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Юхан Фальк 13 (2015) HD online

Юхан Фальк 13 (2015) HD online
Language: English
Category: Creative Work / Action / Crime / Thriller
Original Title: Johan Falk: Ur askan i elden
Director: Richard Holm
Writers: Viking Johansson,Anders Nilsson
Released: 2015
Duration: 1h 38min
Video type: Creative Work
Johan Falk is with the wife of a dead mob boss down to Latvia to try to solve a mystery that has eluded him for three years. What Johan finds downstairs in a cottage outside Riga shocks not only himself but also the Gothenburg police special unit GSI 's new chief Sophie Nordh and the former chief Patrik Agrell. At the same time a Latvian mafia group is picking up hidden and forgotten Soviet military containers from the water-filled pits nearby. Containers filled with weapons. And everything is heading to Sweden! At the same time most of the original members of the Rydellgang are being released from a long prison sentence.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Jakob Eklund Jakob Eklund - Johan Falk
Jens Hultén Jens Hultén - Seth Rydell
Meliz Karlge Meliz Karlge - Sophie Nordh
Björn Bengtsson Björn Bengtsson - Jack
Mikael Tornving Mikael Tornving - Patrik Agrell
Juris Zagars Juris Zagars - Edgars
Malgorzata Pieczynska Malgorzata Pieczynska - Ryska kvinnan
Mårten Svedberg Mårten Svedberg - Vidar Pettersson
Zeljko Santrac Zeljko Santrac - Matte
Josefin Merkusjeva Josefin Merkusjeva - Larissa Dudajeva
Marie Richardson Marie Richardson - Helén Falk
Daniel Larsson Daniel Larsson - Björkman
Micke Spreitz Micke Spreitz - Danne
Lauris Subatnieks Lauris Subatnieks - Uldis Grislis
Alexander Lang Alexander Lang - Vijay Khan (as Alexander Lange)

When Johan Falk is driving the truck in Germany, traffic lights from Stockholm, Sweden - with their typical dark green poles with bright yellow bands - are visible in the side mirror just when he's spoken to his colleagues about the phone he nicked at the rest stop.

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    Fun, exciting and original characters, some based on real people.

    For anyone who have seen the previous Johan Falk movies this is an awesome next step into the franchise which is now (unfortunately) at it's end.

    The problem I think is when people watch those movies without actually having seen the previous ones, considering all the 20(!) movies in the franchise have connections it should be obvious, in my opinion, that you sort of "have to" watch it from the start to finish.

    It easily leads to people not liking the movie, because it makes little sense if you're a newcomer. I say go watch it all the way from the first film Noll Tolerans (Zero Tolerance).

    What makes these movies so good is not just the acting, action scenes or the good laughs you get. It's that they feel so realistic and some of the characters and stories are based on people and events that exist(ed) in the real world. To me, that is a whole new level of excitement!
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    Early Waffle

    This was quite the clownboat.

    I've not seen any previous films from the Johan Falk franchise, but this kind of parted way from the other successful Swedish cop franchise, namely Beck.

    Here, you'll find more violence. And also a fairly more complex storyline.

    Having said that, that's all that differs them; the ultra-bad acting is in here, but I must say the characters themselves lack any kind of depth. The Token Female Police is just messy and angry. The Johan Falk character is not only one-dimensional beyond the pale, but extremely simplistic and non-human. The actor, Jakob Eklund, must be a better person than actor; he has to be.

    It's not the actors' faults, not just; the direction is skint, torpid and fetid; those are difficult words which I just threw out there to make your reading experience more worthwhile than this film, and I know I did it!

    Avoid. Still, it's fun to laugh _at_.