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Original Title: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
Video type: TV Series
Two men attempt some of the craziest acts in science to determine if they are possible or not.
Series cast summary:
Kevin T. Moore Kevin T. Moore - Himself - Host 21 episodes, 2015

Kevin Moore is a metallurgist and mineralogist with a Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins University. He was a staff scientist at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory for a decade and a consultant for seven years focusing on metallurgy and welding. Kevin has welded since he was 15 and is a Certified Weld Inspector for the American Welding Society.

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    OK,this is not the best science show out there, but it's upbeat, funny, and great to watch with the kiddo's. The guys seem to have fun, which is the best part of both the show and science. It's also a nice change from the well known Mythbusters(we know they're gonna blow something up). These guys don't have an unlimited budget and that brings the things they do down to earth. My ever-so-bored nephew loved the volcano segment. The go-cart was pretty cool too. Yeah, they say silly things like normal people do but I didn't think they were dumb or purposefully unsafe. They were just two guys doing science stuff in their buddy's shop. All in all it made us laugh and that's good thing.
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    I enjoy this new show, and... the Science behind most of their weekly projects. It's a fun show. The whole family can enjoy watching this together. (And you may just learn something :) The cast are also light hearted..they enjoy attempting newer levels of perfection, pointing out where others have failed. And simply apply science and research to making it work ! The show is never will keep you tuned in each weekend. Science and Math both play a part in each of their projects or challenge as well as Physics. The show's name.." What could possibly go Wrong?" is the right name for this suspense packed show. The Cast, Grant and Kevin actually do serious research, they know many of their projects require safety, research, math, chemistry, physics, weather conditions, momentum, temperature, design and ingenuity. The other fun thing, regarding the several projects that they work on (each week) is that they actually break new records, prove science and perfect others failed attempts.
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    These guys maybe douche extraordinaries, but it's not a bad show at all. I think the manure drilling review could be Jillian. What a fun job,just to make stuff all day and then play with it. That my friends is a great gig. Not everything they make is good, but hey, the next thing might be. Like the old adage. I just want to see what they're going to make next. If you're an Engineer don't cry. Try and get your own show and use your big words and make sure you don't mispronounce every word. Plus they are gonna have to up it a notch each time and get haired and haired I am hoping. Now all i can say his carry on and enjoy the show and remember, "be true to your school".
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    Although the fun aspect of the show is good there science seems off. it would not be difficult to do better on a smaller budget. they may be teaching basics to beginners but there not teaching anything new or reaching there tasks potential just a bit more thought could have been put into the production of the show and the way they go about things

    If its a show for educational purposes they don't need to resort to large amounts of gunpowder or other high velocity items to teach . They just need to get there methods right . In the right hands compressed air is cheaper more environmentally conscious and a lot safer than explosives or liquid nitrogen . They also seem to be condoning doing power slides ( but not really power slides) in what seems like a public place
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    Not much to say about this show. Someone decided to rip off Mythbusters, which is fine. However, the show is just not as good. The hosts aren't very interesting. The show is more fluff than anything. The episode where they try to stop a car without brakes is a perfect example. Im not an engineer (but one host is), but I know for a fact that none of the methods were going to work. I also have a feeling the show is a little fake. The episode where they do a beer delivery system, it seems way to fortuitous that a bank's pneumatic system was conveniently available.

    Its not bad, its just not good. Id rather re-watch an old episode of Mythbusters than this show.
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    Hate this show. Just rubs me the wrong way with all their constant namedropping of 'science'. This is nothing more than an excuse to do stupid stunts or destroy stuff. It has only the most insultingly threadbare relationship to anything 'scientific'. "Watch us launch these garbage pails with a homemade catapult. Oh by the way, it's 'scientific' because we (i.e. someone off-camera) used a simple 7th grade math formula to guess where they'd land." What else is there to say? Nothing, but I have to write 10 lines about this show. There's just nothing much to the show to begin with, so it's hard to come up with that much to say. There, finally did it.
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    I just saw the episode in which they try to stop a car within 30m, and it's very disappointing.

