with a few particular moment almost falling just shy of somewhat creative. This is not a good movie, not by a long-shot, but if you're looking for some sleazy garbage cinema to watch with your buddies and generally have a nice, good laugh, this is for you.
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    Well, this movie is a B-movie, no doubt about it. You know that right away when you noticed that both the producer and director is also on the acting list as starring in the movie themselves.

    Truth be told, then it is not the worst of low budget zombie movies that I have sat through. And for a movie of this particular caliber and budget, then the end result was actually fair.

    The story in "Bone Sickness" is about a guy who is suffering from a debilitating bone condition, and in an effort to help him recover and get cured, his wife and friend have come up with an alternative method in an attempt to save his life. But this method has dire consequences and brings along with it something that should be eternally asleep.

    I have to comment on the DVD cover though, because it is truly a great DVD cover, that is given no justice by the actual movie. And the cover is possibly as far as from the actual movie as you could get. The artwork on the cover is intriguing and interesting, which leads to an illusion that the movie is more than it actually is. So don't get suckered in by the DVD cover. And while on the topic of the DVD cover, then it says "special edition" as well. Wait? So there is more than one version of this movie. And just does this low budget movie offer on the "special edition" compared to the ordinary version? I am intrigued.

    There is a bit too much unnecessary and purposeless nudity throughout the movie, which just dragged the movie down a notch, to a level of immaturity and stupidity that the movie could have done without. It was just like watching a horror movie from the mid 1980's, just doesn't work well in even back in 2004.

    The acting in the movie, well, yeah, it was amateurish, but still, they did good enough jobs with their roles, and most importantly, seemed like they were in it for making a zombie movie. So thumbs up on that account.

    Effects-wise, then "Bone Sickness" is a low budget movie in every sense, and the effects are not overly great. But you have to admire the effort and creativity put into the movie. The zombies looked like something from the late 1970 to mid 1980's Italian zombie movies, so I suppose that is a matter of preference whether or not you like that. The scenes with the worms and insects was interesting and actually cool that they did them, but those scenes really didn't help the movie along all that much.

    The sound in the movie could have benefited from some better equipment or some post-production work. The sound was a little bit too gritty compared to the overall touch of the movie.

    Personally, then I didn't get the thing with having to show scorpions scuttling about. That had absolutely nothing to do with the story, nor did it help promote the storyline in any possible way.

    "Bone Sickness" is worth a single watching, especially if you are a fan of low budget zombie movies. However, if you are in it for a massive million dollar Hollywood budget production, you had best find your kicks elsewhere.
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    "Bone Sickness" is the epitome of zombie movies. This motion picture is a born classic and a piece of art. It is concrete proof, that there is more to movie production than silicone make-up and the size of your rendering farm.

    It is so low-budget that the experience of watching it is permeated with the feeling of weighing every dime before investing it. But in real film-making, it is not the size of your budget; it is how you use it. And here is a pure, clean-cut example of how SKILL will shine through in any movie.

    The movie is everything a horror movie should be, with lousy special effects, bad acting, cheap camera shots, etc. But somehow, this is ten times as stomach-churning and grizzly as either version of "Dawn of the Dead" or anything "...of the Dead" for that matter. The sound effects side is obviously crude, yet horribly effective.

    And the movie has one more thing that puts it way above most Zombie movies. It actually has a plot, a reason for dead people walking the streets. Something more than, "well, it just kind of happened..." or "gee, John, is that a radioactive meteorite I see in the sky, hurdling towards our little doomed planet?".

    I give this movie two thumbs up and a straight 10/10. If you want to be truly horrified on Friday the 13th, put this movie on after midnight.