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Working Class Nightmare (2011) HD online

Working Class Nightmare (2011) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Comedy
Original Title: Working Class Nightmare
Director: Jamal Joseph Jr.
Writers: Joel Davenport,Jamal Joseph Jr.
Released: 2011
Video type: Movie
It's another boring routine day in a suburban strip mall. Inside the local coffee shop HOPE (Elise Link) sings highly personalized and original folk music to her customers as she fetches their morning coffee. JESSIE (Aubrey Mozino), an angry social activist stands outside the coffee shop protesting the exploitation of coffee bean farmers while across the mall HAROLD (Josh Rasiel) and his modern warlock wannabe boss ZAZRIEL (Vance Clemente) open their gothic boutique for another day of business.At least it's a routine day until zombies begin appearing at the mall attacking everyone in sight. Our working class heroes beat back an attack and flee to the woods. There they encounter DYRONE (Sam Gordon), conspiracy theorist and world's worst repairman who joins them to round out the crew.A radio news report announces that the Jersey Shore is the last holdout of civilization. The five survivors must cooperate (not by choice) as they trek and fight their way through graveyards, zombie filled ...
Credited cast:
Vance Clemente Vance Clemente - Zazriel
Blaze Kelly Coyle Blaze Kelly Coyle - Featured Zombie
Sam Gordon Sam Gordon - Dyrone
Brittney Lee Hamilton Brittney Lee Hamilton - Featured Zombie
Elise Link Elise Link - Hope
Sean Loftus Sean Loftus - Featured Zombie
Aubrey Mozino Aubrey Mozino - Jessie
Laura Pruden Laura Pruden - Margaret McCoy
Joshua Rasiel Joshua Rasiel - Harold
Cynthia Shaw Cynthia Shaw - Featured Zombie