    They just think about a solution that might work. And then, without thorough analysis, put it on the car. Their rickety constructions simply fail to do what they were designed for... And it could've all been calculated beforehand. Also, they make false statements like E = mv^2, that energy has a direction, and that there are other options than friction to stop the car safely.

    I really can't say much more for this show, other than "please discovery, get this junk off".
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    A couple reviews state that "frenel" lenses don't exist - true, it is spelled fresnel but it is pronounced in English as fray-nel. The Fresnel lens was invented by French physicist Augustin- Jean Fresnel. The French would pronounce it freh-nehl. So please first check your knowledge of how something is spelled/pronounced. I gave this show a 10 because I'm tired of shows like Mythbusters. Kevin and Grant take failed experiments from YouTube and do it so that it DOES succeed without the damage it causes to the YouTube users. And its a limited budget. It is two buddies working out of a garage, having fun and seeing how far they can go to make something succeed. They made a 400lb concrete boat float!!! I want to know how many people can do that without knowing the science and math to make it actually work! What a breath of fresh air for a show. My whole family loves it!
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    These guys are definitely not smart. They seem to know nothing about science or cars or common sense for that matter. Several times they called a "fresnel" lens a "frenel" lens. Sorry guys, no such thing. Then, they are going to power slide a car to parallel park. What they were doing was an e-brake skid, nothing more. My 5 year old daughter knows how to do that! A power slide is akin to a drift. After watching one show, I can tell you these guys can't drift. These guys could screw up a wet dream! If you are completely clueless like these guys, you may find it entertaining. On the other hand, if you are any smarter than a doorknob, this show will make you hope they are sterile and can't procreate.
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    Contrary to what the other reviewer says after he obviously spent some time with wiki and going into a whole dialog about french pronunciations, the guy in the show went into a whole whiteboard plot about "Frenel" lenses, misspelled it and wrote frenel and mispronounced it during the whiteboard and their brainstorm session.. spend some time watching the show and you'll understand that some of us actual smart people don't need to wiki a pronunciation of "fray-nel" as the guys writing frenel and pronouncing "freh-nel" throughout the episode.

    Sometimes trying so hard to be smart (and right) shows ones own stupidity and thusly reinforcing this shows target audience image..

    Otherwise, a poorly produced show, it has so many poorly executed theories and plots that it is actually probably not a good idea to let kids watch it lest they learn incorrect scientific theories and believe them to be true.

    Waste of a good network time slot.
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    They decided they needed a fresnel lens for a project. And he proceeded to write it on the project board as a "frenel" lens while boasting how he used to work with them in a laboratory, had that been the case I'm sure he would have written and spoke the actual lens name correctly. He did not. ....strike one...

    Then the whole concrete boat theory episode....well, having sailed since the 70s, I've seen hundreds of concrete vessels of all shapes and sizes, sail, power, houseboats, tugs, barges and more. So I had a very hard time trying to grasp the point of their "experiment" strike two. then the "Volvo powerslides" episode. Ummm...hitting the E brake while turning is not a power slide guys. Strike three...

    I want to like this wanna be mythbusters, but it seems so full of erroneous info, and the real concern is they try so hard to pass this bad info off as legit science, it's kinda a bad thing to be gearing this towards kids, as the info on almost every show I've seen is flawed badly. I'm frankly shocked they were renewed to season two. Although the production costs are probably a go-pro and a home depot credit card. So that explains a lot.

    I'll give it 3 stars for the effort made to hit their audience with bogus info and poorly strategized experiments.
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    The guys sell themselves as being clever and scientific, yet on this particular episode where they tried to use a laser equipped putter to guarantee a mini golf hole in one, they failed on several tries due to "the bright sunshine" and they couldn't see the laser lines. They eventually managed it but not because of the cleverness of their technology.

    Hey guys, did you think of putting easily available and inexpensive dry-ice fog onto the course to help highlight the laser light despite the sunshine? Can you say "duh"? Jeeze, do we have to do all thinking for you? LOL.

    All the best.

    Osku Penttinen in Toronto, Ontario.