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Tales from the Darkside Djinn, No Chaser (1983–1988) HD online

Tales from the Darkside Djinn, No Chaser (1983–1988) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Comedy / Drama / Fantasy / Horror / Thriller
Original Title: Djinn, No Chaser
Director: Shelley Levinson
Writers: Haskell Barkin,Harlan Ellison
Released: 1983–1988
Duration: 22min
Video type: TV Episode
Mental patient Danny Squires tells his unseen psychiatrist the story of how his wife Connie purchased an old lamp, rubbed it, and brought an ill-tempered genie into their lives.
Episode cast overview:
Charles Levin Charles Levin - Danny Squires
Colleen Camp Colleen Camp - Connie Squires
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - The Djinn, Jan Bin Jan
Nate Esformes Nate Esformes - Mohandus Mukhar
Paul Sparer Paul Sparer - Narrator (voice)

Per the title, a chaser is a mild drink or beer taken after a shot of hard liquor.

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    Newly married couple (David Levin and Colleen Camp), trying to get by in a rat trap of an apartment, purchase an Aladdin's lamp out of a tent (that appears out of thin air with a "desert salesman" selling antiquities), take it home, and unleash the anger of an ill-tempered genie after rubbing the artifact, resulting in much mayhem and mischief (on the part of the grumpy genie). The Djinn is a loud, brash, impolite, and verbally abusive genie who wants out of the lamp and will make the lives of his "masters" (although, there is a question of who is in control of who)a living hell unless satisfyingly released from his prison. Played for nothing but laughs (I mean, seriously, the genie is Kareem Abdul Jabbar!), the three actors send up the material for all they can muster, but I'm more partial to tales of terror than tales of comedy so the affect on me was a bit less thrilling. Still I heart 80s Colleen Camp so this episode at least appealed to me in that regard. I wasn't bowled over in the floor laughing my ass off so maybe the humor didn't necessarily work for me, but maybe others will find much to enjoy with this willing-to-please diversion of the first season of "Tales from the Darkside". Lead actor Charles Levin has one of those 80s sitcom faces where he takes jokes from the script and livens them up with expressive reactions in a dedicated attempt to make the material far funnier than it really is and does he work his ass off to get the comedy over. There is even a technique where he's in a strait-jacket talking to the camera (the point of view of a psychiatrist listening to his unbelievable story), doing what he can to tickle your funnybone. It's a valiant effort on his part.
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    With Charles Levin, Colleen Camp and Kareem Abdul Jabar.

    Every series has their high, and this episode is way better than any others. This episode is funny,to be sure, and it's really quite campy. It deals with a couple (Levine and Camp) channeling Woody Allen or something. They go to a little shop that appears out of nowhere, and vanishes just as quick, and buy a lamp, inhabited by a genie (voiced and played by Jabar) that is mean and likes to make fun of them. The whole episode is being told by Charles Levine in a mental hospital. The ending has a predictable twist, but other than that, it's the funniest episode of the series. I'm just plain sad that such a great episode would be panned by other viewers.
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    With Charles Levin, Colleen Camp and Kareem Abdul Jabar.

    Every series has their low, and this episode is waaay worse than any others. This episode tries to be funny, but it's really quite pathetic. It deals with a couple (Levine and Camp) both I guess imitating Woody Allen or something. They go to a little shop and buy a lamp, inhabited by a poorly acted genie (voiced and played by Jabar) that is mean and likes to make fun of them. The whole episode is being told by Charles Levine in a mental hospital. The ending is pathetic and I'm just plain sad that such a great series would make this episode. On VHS volume 3.

