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Child of Resistance (1973) HD online

Child of Resistance (1973) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Drama
Original Title: Child of Resistance
Director: Haile Gerima
Released: 1973
Duration: 36min
Video type: Movie
A woman dressed in a robe, hands bound, is being transported through a barroom into a jail cell, directly outside of which later appears a jury box filled with jurors. Linearity is rejected as space is treated poetically, following the coordinates of a propulsive social idea - the social imprisonment of black women.
Credited cast:
Barbarao Barbarao

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    Child of Resistance (1973) is a short film directed by Haile Gerima. it stars an actor named Barbarao, who bears a striking resemblance to Angela Davis. The movie doesn't really have a plot. We see Barbarao in her small prison cell, which makes us think of the awful truth of imprisonment--you're in this small box and you can't get out. The scenes in the cell are alternated with dream sequences. (Director Gerima says the film was partially based on a dream he had of Angela Davis in prison.)

    I believe that this movie has its strength as an historical record of a moment of U.S. history which should be an embarrassment to all of us. However, it is grim, and not directly revolutionary.

    We saw Child of Resistance at the wonderful Dryden Theatre at George Eastman House in Rochester, NY. It was part of a double bill with a full-length film by Gerima--Bush Mama. It will work as well on a small screen.