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Cannibal Taboo (2006) HD online

Cannibal Taboo (2006) HD online
Language: English
Category: Creative Work / Horror
Original Title: Cannibal Taboo
Director: Mike Tristano
Writers: Jeffrey H. Aikman,Chris Burdick
Released: 2006
Duration: 2h 2min
Video type: Creative Work
When Cliff Hendricks went to the Amazon jungle, he never expected to find a woman like Janet. She was born in the jungle. On the surface it may seem as if she and Cliff have little in common, though before long they've married and started a family. Later, when he is rendered invalid by a rare African virus, she cares for her husband while doing her best to raise the couple's four children Luke, Matthew, Paul, and Rebecca. As the years go by, the mystery of the family only deepens; no one has seen Matthew since his twenty-first birthday, Cliff and Rebecca rarely leave the house, and Luke is the only sibling to strike out on his own. Upon returning home to celebrate Paul's twenty first birthday, Luke is disturbed to discover that his reclusive brother's only friends are some old marionettes he carved as a child, and that Janet is making due by selling tribal art on the internet. As Rebecca begins experimenting with her sexuality, her father's health takes a turn for the worse. When ...
Cast overview, first billed only:
Ashlie Rhey Ashlie Rhey - Janet Hendricks
Paul Logan Paul Logan - Luke Hendricks
Jessica Simone Jessica Simone - Rebecca Hendricks
Scott Carson Scott Carson - Paul Hendricks
Joseph Haggerty Joseph Haggerty - Cliff Hendricks
Regina Russell Banali Regina Russell Banali - Annie Tramblyn (as Regina Russell)
Linda Roberts Linda Roberts - Celia
Caitlin Sabins Caitlin Sabins - Gretchen
Mike Tristano Mike Tristano - Billock
Torrence Hall Torrence Hall - Matthew
Neil Delama Neil Delama - Drifter
Michael 'Fozzi' Stewart Michael 'Fozzi' Stewart - Burley Man
Don Scribner Don Scribner - Strange Pagan
Sharon Smith Sharon Smith - Co-Ed
Diana Gevorkian Diana Gevorkian - Co-Ed

Reviews: [5]

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    I didn't seek out "Cannibal Taboo" expecting to see the "Citizen Kane of Gore" or even something in the "Evil Dead" caliber of film making. My expectations were considerably lower; I'd read that it's a sexploitation film with gore and I wasn't disappointed.

    The actors & actresses knew their lines (they didn't even seem to be reading them off cue cards!) and the girls were all very pretty (which helps in any film that capitalizes on nudity). I thoroughly enjoyed the Lovecraftian references and the occult ritual scenes were both well-played and nicely photographed.

    I think this film is a fine example of underground independent film making and I hope to see much more from both the director and the cast.
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    Steel balls

    I've started working, and so there isn't much time for me to watch movies like I used to do before. So what I'd expected when I choose a film to watch, I am hoping to see a film that's worth to watch.

    But that was not the case with this film. This film sucked big time. And the fact that the running time is 2hours just compounded the suckiness(?)

    So where's the cannibalism ? Where's the twisted mind of a psychopath or a serial killer wanting to kill ? I only see many not-so-pretty women engaged in various sexual acts. And Hell no, it didn't turn me on. All it achieve is to make to switch the TV off.

    The dialogs were painful to watch.. And the acting, urrrrggg is plain awful!

    Mys suggestion; go find some other films to watch.
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    Cannibalism, incest, lesbians and a load of gratuitous nudity, sounds good on paper I know but unfortunately this is without a doubt the worst film I have ever seen! How this is rated 4 stars is beyond me, I can only assume some little kids liked it because they got to see stack of naked ladies. I have given it 1 star only because there is not an option for 0 stars.

    It is your typical softcore/horror movie - it looks cheap, the script is atrocious and the acting is sickeningly bad. Now I quite like this type of movie, normally there's some enjoyment to be had but how wrong was I this time. I think the main problem was that it was 2 hours long and the story, even if it had been extremely well written, would struggle to fill 70 minutes.

    Basically the film meanders boringly along and every time it looks like there might be some kind of suspense the moment goes on far too long and the writing is so stupid that these moments become just as boring as the rest of the movie.

    If you're reading this thinking of watching this movie, don't, just get a mate to slam your head in a car door for a couple of hours - you'll have infinitely more enjoyment. If you are reading this because you were somehow involved in making this film just sell your gear and please, never make another movie.
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    Well, I think this film is pretty good viewing....lots of naked and hot women, tons of over-the-top gore, strange themes of incest and cannibalism...I think it warrants at least a rental and the upcoming Blu-Ray release has a lot of extras. The stars are all pretty well known - Ashlie Rhey from Playboy, Paul Logan from Days Of Our Lives, Scott Carson of MTV fame, Regina Russell, hottest woman in the world and directed by Mike Tristano, who has churned out some unusual but always watchable films. This one, is times you'll feel like you are watching something very artistic and then it flips you right around and you know that the main purpose here is to shock and titillate. It does give you the creeps'll want to wash your hands at least once after watching this film.
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    Why There is no 0 in IMDb? I Mean Movies Like This They Worth The 0 1 is Like There is Something or One Part is Good But There Was Not.

    Most Of The Movie is Sexual Scenes Which is Also Awful.... If You Think That Maybe The Movie is Bad But Sexual Scenes Cant Be! Well Think Again They Are Not Bad They Are Awful.

    It was Awful ,Painful ,Full of Emotions That You Wanna Break Your Screen To Stop This Movie.

    Just Awful from all Ways 2 hours of Nonsense.

    Awful = Acting,Effects,Music,Dialogs etc.....

    My Advice Don't Watch! ..... Find Other Movie This One Waste Of Your Time.