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Ripper (1996) HD online

Ripper (1996) HD online
Language: English
Category: Video Game / Adventure / Horror / Mystery
Original Title: Ripper
Director: Phil Parmet
Writers: John Antinori,Dennis Johnson
Released: 1996
Video type: Video Game
Jack's back. In 2040, a vicious serial killer stalks the mean streets of New York, eviscerating his victims and vanishing without a trace, leaving no clues to his, or her, identity. Only you, as crime reporter Jake Quinlan, can crack the case. There are four suspects; Detective Magnota, lead investigator of the case; Dr. Burton, the doctor with the mysterious past; Falconetti, master hacker; and your own girlfriend and fellow reporter Catherine, whose mother may have been the Ripper's first victim. It's up to you to uncover the clues and catch the killer, or else you may be next. Each of the suspects can turn out to be the killer depending on how you play the game.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Christopher Walken Christopher Walken - Det. Vince Magnotta
Burgess Meredith Burgess Meredith - Hamilton Wofford / Covington Wofford
Karen Allen Karen Allen - Dr. Clare Burton
David Patrick Kelly David Patrick Kelly - Joey Falconetti
Scott Cohen Scott Cohen - Jake Quinlan
Ossie Davis Ossie Davis - Ben Dodds
John Rhys-Davies John Rhys-Davies - Vigo Haman
Tahnee Welch Tahnee Welch - Catherine Powell
Jimmie Walker Jimmie Walker - Soap Beatty
Steven Randazzo Steven Randazzo - Sgt. Lou Brannon
Peter Boyden Peter Boyden - Vic Farley
Paul Giamatti Paul Giamatti - Dr. Bud Cable
MacIntyre Dixon MacIntyre Dixon - Gambit Nelson
Lianna Pai Lianna Pai - Kashi Yamamoto (as Lianni Pai)
David Thornton David Thornton - Twig

The last voice project of Burgess Meredith.

Reviews: [8]

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    This game is incedidibly difficult. I've always though that with this type of game it should say, along the requirements- minimum of IQ 150. Some of the puzzles are beyond complex and very time consuming. However the story of this game is quite inventive and the characters make it interesting. But watch out for the hammy acting of the guy you play- Jake Quinlan- it is quite amusing if you don't take it seriously. Chrisopher Walken is overacting to the extreme but since I like him as an actor and this is just a computer game, I've forgiven that. I wish they would re-release games like this on one DVD, instead of 6 discs it originally came in. The walkthrough available on the web doesn't make you feel like a cheat, strangely, because it still takes forever. On the whole it is a good experience, though, as you get closer to finding out the ripper.
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    Zeks Horde

    Ripper is a chilling story of a cyber mass-murderer, who copies the style of Jack The Ripper. This tale has been told before - but never in a game of this magnitude and with such a captivating storyline. - I wish they'd make a movie out of it...

    Ripper is without a doubt one of the hardest, if not the hardest, video game I've ever played, the puzzles are so well integrated in the plot that they are often overlooked - If you're into sci-fi thrillers you'll be immersed in the story from the start, and it will come back to haunt you until you finish the game. You take on the role of Jake Quinlan, a smartwitted reporter trying to crack the case of the ripper, with all odds against you and a detective breating down your neck just waiting for you to make a mistake - it's up to you to catch this madman who hides behind the cold walls of cyberspace.

    Without a doubt, this is a top notch adventure game that will keep you awake for days with its haunting and chilling tale, sadly the difficulty level could potentially deter many gamers from giving it a fair shot.

    Hint: have a walkthrough at hand when reaching mid- endgame, as the puzzles (e.g. the opening of Dr. Burtons lab door) require precission timing, and are borderline impossible.
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    Ripper is simultaneously a nightmare and an unforgettably pleasant experience. Featuring great cast (including Academy-Awarded Christopher Walken), the music of Blue Oyster Cult, a terrific screenplay and "the technological event of the year stuffed in 6 CDs", it is the production that launched Take 2 Interactive Software into the field of "Really Big" Game Companies.
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    The fact is I could play this a million times over and still enjoy. What would be more enjoyable is if it didn't freeze up all the time. In other words put it on PS2! I love the movie parts a lot more than I do playing the game. I wish they would make it a long movie!
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    Ripper - a future version of Jack The Ripper style murders. Sounds great and think you're in for hours of fun.

