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Language: English
Category: TV Series / Family / Comedy / Drama
Original Title: Kentucky Jones
Duration: 30min
Video type: TV Series
Californian veterinarian Kentucky Jones learns his late wife had adopted a Chinese boy Ike, age 9. Handyman Seldom and the local Asian community help him adjust to being a new dad. Social worker Edith Thorncroft looks in on things.
Series cast summary:
Dennis Weaver Dennis Weaver - Kentucky Jones 26 episodes, 1964-1965
Ricky Der Ricky Der - Dwight Eisenhower 'Ike' Wong 26 episodes, 1964-1965

The title character's nickname was derived from his initials, K.Y. (Kenneth Yarbrough) Jones.

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    The short-lived series "Kentucky Jones" ran for one season on NBC-TV from September 19,1964 until September 11,1965. 27 episodes were produced for this series which when it premiered in the fall of 1964, was on Saturday nights right after "Flipper" and "The Famous Adventures of Mister Magoo". NBC scheduled it against a tough Saturday evening line-up opposite "The Lawrence Welk Show" which was on ABC,and "Gilligan's Island",which was on CBS and also "The Jackie Gleason Show" which was also on the CBS Network. At the time this series premiered,almost half of NBC's programming during the start of the 1964-1965 season was in color. Why was "Kentucky Jones" in black and white while "Flipper" and "The Famous Adventures of Mister Magoo" were in response to the Peacock network as "The following program is presented to you in living color." It would have been great if this series was filmed in color to present the majestic background landscapes of the California valley.

    "Kentucky Jones" gave actor Dennis Weaver his first starring role in a series,after playing Deputy Chester Goode for the nine seasons he appeared on "Gunsmoke" from 1955-1964. Weaver is veterinarian Kenneth Yarborough Jones,who was the owner of a 40-acre ranch in Southern California. He had acquired the nickname Kentucky because of the way he signed his name: "K.Y. Jones." His wife had applied to adopt a nine-year old Chinese orphan who arrived shortly after her sudden death. Kentucky's situation as a widower made him have second thoughts about taking the orphan,Dwight Eisenhower "Ike" Wong(Ricky Der)into his household. Although reluctant to accept the responsibility,Kentucky came to love Ike. Seldom Jackson(Henry Morgan)was the handyman around the ranch,Edith Thorncroft(Nancy Rennick)was the social worker looking after Ike's welfare. The other regulars were members of the Chinese community. Actor Dennis Weaver joined the list of TV's widowed fathers and its right up there with Fred MacMurray's Steve Douglass(My Three Sons),Lorne Greene's Ben Cartwright(Bonanza),and John Forsyth's Uncle Bentley(Bachelor Father). Weaver's performance in this series is just great but it didn't help the ratings neither,especially for a show from the era of family-oriented programming. When this series was cancelled in 1965,NBC didn't take long to find a show to replaced it "I Dream Of Jeannie" which lasted six seasons. Speaking of cast regulars,actor Harry Morgan would make the jump from this series to be cast as Officer Bill Gannon opposite Jack Webb's Joe Friday in the revitalization of the police drama "Dragnet"(NBC,1967-1970),and later on in his career who make another jump as "Colonel Henry Potter on M*A*S*H"(CBS,1975-1983). Weaver however,would find another series as well later on as Florida Park Ranger Tom Wedloe in the short-lived children's adventure show "Gentle Ben"(CBS,1967-1969),produced by Ivan Tors of "Flipper" fame. His next series "McCloud" would make him a huge star during the 1970's...a series that would last seven seasons.
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    My Dad was a big Dennis Weaver fan, and we watched it together when it was on. Dennis Weaver's initials in his first name were K.Y. so the Kentucky Jones name. The first show began where he was at the horse track (this was when I was 8, so please correct any information you may have) and his wife had died. However, before she died they had wanted to adopt a child, and he came just after she died. So the premise is of a single father/son premise that has been repeated on TV.

    The character Weaver portrayed seemed awkward at times trying to raise a child without a mother, but had help from the supporting cast.

    It seemed like a good show (at least in my 8 year old eyes) but as my Dad said, "The good shows get canceled."
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    I really enjoyed it and it should have been given a chance. It was some what like a modern version of Veterinarian James Herriot series. Well acted by Weaver as a devoted, sensitive no-nonsense single father willing to listen to his son. The role displayed a strong work ethic, capacity to explain differences on many subjects, cultural as well personal. This was (to me) one of his best roles, non-pretentious, serious, manner yet displaying some comedy and sense of wit. It was cancelled without giving it a chance to establish itself and the theme and expand the nuances. The supporting cast was very good especially the roll played by Harry Morgan.
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    Kentucky Jones was on NBC on Saturday evenings.I believe it was aired at 8:00 right after "Flipper". It was only on for about 1 and a half seasons. Sadly it was never given a chance. It was replaced by "I Dream of Jeannie". It was a lovely show; too bad it didn't last longer. His name, Kentucky, had something to do with the Kentucky Derby and horse racing. The series was a great deal about raising race horses. It reminded me of "National Velvet", also on NBC. Sadly, Dennis Weaver passed away recently; he appeared in many shows during television's golden age. Harry Morgan, who later played Colonel Potter in "Mash" co-starred.
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    I remember this show on Saturday nights on NBC. According to a TV reference book I own, his character was Kenneth Yarborough Jones, "Kentucky" came from his first and middle initials. Useless trivia, I agree-but that's half the fun, isn't it?
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    I seem to recall this show being televised on Saturdays but I may be wrong. Dennis Weaver played a veterinarian and horse trainer who had an Asian boy who he was either legal guardian to or was his father/stepfather. It was set in the Southwest (I think) and Jones drove a rather sporty convertible. However I can't remember why he was called Kentucky.