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Web of Lies Farmville Horror (2014– ) HD online

Web of Lies Farmville Horror (2014– ) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Documentary / Crime
Original Title: Farmville Horror
Director: Ben Mole
Released: 2014–
Duration: 44min
Video type: TV Episode
When teenager Emma and 20 year old Sam meet online, Emma thinks she's found love. But when Sam comes to visit she sees he's not at all the boy she imagined. Emma rejects her admirer and he takes it badly, placing Emma and her family in mortal danger.
Episode credited cast:
Raven Cinello Raven Cinello
Chandler Loryn Chandler Loryn - Melanie Wells
Alona Metzer Alona Metzer - Mark
Brendan Nasr Brendan Nasr - Alex
Rachel Rain Packota Rachel Rain Packota - Razakel
Jason C. Paul Jason C. Paul - Sam
Suzanne Pratley Suzanne Pratley - Kathleen
Nathan Wiley Nathan Wiley - Narrator

Sam's username is Syko Sam, and he is a physchotic reject in real life.