» » Kodus ja võõrsil Episode #1.6321 (1988– )

Kodus ja võõrsil Episode #1.6321 (1988– ) HD online

Kodus ja võõrsil Episode #1.6321 (1988– ) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Drama / Romance
Original Title: Episode #1.6321
Director: Geoffrey Nottage
Writers: Zokov Nyste,Hannah Carroll Chapman
Released: 1988–
Duration: 28min
Video type: TV Episode
Chris cancels his celebration picnic when Hannah is called about the coma revival. Josh's tests are still inconclusive, so Andi fears he may still be wrong to object to euthanasia after all, but next morning Josh responds to pain. Onky Kyle supports Charlotte, whose home is vandalized, while Irene files a complain to make her move. Chloe makes up with VJ.
Episode cast overview:
Lynne McGranger Lynne McGranger - Irene Roberts
Georgie Parker Georgie Parker - Roo Stewart
Nic Westaway Nic Westaway - Kyle Braxton
Jackson Gallagher Jackson Gallagher - Josh Barrett
Cassie Howarth Cassie Howarth - Hannah Wilson
Philippa Northeast Philippa Northeast - Evelyn MacGuire
Johnny Ruffo Johnny Ruffo - Chris Harrington
Pia Miller Pia Miller - Katarina Chapman
Raechelle Banno Raechelle Banno - Olivia Fraser Richards
Erika Heynatz Erika Heynatz - Charlotte King
Scott Lee Scott Lee - Hunter King
Pip Edwards Pip Edwards - Dr. Anna Griffin