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Power Rangers DinoThunder Lost & Found in Translation (2004) HD online

Power Rangers DinoThunder Lost & Found in Translation (2004) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Action / Adventure / Sci-Fi
Original Title: Lost u0026 Found in Translation
Director: Eamon O'Sullivan
Writers: Shôtarô Ishinomori,Steve Slavkin
Released: 2004
Duration: 22min
Video type: TV Episode
Conner finds Ethan and Kira at their usual hangout enjoying the new satellite cable that Hayley has hooked up and is frustrated with them. His frustration becomes outrage when they watch an episode of a Japanese show that features the power rangers. Some of the similarities are eerie.
Episode cast overview, first billed only:
James Napier Robertson James Napier Robertson - Conner McKnight / Red DinoThunder Ranger (as James Napier)
Kevin Duhaney Kevin Duhaney - Ethan James / Blue DinoThunder Ranger
Emma Lahana Emma Lahana - Kira Ford / Yellow DinoThunder Ranger
Jason David Frank Jason David Frank - Dr. Tommy Oliver / Black DinoThunder Ranger (credit only)
Jeffrey Parazzo Jeffrey Parazzo - Trent Fernandez / White DinoThunder Ranger (credit only)
Miriama Smith Miriama Smith - Elsa / Principal Randall (credit only)
Katrina Devine Katrina Devine - Cassidy Cornell (credit only)
Tom Hern Tom Hern - Devin Del Valle (credit only)
Latham Gaines Latham Gaines - Dr. Anton Mercer / Mesogog (credit only)
Ismay Johnston Ismay Johnston - Hayley
Jamie Linehan Jamie Linehan - Red Ranger Teen (voice)
Jorge Vargas Jorge Vargas - Blue Ranger Teen (voice) (as Jorgito Vargas Jr.)
Morgan Reese Fairhead Morgan Reese Fairhead - Yellow Ranger Teen (voice)
Johnny Barker Johnny Barker - Black Ranger Teen (voice)
Jermaine Turner Jermaine Turner - Whacker Wilson (voice)

Kenny Yukito (the Blue Ranger) was voiced by Rodrigo Vargas Jr. who played Blake in Power Rangers Ninja Storm (2003), while the unnamed Yellow Ranger was voiced by Morgan Fairhead (who played Kylee Styles from Diva in Distress).

In the episode "Lost & Found in Translation", the rangers were watching an episode of "Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger", which is the show it was adapted from. Here, it was just a Japanese TV show dubbed in English.