» » The Doctors Episode #1.2299 (1963–1982)

The Doctors Episode #1.2299 (1963–1982) HD online

The Doctors Episode #1.2299 (1963–1982) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Drama / Romance
Original Title: Episode #1.2299
Director: Norman Hall
Writers: Eileen Pollock,Robert Pollock
Released: 1963–1982
Duration: 30min
Video type: TV Episode
Maggie phones Althea and reassures her that John hasn't called because he's busy with the psychiatric symposium. Alone in an LA restaurant, John recalls the night he and Althea dined at the top of the RCA Building in New York, and he proposed marriage. Later, a pretty young raven-haired girl catches his eye. Adam Reynolds phones Carolee and asks to see her tonight. Carolee and Emma rejoice over Billy's acceptance that he's adopted and Toni's half-brother, but Emma worries that he doesn't know that his mother ran off with her lover. Reynolds informs Carolee that at his urging, Steve's brother Jason will arrive from Texas tomorrow. After explaining the grand jury system to her, Reynolds encourages Carolee to persuade Steve that he has to tell the complete truth in court; otherwise, he faces indictment for Dan's murder. Matt tells Maggie that Nick made waves again by his run-in with Dr. Hendryx. Maggie apologizes to Matt for her sassy behavior on the phone earlier. John phones Althea ...
Episode cast overview:
James Pritchett James Pritchett - Dr. Matt Powers
Elizabeth Hubbard Elizabeth Hubbard - Dr. Althea Davis (archive footage)
Gerald Gordon Gerald Gordon - Dr. Nick Bellini (credit only)
Lydia Bruce Lydia Bruce - Dr. Maggie Powers
David O'Brien David O'Brien - Dr. Steve Aldrich (credit only)
Carolee Campbell Carolee Campbell - Nurse Carolee Simpson