» » River City Episode #6.6 (2002– )

River City Episode #6.6 (2002– ) HD online

River City Episode #6.6 (2002– ) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Drama / Family
Original Title: Episode #6.6
Director: Stuart Davids
Writers: Martin Brocklebank,Gabriel Robertson
Released: 2002–
Duration: 1h
Video type: TV Episode
Big Bob's on cloud nine. He's moving back in with his ma so he and Tattie can get more privacy and he presents Tattie with a key to the flat. In his mind, things can't get any better. The problem is - Tattie's keeping a secret. She tries to come clean but Bob needs to dash into work and the opportunity is gone. The mystery is soon revealed when Tattie's teenage daughter, Christina, unexpectedly arrives in Shieldinch. Tattie's plan is to hide Christina until she can tell Bob the truth but it soon becomes clear Christina isn't the only secret Tattie's been keeping. Unfortunately, Christina doesn't stay hidden for long and, after the initial shock of finding a stranger in her flat, Molly soon gets all the details - Tattie has lost her job, she and Christina are homeless and Tattie faces deportation. Molly is in her element.
Episode credited cast:
Andy Clark Andy Clark - Dr. Michael Brodie
Reanne Farley Reanne Farley - Annie Sobacz
Rian Gordon Rian Gordon - Conor Brodie
Gary Lamont Gary Lamont - Robbie Fraser
Adam Robertson Adam Robertson - DR Dan Hunter