    Ill change the word hours to years. I had this game (sadly the first disc broke and its not XP compatible) 10 years and never got beyond disc two. The puzzles are complicated with no obvious or logical pattern. The story goes along and then hits a blank. I gave up playing it.

    This was way before the internet and game cheats, hints and walkthroughs. Like other postings, get these at hand before you even buy the game (if you can find it - try Ebay)

    All in all, if you like puzzles and got a lot of time on your hands - get hold of this game.
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    This game is a unique and very interesting take on the notorious Jack the Ripper case from 1888 in Whitechapel, London, England, UK. It is with a high degree of irony that I state that one of the most tragic episodes in British history has produced a unique piece of entertainment as good as this game.

    The Whitechapel murders took place in 1888, but this game is set in the 2040s! That's the first interesting aspect about it.

    Secondly, the game does a wonderful job of providing a fictional view of the future of the World Wide Web. In this game, websites are referred to as "well addresses". Firewall software is referred to as "ICE" and can be used to protect websites as well as PCs themselves. And the most interesting aspect of all - internet access through VR-style technology. This is something no other work of fiction set in the future had explored until this game was produced (or since I might add).

    The plot of the game itself is to investigate a series of gruesome Ripper-style murders seemingly committed without the use of conventional sharp objects in 2040s New York. The player takes the role of Jake Quinlan, a news reporter who receives taunting video messages via a videophone from someone claiming to be "The Ripper" and taking credit for what he sees as his "handiwork". This is similar to the sarcastic "Dear Boss" letters received by newspaper reporters during the real Whitechapel murders. Anyway, Jake wants to get the bottom of the mystery and the player's job is to guide him through it whilst avoiding being killed by the Ripper or being arrested by Detective Magnotta (a cop breathing down your neck all through the game who is just waiting for an excuse to arrest you).

    The game is for the most part rendered in Full Motion Video (FMV) with some computer generated backgrounds. The graphics are top-notch given the time the game was produced and add perfectly to the futuristic feel of the story.

    Gameplay mostly consists of point-and-click, puzzle solving and character interaction. The latter takes place through video cut scenes that blend well with the game itself. Whilst most puzzles are logical, some are also very difficult and seemingly defying logic. There are some very strange combat-style puzzles that are required to access "well addresses". The storyline accommodates these by passing them off as a form of Firewall software referred to in the game as "ICE". For this reason, any player may want to have a strategy guide, walkthrough or at least a hint sheet just in case they reach a point where progress seems impossible.

    First-rate talent in the form of Christopher Walken, Karen Allen, John Rhys-Davis and the late great Burgess Meredith (in his final acting role) add enjoyment and intrigue to the game. Christopher Walken deserves a special mention here because he delivers one of the finest (if not the finest) performance of his career. The lines he spouts are unintentionally hilarious and had me in stitches for hours! The game is worth buying just for the sake of seeing Mr. Walken's performance (which truly has to be seen to be believed)!

    The game combines the right balance of horror, science fiction, futuristic fantasy, drama, suspense, tension and comedy to make it a classic.

    The game's score consists of the the Blue Oyster Cult 1970s hit, Don't Fear the Reaper. It blends perfectly with the game's subject matter.

    The game was originally released on 6 CDs but is now long out of print. Fortunately, it can be purchased from online auctions and trading websites without paying too much. Hopefully, some company will take advantage of the DVD medium to re-release this game on a single disc! It happened with Dracula UNLEASHED, so it may happen with other FMV games from the 1990s. Fans should keep their fingers crossed.

    I highly recommend this game to fans of science fiction, horror or FMV games.
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    This is a suspenseful yet very theatrical game for the pc. The cast is spectacular and the gameplay keeps you on your toes. The realistics of this game puts it on top.
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    This game is from a genre of games that tried to capitalize off of the whole Myst-inspired trend--walk around, talk to people, solve puzzles. The puzzles themselves are absolutely horrible, but I'll stick to the acting itself, which is only slightly better. If you're looking for a convincing performance from any one character, you won't find it here, but this game is worth buying if only to witness the truly hilarious performance of Christopher Walken. His acting is so horrible in this game that it seems like he's imitating someone who happens to be impersonating him. He's a caricature of himself.

    So buy this game if you're masochistic, a Walken fan, or simply want to hear the F-word a lot.