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Welcome 2 Hell!  HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Horror / Thriller
Original Title: Welcome 2 Hell!
Director: Vadim Levin
Writers: Vadim Levin
Video type: Movie
It's every mother's worst nightmare. Alex's baby daughter Masha has gone missing. Two years later, after intensive psychological therapy, Alex's life is returning to normal. She has fallen in love and is getting married to Harvey. During their Moscow wedding ceremony, Alex receives a text: Masha is alive, and a New York detective knows where she is. Without revealing the secrets of her past to Harvey, her new husband, Alex sets off with him on a terrifying adventure, where one mistake could cost her not only the lives of her little girl and her husband, but her own as well. It's one dangerous ordeal after another until the two of them fall into a trap with no way out. Now, while they try to figure out how to save Alex's daughter, they also have to keep themselves alive, surrounded by monsters with a human face.