    My rating: Trash! 22 mins. TV PG
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    A hostile and unfriendly genie (legendary towering basketball player Karem Abdul-Jabbar, who's mostly heard and only seen at the very end) who's stuck in a rusty old magic lamp refuses to grant wishes to a young couple and decides to terrorize them instead until the wife (the always delightful Colleen Camp) discovers an unlikely solution. Director Shelly Livingson fails to do much with the silly humor in Haskell Smith's hopelessly inane script (surprisingly, said script is based on a short story by noted writer Harlan Ellison!). The genie's constant array of insults are simply mean and stupid. Moreover,Charle Levin as the distraught husband really grates on the nerves with his insufferably manic mugging. Only Camp manages to keep her dignity despite the dumb material and as a result prevents this episode from being a complete wash-out. One of this show's lesser half hours.
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    Zeus Wooden

    Tales from the Darkside: Djinn, No Chaser starts as Danny Squires (Charles Levin) & his wife Connie (Colleen Camp) are out shopping for their new apartment when a large tent appears out of nowhere full of odd curios, inside Connie takes a liking to an old Arabian style lamp which they buy for $10. Back home Connie can't resist rubbing the lamp just in case all the stories, films & books about Genie's are true which it turns out they are because there is a troublesome Genie stuck in the lamp & starts to take it's bad mood out on Connie & Danny...

    Episode 10 from season 1 this Tales from the Darkside story originally aired in the US during January 1985, directed by Shelley Levinson this was an extremely silly tale with little point & an even sillier ending involving a can opener. The script by Haskell Barkin has a decent enough premise which could have made an effective little horror short but the script goes for out-and-out comedy which doesn't really work because it isn't funny. It moves along at a nice pace only lasting for 20 minutes but it's just not that good, there's no twist apart from a really dumb end punchline to a running joke & this isn't an episode that I'd be in any hurry to watch again.

    As usual this is well made but the sight of 7 foot plus ex-basketball player Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in a grey suit as a Genie at the end is just plain stupid. There isn't a single horror element in this one & it's not scary in the slightest. The acting is pretty good with Camp & Levin as the unlucky couple putting in decent performances.

    Djinn, No Chaser (I don't get that title at all...) is a pretty lame kids fantasy comedy that I'm not sure belongs in a show called Tales from the Darkside, not recommended.
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    This has to be one of the more dull and bad episodes of the "TFTD" series. Titled "Djinn No Chaser" the plot involves a couple who ran across a lamp with a genie on a sidewalk, and once they take it home silly and odd stuff starts to happen. Most of the episode it just talks to them mostly tormenting them and driving them crazy and over time their apartment turns into a slum. What was it trying to prove? It ends as we find the genie leaving the lamp and it's a tall man(cameo by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar the L.A. Lakers basketball legend). Overall bad episode mostly memorable for the Jabbar cameo that's about it. The only thing I can think of is were they trying to show that couples living in slum apartments was a showcase of the recession of the mid 80's?
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    Young married couple who just started to live together during shopping for their new apartment runs into ancient lamp. But what they expect from magic lamp is not necessarily in line with Djinn's point of view. And this Djinn is everything but what they hoped for. Just rub the lamp and terror can begin. This is once again comic episode and I loved it until they spoiled everything with lousy ending. I would rate it higher if ending twist wasn't complete disappointment.

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    Cherry The Countess

    As another reviewer has noted, DJINN, NO CHASER is a completely horrid episode of TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE, gobsmacking in its sheer ineffectiveness. The reason it's so bad? It's one of those lame pseudo-comedies, one that tries so hard to be very funny but which stumbles at the first block and never recovers. The most astonishing thing about it is that it was written by Harlan Ellison, of all people.

    The excruciating Charles Levin hams it up for all his worth as a husband narrating his story from a psychiatric ward. It turns out his wife (played by film and TV regular Colleen Camp) bought a magic lamp at an antiques store, but when she rubs it the pair are assembled by an ill-tempered genie. When the genie finally shows himself, the actor is ex-basketball star Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (GAME OF DEATH). Am I the only one who found the portray of the genie more than a little racist? In any case there's no story here, just lame attempts at humour which fall flat throughout. It's frankly embarrassing.